Friday, April 20, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Haunted Apparition Mix

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Next week, I expect to start promoting the E2TG 7th Anniversary Residency at The 5 Spot coming in June.  For now, just go ahead and block off every Thursday in June from 6 to 8:30pm.  We have a great line up every week.  I'm still ironing out some final details... but it's time to get talking about this. I still can't believe it has been almost seven years (it will be seven years in mid-May) since I began this incredible journey.  Thanks to everyone who has joined me at some point along the way.

Well, let's see... today is 4/20, it's Record Store Day eve, it is #NationalSchoolWalkoutDay - on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine massacre which did not teach us the lessons it should have.

It is also #FeaturedFriday here at E2TG - the "New Music" playlist topped 600 songs earlier this week - it's just below that number now, but I already have some new music to add to it.  I may have to go in and cut some tracks from albums that have been around awhile and been featured pretty heavily. Or not... We shall see. 

Let's shuffle!

"Haunted" by Matthew Sweet

We start things off with the first of two tracks from Matthew Sweet's Tomorrow Forever album which came out last year. Sweet who is perhaps best known for his song and album Girlfriend which was released in 1991.  Sweet has been consistently making great music for almost four decades. He started playing music in high school in Nebraska before moving to Athens, Georgia and becoming part of that cities vibrant music community.  In Athens, he played with Oh-Ok - a band that featured R.E.M. vocalist Michael Stipe's sister. 

"Apparition" by Cup

We are still featuring music from Cup's album Hiccup which was released in November - including this track.  The follow-up Jitter Vision is due out a week from today, and we just got a hold of that album - so expect much more from this rocking band from Brooklyn in the near future. 

"My Heart Skips a Beat" by Buck N Stuff

It's been a week since Buck N Stuff released Saviors of Country Music: Live at the American Legion Post 82. Today, we have the song that was featured in the band's first official music video which was premiered on Rolling Stone Country. When your grandchildren ask you where you were when country music was saved (and they will ask you), you can tell them about reading this post and watching the video - which is included in the video playlist linked below. Surprisingly enough the song was written by Buck Owens and it was his third number one song. It was released in 1964. 

"Less Than Whole" by Ronan Furlong

Next, we have another song from Red Sun Rising by Irish singer-songwriter Ronan Furlong. Furlong just released the song "Oxytocin" as a single from the album. I've been digging his music. 

"Wait for Me" (Bosveld cover) by Pat Power

Next, we have a track from Valued Customer member Pat Power from his most recent release  - Ontario Gothic vol. 1 - which covers and highlights several talented songwriters from Ontario. This track is a cover of song by a band/artist that should be familiar to E2TG readers - Bosveld. Bosveld is a psych-folk project that feature Thean of Velodrones. I got to know Velodrones and Bosveld either directly or indirectly because of Valued Customer. 

"What Happened to Me" by Joyann Parker

Next up, we have a rocking number from the album Hard to Love by Minneapolis blues singer Joyann Parker. Her bluesy style has really captured my attention of late. 

"How You Gonna Miss Me" by Bark

E2TG favorites Bark are up next with a track from their album Year of the Dog. Bark - you may recall is the band that features Tim and Susan Bauer Lee of the Knoxville band Tim Lee 3.  Bark is releasing a single Bark - which is a single by Bark - tomorrow for Record Store Day.

"Carol" by Matthew Sweet

Next, we have our second track from Tomorrow Forever. This one sounds especially like "classic" Matthew Sweet.  Just an awesome power pop song. 

"Queen of the Mississippi" by Ten Penny Gypsy

Next, we have our first listen to the duo Ten Penny Gypsy and their self-titled album.  Ten Penny Gypsy is based in Little Rock, Arkansas. There is a growing faction of great music coming to E2TG from Arkansas - you may recall, we had a Mark Currey song in our shuffle yesterday. The album was produced by and features the talents Anthony Crawford - a musician whose credits include years with Neil Young (among many others).  Crawford makes up one half of the duo Sugarcane Jane (along with his wife Savana Lee) which in turn is part of the Alabama/Nashville supergroup Willie Sugarcapps.   Since I like pointing out connections both musical and personal - Willie Sugarcapps also features long-time Nashville (and Alabama native) Will Kimbrough. Tim Lee (of Bark - who appear earlier in this shuffle) produced a few tracks from Will's old band Will and the Bushmen's album Gawk! which I was fan of back in college (and now).  Anyway, I am digging this Ten Penny Gypsy album and look forward to playing and writing about it much more soon.  

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