Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - I Begin to Roll Mix

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Man this sure is an interesting time to be alive.  Interesting is a good word because it is kind of neutral. Things being interesting may be good or they maybe bad or maybe just interesting. The thing is, I am of the philosophy that we cannot really ever know in the moment if something is good or bad. Meaning that we don't know the bigger picture.  Something happens which we view as bad, but as a result of that thing - something else happens (or doesn't happen) which we then interpret to be a good thing.  But even then, we don't really know...

All that to say, that for today, I am choosing to just take in all of the "interesting" things, to act and/or speak when I feel I must, but to stop trying to pretend I know everything or actually much of anything...

I will hopefully have some exciting announcements soon. Ironing out the final details of the June Anniversary Residency at The 5 Spot, and I hope to have a show announcement soon for April.  And who knows what else.

Meanwhile, it is Wednesday - the day we get "Wild" at E2TG.  Actually, we get wild everyday, but Wednesday, we shuffle from all the songs on my phone - so you never know what will come up... so it's like a wildcard. Thus, Wild Wednesday!

"Too Early for the Blues" by Big Shoes

First up, we have a track that is also in our "New Music" playlist.  It is Nashville's own Big Shoes from their new album Step On It!  This was an appropriate song to start my morning. 

"When She Begins" by Social Distortion

Next, we have a track from the 1992 Fourth studio album by Social Distortion - Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell. The album was one of Social D's most popular and included several of my favorite songs. 

"Stay Gold" by Run the Jewels

Moving on, we have a track from the 2016 3rd album by hip hop duo Run the Jewels (Run the Jewels 3). I always like to stretch my musical muscles, and I have quite enjoyed this album.  

"Still Practicing" by My Favourite Things

Next up, we have Brooklyn band, My Favourite Things from their album Fly I Will, Because I Can - which we featured heavily last year. I dig their dreamy, indie pop sound. 

"Maria Consuelo Arroyo" by Allen Damron/Tim Henderson

From Vol. 3 of the Tim Henderson Legacy Collection which is subtitled Damron sings Henderson. This volume features some of Henderson's song (including this which we previous featured from Henderson himself) performed by the late Texas singer-songwriter Allen Damron.  Damron - among his any accomplishments - was the first artist to record Jerry Jeff Walker's classic "Mr. Bojangles".  Damron was recorded live at the Kerrville Folk Festival in 1967 performing the much loved song. 

"Mojo Boogie" by Sonny Landreth

Moving east from Texas, we end up South of I-10 in Louisiana - which happens to be the name of the Sonny Landreth album (1995) from which this cover of a J.B. Lenoir song is taken.  This is a great album and features an all-star cast of great musicians from Louisiana and elsewhere  (Allen Toussaint, Mark Knopfler among others). 

"Going to the Beach" by Discount Ravioli

And why not close out our Wild Wednesday shuffle with some Discount Ravioli from Baby Arm Sessions. This song is presumable about going to the beach. A quick internet search came up with several beaches in the general vicinity of Bethany, Connecticut where at least some of the members of Discount Ravioli are located. To be honest, I never really know that Connecticut had beaches, but then again before I began writing about Grimm Generation/Jason P. Krug/Dave Hogan/The Danbury Lie/The Foresters/Discount Ravioli/Batkhi Dahn/Danny Henry/etc., I never really gave Connecticut much thought. I didn't even know how to spell Connecticut, but now I rock when it comes to spelling Connecticut. So, yeah, they apparently have beaches. 

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