Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Angry Old Men Mix

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Moving deeper into the week...

It is Tuesday, and on Tuesday, as you may know, we take a look at what is trending on E2TG. We do this, as we do almost everything we do via a random shuffle. Our "New Music" playlist on my phone features all of the music we currently are wanting to feature. That list stands at 478 songs with more lined up as soon as I find time to add them...

Reminder: Keep your Thursday evenings in June free. We are cooking up a special series of shows to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of E2TG.  Announcements coming soon.

Tune in tomorrow, as we have a song premiere lined up...

Let's shuffle!

"Cocaine Cowboy" by Sally Jaye

We start things off with 1/2 of the 2017 E2TG Band of the Year (Ladies Gun Club). This is Sally Jaye from Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol. 2.  Check out the video which features local heavyweights Lauren Farrah and Megan Palmer accompanying Sally Jaye on this one. 
"Admission.PotatoBugs" by Ugggy

Ugggy is 1/2 of the 2016 Band of the Year (Valued Customer), and he is also the 2017 Artist of the Year. Between March 2017 and February 2018, Ugggy released new music on the first of every month. This is the opening track from his October 2017 release - The Odditorium. No video - but you can listen here:

"Derealization" by MIS+RESS

Next up, we have another track from the self-titled album by New Jersey electronic artist Brian Wenckebach who records as MIS+RESS. He was previously from the band Elika which was one of the earliest bands featured on E2TG.  Again no video for this track yet, but you can listen here:

"That's All" by Red's Blues

In need of some blues?  We have another track from You Knock Me Out by Red's Blues from Sacramento, California. Today's track comes straight from the Great American Songbook. It was published in 1952 and has been recorded countless times over the years. The album features an all-star collection of musicians including Anson Funderburgh amd Mark Hummel to name just two. I could not find a video of this song, but if you want to listen/buy the album HERE is your link. 

"Underwater" by Phantoms vs. Fire

Back to electronic music, we have another track from Swim by Thiago C. Desant - a Brazilian graphic artist and composer based in Italy who records as Phantoms vs. Fire. Phantoms vs. Fire uses both traditional instruments, synthesizers, and orchestral arrangements.  

"The Ballad of Barbara and Steve" by Jon Dee Graham

Not one to shy away from jarring transitions, we move onto Texas great Jon Dee Graham from his Knoxville Skyline album with a song about San Antonio, Texas. You may recall, E2TG favorites Tim Lee 3 play on this album which came out a couple of years ago, but which just made its way into my hands recently. 

"Fighting For" by Jeryko

And we close things out with New York artist Jeryko with his single - and part one of a two part video that concludes with "All We've Got" which we previously featured. This is pop music - in the best sense of that term, and I like it quite a bit. 

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