Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Square Boy Mix

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In my job, I am expected to know what I am talking about, and to ask questions to find out what I do not know. If I routinely made up answers, I would likely lose my job.  I assume this is true of other people I know who have jobs. So, my honest question is, why should the "leader of the free world" be held to a lower standard?

That's all I have for now... I could say a bunch more, but let's get  to the music....

I headed to Dee's last night and caught great sets from Adrian + Meredith and Adrew Adkins and his great band.  They are two of my favorites.  Dee's is such a cozy and friendly spot to hang.

It is Thursday - finally - and we jump back into a couple of days of shuffles from the "New Music" playlist to round out the week.  We have a few first listens today - including some new and forthcoming releases that I am super excited about...

Let's shuffle!

"My Wallet is a House of Cards" by Ajay Mathur

We start with a first listen to the album Little Boat by Ajay Mathur. Mathur was born in India and is currently based in Switzerland. His music has some Americana tendencies to it, but he takes things in some unexpected directions from there.  I dig this track a bunch, and I look forward to hearing and featuring more of this album. 

"WTF" by Angie Aparo

I saw Angie Aparo perform a showcase at The Basement a few week's back, and I was impressed. Aparo is an impressive singer-songwriter who uses unconventional effects and instrumentation in a way that complements his songs. I am so glad to be able to feature his latest album Life is a Flower, Life is a Gun.  This is his first album following a debilitating stroke, and that event and its aftermath are omnipresent throughout the album.  This is our first listen (the second is a few songs ahead), and this is just a flat out great song. 

"What is and What Should Never Be" by Ali Handal

Next up, we have another track from Ali Handal's album That's What She Said. This time around, the L.A. singer-songwriter covers Led Zeppelin.  I think she makes the song her own. 

"Let Eggs Be Free" by Discount Ravioli

More improvisational silliness from Discount Ravioli. I am now about 3/4 of the way through Baby Arm Sessions. There are still untapped wonders from this and other Dord Music Group associated projects.  These - mainly brief tracks bring joy to my morning commute.  No video for this - listen below:

"Simonson" by connect_icut

Discount Ravioli are from Connecticut. Appropriately/coincidentally, the next song in the random shuffle comes from a Vancouver electronic music producer who goes by the moniker connect_icut (real name Samuel Macklin).  connect_icut has been making music since 2005. This is a track from the latest release (on Aagoo Records) called Music for Granular Synthesizer. 

"The Square Boy" by Angie Aparo

Our second track today from Life is a Flower, Life is a Gun. This track deals with issues around sexuality and gender identification. More generally, I think, it is about not fitting in for whatever reason. It definitely resonated with me. 

"Streetpreacher" by Benjamin Jason Douglas

I had been hearing about Benjamin Jason Douglas for months before I finally saw him perform. People who know about these things told me I needed to keep my ear to the ground for his music. When I heard his music, I knew these people were not lying or exaggerating. Ever since then, I have been eagerly anticipating his album. First World Blues finally made it to my and ears (it is still forthcoming), and I can say it was worth the wait.  Douglas has a unique way of saying things that need to be said. Stay tuned for updates on when you can get your copy of this fine album. 

"Side B: PIECEGOD" by Ugggy

Ugggy returns to the shuffle - this time, we have the "b-side" to his November 1, 2017 re;ease P​*​*​C​*​G​*​D.  We previously featured the "a-side" which is called PEACEGOD.  Listen below:

"Salt on You Skin" by Eric Andersen feat. Inge Andersen and Michele Gazich

And, we close things out with another track from that career-spanning Eric Andersen compilation - The Essential Eric Andersen.  This time, we have a live recording of a song originally included on his 2002 release Beat Avenue. Andersen is joined by musician Michele Gazich and singer-songwriter (and Andersen's spouse) Inge Andersen. (Eric Andersen and Gazich produced a 2012 album by Inge Andersen). 

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