Monday, April 9, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Trains Songs and More Mix

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I'm a bit short on time.  Tonight is the CD Release Show for Julie Christensen and Stone Cupid's new album A Sad Clown.  At the Basement.  Renee Wahl is opening.  Recommended.

It's Monday, so we fire up our Music City Monday playlist and shuffle it up.  Here's what came up today.

"Up in the Air" by Bill Lloyd

Bill Lloyd's most recent release is called It's Happening Now.  Lloyd has been a vital part of the Nashville music community since I first started following Nashville's local scene back in the mid 1980s.  He moved to Nashville from his native Bowling Green, KY where he had started making music as a youth.  He led the rock band The December Boys. Later, he was one half of the hit country duo Foster and Lloyd. He has worked with many different artist across genres.  He currently leads the Long Players who recreate classic albums with an all-star array of guest singers. And he continues to write and release his own music. 

"The Fatman Cometh"by Fats Kaplin

The one and only Fats Kaplin is up next with the title track from his album. Kaplin's resume includes playing with many great artists. He is soon to go out on tour with the one and only John Prine. He also holds down regular spots at The 5 Spot - where just about anything can happen. The next Fats Kaplin Gang show is scheduled for April 21.

"Comin' Round" by Jason and the Scorchers

Next up, from Wildfires and Misfires, the deans of the Nashville rock and roll scene, Jason and the Scorchers. 

"B and O Man" by Eric Brace, Peter Cooper, Thomm Jutz

I still don't know how to type an ampersand without it screwing up my HTML code, so imagine the "and" in "B and O" is really the "And" sign.  Anyway, this is a track from Profiles in Courage, Frailty, and Discomfort by the amazing trio of Eric Brace, Peter Cooper, and Thomm Jutz. Definitely the cream of the Nashvillle songwriting crop. 

"San Antonio" by Becky Warren

I got to see Becky Warren rock the house last week at Ben de la Cour's CD Release show. She reported that she was working on her follow-up album to War Surplus - from which this track is taken.  Warren has been opening some dates for the Indigo Girls of late. 

"I'm Alright (For the Shape I'm In)" (Live) by BR549

More from Live at the Astrodome - which has been coming up almost weekly recently.  

"Lost Horizon" by The Movement
Labor Day weekend 1985, me and some friends drove over to Nashville from Cookeville for a free show in the parking lot of Cat's Records on West End Avenue. Jason and the Scorchers were the headliner and Tim Krekel and the Sluggers also played. The opening band was one of my favorite local bands - The Movement. The Movement was led by Richie Owens - who I would later meet and get to know through his band The Farm Bureau.  I had the Movement EP on cassette, and I wore that thing out. This has always been a favorite of mine - this comes from the Return to Elliston Square album.  The video in the playlist is from an reunion show at The 5 Spot last year. 

"Highland Mary" by Kane Welch Kaplin

Fats Kaplin returns for a second time to the shuffle - this time as part of the super-trio with Kieren Kane and Kevin Welch.  From the album called Kane Welch Kaplin. 

"Say It's Closing Time" by Jon Latham

And we close things out with 2015 E2TG Artist of the Year with a song from his most recent album Lifers. Latham definitely knows how to tug at heartstrings and he does so with aplomb here. 

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