Friday, March 9, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Hard Head Mix

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Whew! It's Friday.

Last night, I was at The 5 Spot for the early show, and I caught Will Payne Harrison and Tommy Womack.  I had previously seen Will at Dee's one Monday night for just a few songs, so it was good to see an even longer set.   Tommy Womack was...well he was Tommy Womack. Backed by a great band including John Jackson on guitar. He played some of his best known songs, "Betty was Black, Willie was White" "90 Miles An Hour Down a Dead-End Street" some new songs, a Daddy song, and even a song from Government Cheese. He ended the set with his version of "Penny Lane".

As always, Nashville has a ton of great live music - every single night. Get out and find something that interests you.

Mark Robinson is playing tomorrow night at The 5 Spot.  He is hands down one of my favorite entertainers in Nashville. His live shows are just no-frills great music.

Time hit the shuffle on my "New Music" playlist for what we like to call Featured Friday on E2TG.

Let's shuffle:

"I Shall Go Unbounded" by Eric Andersen

We start off the shuffle with a first listen to an album (collection) that I am majorly excited to preview.  The Essential Eric Andersen is due out March 30. It is a career-spanning, two disk compilation from this legendary songwriter - being released in honor of his 75th Birthday.  The collection includes 42 songs and has many special guests. Eric Andersen is a singer-songwriter associated with the Greenwich Village scene... Richard Barone included one of his songs on his Sorrows and Promises album. Andersen's songs have been recorded by Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, Linda Ronstadt, the Grateful Dead and many more.  This song was from his 1966 album 'Bout Changes 'n' Things. Looking forward to talking about this one for a while. 

"Smooth Out" by Moonshine Booze

Next up, our second listen to Desert Road from this Outlaw Country Blues band from Italy. Really digging this album. Fun stuff. 

"Miss You Baby Blues" by Danny Sandock

Next up, we have an excellent song from the still untitled (as far as I know) forthcoming album by singer-songwriter Danny Sandock. Sandock is a one-time Nashville resident with roots in Indiana near where Sue (my DJ partner) is from. The song sounds great, and I look forward to whenever the album is finished and out.

"God in Geography" by Mark Huff

Next up, we have another track from the forthcoming album by Nashville/Vegas singer-songwriter Mark Huff. Stars for Eyes is due out in two weeks. I am enjoying this album, and I look forward to when it is out in the world.

"Company Town" by Ben de la Cour

Ben de la Cour's new album is due out in April. This is one of my favorite songs from that album - The High Cost of Living Strange. Ben is one of the best of the"new" Nashville songwriters. He fills is songs with memorable characters and great hooks.  

"quarantine" by We Are Parasols

Next, up another track from Inertia - the latest album from Portland industrialgaze band We Are Parasols.

"The Ancient Craft" by Ugggy

Ugggy is next with the opening track from his September release The H{ear]T Beat Tape.   You can listen to this track via the widget below:

"Big Heart, Hard Head" by The Nouveau Honkies

And we close things out with a smart and sassy tune from The Nourveau Honkies brand new album Loud in Here.  A great ending to a great shuffle and a great way to kick off my weekend. 

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