Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Things U Do Mix

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Well, it's mid-week, and it's a rainy day in Nashville.  I had a good time last night. I checked out a showcase at The Basement with an incredible songwriter - Angie Aparo. He was playing with a full band. Great songs, a great voice, and some very original arrangements.

After that, I ended up at $2 Tuesday again.  Saw greats sets from Ayleen O, Wade Sapp, and Trisha Ivy plus an extended late set from host Derek Hoke and his always amazing band that this week included pedal steel great Paul Niehaus.

Well it is Wednesday, and on Wednesday - we shuffle from all of the songs in my phone's memory. We call it Wild Wednesday - because it like a wild card - you can expect anything: new music, classic tunes, E2TG favorites from blogs posts gone by, and other tunes that made their way through various routes on my phone memory card.

The results.... well, let's just say that you are unlikely to find this combination of songs/artists anywhere but E2TG.

"The Things That U Do" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

We start things off with a single from the 1991 album Homebase by this hip hop duo from West Philadelphia. Jeff Townes (aka DJ Jazzy Jeff) and Will Smith (aka The Fresh Prince). This track samples the song "I Don't Know What This World Is Coming To" by Stax vocal group The Soul Children.

"Rio De Lagrimas" by Tim Henderson

We move from some classic early 1990s hip hop to a song by the late great Texas folksinger Tim Henderson. I just recently got my hands on his six volume Legacy Collection.  This song is from Volume 5 - Songs of Protest. The song title translates to River of Tears. I am really looking forward to digging deep into the music of this incredible and perhaps underappreciated songwriter. 

"I Forgive" by si,irene

After starting with 90s West Phlly hip hop and jumping to some great folk music from Texas, where do we go next? How about to the Meguro ward of Tokyo Japan.  And our second listen to the band si,irene. This is a track from the album BEES which was released in August of last year. Really original sound. I like it. 

"Waitings" by Someday

Well, before returning to the States to wrap up this shuffle... how about we stop off in Torino, Italy with a track from the album This Doesn't Exist.  We've had this one in rotation for a while, and this is one of the last few songs we have to feature. 

"Peace of Mind" by Caroline Cotter

Back to the U.S.A., we have a beautiful song from the album Home on the River. Caroline Cotter is from Maine, and she was just recently at Folk Alliance (along with several of my friends in the music world). The song is about something that is vitally needed, and yet hard to come-by sometimes. 

"Look At This Light" by MJ Bishop

Yesterday, I teased that I had a new song from MJ Bishop - the Nashville singer-songwriter whose album Give It Away Again - we have been featuring. Lo and behold, the wild Wednesday shuffle brought that new song up today. "Look At This Light"  The song features the poetry of Mike Stevens and the music of MJ Bishop.  I found a video for the song with MJ playing alone. The recording I heard features Dan Schaefer, Danny Parks, Dave Francis, and Dennis Holt.  I like this song a whole bunch. 

"Take Your Hands Off My Land" by 2 Ton Bridge (Alexander Wright)

I met MJ during Americana Fest this past September. I met Alexander Wright - who records under the name 2 Ton Bridge, a year earlier.  This is a wonderful song from an album we featured quite a bit beginning in 2016. Alexander is based out of California. The album was definitely an E2TG favorite in 2016.

"To Feel Alive" by Mark Currey

All right - well we've been all-around the world with this shuffle and heard music from hip hop to folk to post punk to indie noise rock.  This shuffle ended with four songs in a row by amazing contemporary songwriters.  We close things out with a track from the album Tarrant County by Arkansas based singer-songwriter Mark Currey.  Since being introduced to his music late last year - thanks to Amelia White, I have become a big fan.  

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