Monday, April 16, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuflle - Straggled By Love Mix

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The crazy weather continues (not just in Nashville, I know).  We had temps in the 80's at the end of last week, rain all day Saturday, cooler weather Sunday, and cold weather with a few snow flurries this morning.  Temps are supposed to be up into the 70's later in the week. I say this not to give a weather report, but to say, the change in weather has really had an effect on the state of how I feel - so I laid pretty low most of the weekend - except to help celebrate my radio DJ partner - Sue's birthday on Sunday. It was a wonderful time with wonderful people at a wonderful place (Dee's). 

Now, it is time for Music City Monday shuffle.  This is the only of my shuffles that comes from a Spotify playlist.  It is a huge playlist (ever-expanding) of current and former Nashville area artists and bands. It is an eclectic mix of older music and newer music - crossing musical boundaries.

Let's shuffle!

"Sun-kissed" by Justin and the Cosmics

We start things off this week with a band - fresh off their triumphant Australian tour - Justin and the Cosmics going back to 2008 and their album Hangin' Out in My Body. Justin Collins and crew are consistently a favorite of mine to see live. Collins is also part of the production team known as Cosmic Thug Productions - known for their work with Deer Tick among others. He is also a co-founder of Cosmic Thug Records.

"Broken Whiskey Glass" by Jason Ringenberg; Woodbox Gang

Up next, we have a rerecording of a Jason and Scorchers favorite by Jason himself from his album Best Tracks and Side Tracks: 1979-2007.  Coincidentally, this is another 2008 release. Here Jason is joined by Illinois band The Woodbox Gang. Jason moved to Nashville from Illinois in the later 1970s and help shape the Nashville rock movement of the 1980s. His musical legacy continues both with the current line-up of the Scorchers and with his children's music as Farmer Jason. 

"Turning Away" by Tim Krekel

Back around Labor Day 1985, the day I first say Jason and the Scorchers perform live- I also saw the late Tim Krekel and his band The Sluggers perform.  Krekel wrote the song, "I Can't Help Myself"  which the Scorchers released on their EP Fervor.  Krekel went on to release several albums and write many songs for other artists. This track - from his 2006 album World Keeps Turnin'.  This song was a number one country hit for Crystal Gayle in 1984 and a top 15 UK pop hit for Welsh rocker Shakin' Stevens two years later.  Krekel lost a short battle with cancer in 2009.

"Til Monday" by Davis Raines

Sticking with albums released in the aughts... and our third today from 2008, we have Nashville - by way of Alabama singer-songwriter Davis Raines with an appropriate song for today - from his album Going to Montgomery.  Raines will be appearing at Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge this coming Friday - where  he will be joined by E2TG fave - Mark Robinson and Daniel Seymour. 

"Think It Over" by Walk the West

I does seem like every Music City Monday shuffle contains at least one track by Walk the West. I have no complaints about that.  This is one of my favorite tracks from their self-titled album. The late Paul Kirby provides the vocals and harmonica for this classic Nashville rock band.

"Long Way Still" by Richie Owens and The Farm Bureau

The opening act for that Labor Day 1985 show - which was held in the parking lot of the old Cat's Records on West End Avenue - was The Movement - who we played last week - led by Richie Owens. Upon returning to Nashville after a time in Los Angeles. Owens would form The Farm Bureau. This is a track from the 2011 album by the Farm Bureau. - In Farm We Trust. 

"The God's Own Truth" by Chris Watts

We close out this shuffle with three tracks from some of favorite "new" Nashville singer-songwriters. Beginning with Chris Watts - the title track from his 2016 album. Watts is a native of Louisiana. A favorite songwriter and person here in Nashville. 
"Gotta Know (You've Got Me)" by Josh Morris

Josh Morris has been a part of E2TG for several years. First as part of a band we featured called And the Giraffe. He is also known for producing both of Jon Latham's albums. He has two solo releases the EP Green Fields and his late 2016 early 2017 release Can't Wait 'Til Now - which I reviewed when it was released. 

"Wendy" by Zach Schmidt

I ran into Zach Schmidt last week - at the Buck N Stuff show.  He is working on new music! This is a track from his incredible album (one of the best of 2016) - How We Lost the War. 

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