Friday, April 13, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - No No No But Yes Mix

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Well, country music was saved last night, thanks to Buck N Stuff.  Their CD release show for their live album Saviors of Country Music: Live at The American Legion Post 82 was held at The American Legion Post 82.  There was lots of Buck and a fair amount of Stuff to be had. The awesome Brandy Zdan opened the show. It had been a minute since I saw her perform, and it was a good reminder of how good she is.  She was playing songs from her forthcoming album which judging by her performance is going to be amazing.

It's time for our Featured Friday shuffle... The thing I love about playing random shuffles for my daily posts, is the weird things that happen with randomness. If you look at yesterday's shuffle and today's, it might be hard to believe that they came from the same playlist of songs.  Yesterday's shuffle was dominated by  EDM, industrial, punk, and jazz music. Today's is almost exclusively singer-songwriters (albeit each very unique and different).  I don't plan this - it just happens...

Let's shuffle!

"But Yes" by Langen Neubacher

The shuffle starts with our final track to feature from Alone - the solo EP by Langen Neubacher of St. Louis band The Defeated County. Looking forward to some new music from The Defeated County later this year maybe. 

"After You're Dead" by Tom House

We are already up to the penultimate track from the latest album by Nashville songwriter Tom House - Strange, I Reckon. House has been writing and recording and playing great songs here in Nashville for many years. He is a unique and wonderful part of the what makes Nashville's music community special. 

"Makin' Good Time" by Lazarus

Next, we have a track from Rock n Roll Heart by Texas singer-songwriter Lazarus which was released last May. I am grateful for E2TG for allowing me to hear music I might otherwise have missed out on. This is just a flat out great song. 

"Love Me The Way I Am" by Christine Rosander

Next, we have a track from Been a Long Time by Los Angeles singer-songwriter Christine Rosander. The album was released back in January. Beautiful words and melody. 

"Found" by Caroline Cotter

Caroline Cotter is a singer-songwriter based in Maine. Her latest album Home on the River was released in February. Cotter has lived and/or performed in 31 countries. She also sings in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Sanskrit. Cool music.  

"Hard to Love" by Joyann Parker

Next, we have the title track from Minneapolis soul, blues singer-songwriter Joyann Parker brand new album which is out today! Joyann Parker has won several awards from Minneapolis Blues Society - and represented them at the 2015 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. 

"Set Me on Fire" by Jon Magnusson

#E2TG favorite Jon Magnusson released the EP Always a Rebel.  This is one of my favorite songs from that release. Magnusson is from Sweden, and we have been following his music for several years now. He is on the fore-front of using several new platforms and techniques that help independent artist reach and sell to their audience. I don't pretend to understand all of them, but I do believe that it will take creativity and ingenuity to solve the dilemma facing musicians today. 

"Drifting" by Raven King

 We close with the only non-singer-songwriter track in our shuffle today. Raven King are from Rhode Island they combine dark lyrics with lush harmonies and a grungy art-rock sound. This is a track from their self-titled release which came out just over a year ago. 

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