Monday, April 30, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Dress Like Minnie Pearl Mix

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Best laid plans...  I started this like I do every day. I had a dental appointment at 11:30, and I planned to take the rest of the day off work. I hoped to make it home by like 2 or something, and I was going to finish this post and do a bunch of other things. Well, I just got home around 8:00pm.  But, this was such I good shuffle that I didn't want to let it go without posting it.

So, my written contribution will be minimal but enjoy.

"Night School" by Rosanne Cash

We start with one-time Nashville resident Rosanne Cash with a song from her 14th Studio album - The River and the Thread which was released on my birthday in 2014.

"Too Much Too Young" by Jason and the Scorchers

Next, we have Nashville legends Jason and the Scorchers with a track from the compilation album Wildfires and Misfires.  The song was written by Jason Ringenberg, Warner Hodges, and Jerry Dammers of The Specials.

"Help There's a Fire" (Shakespeare's Riot Version)  by Jason Ringenberg

Before Jason moved to Nashville and formed Jason and the Scorchers, he had a band in Southern Illinois called Shakepeare's Riot. Here is a long from that era that went on to be a Scorchers' favorite. 

"Scared of Losing You" by Davis Raines

Next, we have one of Nashville's best songwriters - Davis Raines with a song from his Going to Montgomery album. 

"Southern Call" by Adrian + Meredith

E2TG favorites Adrian + Meredith (veteran's of my 5th Anniversary show) are up next with a great song from their album More Than a Little. Looking forward to new music from those kids soon. 

"Punk Rock Girl" by Josh Gray

The first time I saw Josh Gray, I was impressed by his original songs, and then he did his unique take on the Dead Milkmen song - one of my favorites - and I knew I found a kindred spirit. This is from his self-titled six song released from 2015.

"Stars on the Water" by Rodney Crowell

Next up, we have the lead track from the self-titled 1981 third album by the legendary Rodney Crowell.  

"Don't Treat Me Like a Dog" by The White Animals

And, we close things out with Nashville legends, The White Animals with a track from 3000 Nights in Babylon. 

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