Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - To Good to Be True Mix

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Anyway, it's Tuesday and time to shuffle up the "New Music" playlist. I have a ton of new music I still need to add to my phone memory, but I also have a ton of music already in the "New Music" playlist.

Let's shuffle:

"Tall Ships" by Ronan Furlong

We start things off today with a first listen. Ronan Furlong is an Irish singer-songwriter, who recently released his new album Red Sun Rising. I was really impressed by this song - which sounds fantastic. 

"Isolate Yourself" by The Foresters

Next up, E2TG Band of the Year, The Foresters with a track from their House Stories album. I heard rumors that the followup album is already recorded (or mostly recorded), and I can't wait to hear what is next from these young people from Connecticut. There is a wonderful pop sensibility here.

"The Wrong Song" by Langen Neubacher

Next up, another track from the solo EP by Langen Neubacher of The Defeated County from St. Louis. Look for new music from The Defeated County soon. The solo EP is called Alone.  Listen to this track below. 

"Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" by Sounding Arrow

Next, we have another solo project... Sounding Arrow features Scott Kinnebrew of the group Truth and Salvage Co. This track is a cover of the 1967 Frankie Valli hit single. This is a really wonderful version of that song.  Love is Breathing is the name of the album, and it was recording half in Asheville at Kinnebrew's house and half in Los Angeles. 

"People Like Us" by Tom House

Yesterday's post was all about Nashville, today, Tom House is the sole representative of Music City in the shuffle.  And what an ambassador!  Armed with great songs and a distinctive voice - House is a hidden treasure for many and a favorite of those who know. 

"The Absolute Territory" by MIS+TRESS

Next up, some ambient, instrumental music by way of the self-titled album from MIS+RESS which features Brian Wenckebach. You can listen to this track below:

"Gettin' Messed Up" by Henry Metal

Next up, we have prolific new metal artist Henry Metal with a track from Metal O'Clock.  When I say prolific, I'm not kidding. Henry Metal released his first album So It Hath Begun in April of 2017.  Metal O'Clock came out in August and it was his fourth album.  In all he released five albums and a compilation in 2017, and he has already released 2 albums in 2018 - including Deadlift Cowboy which came out last week.  This is a great track about... um getting messed up.

"I" by Pat Power

And we close things out with a fourteen minute instrumental from Pat Power's Chants release. Chants was released in August - and it was one of two 2017 releases from Power (who is a member of the 2016 E2TG Band of the Year Valued Customer).  He more recently released Ontario Gothic Vol. 1 in January of this year.   This is the opening track (untitled) from Chants.  You can listen below:

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