Thursday, April 19, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Siri-ously Mix

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Well, I finally ventured out of the house last night - to Dee's in Madison.  Caught most of the last hour of The One and Only Bill Davis doing his always fun weekly set.

Later, one of my favorite local songwriters Joanna Barbera took the stage playing with a new violin player. Then, she was joined by Dee's co-owner Daniel Walker for a wonderful version of Tom Petty's "Breakdown".  Walker did a short set of his own songs.  Daniel Walker was followed by E2TG's #1 Most Tagged Artist Ever - Darrin Bradbury. Bradbury's set included some songs from his forthcoming new album - including one that is being covered by Joe Pug!, a brand new song, and some older songs - like "Denim-clad Acid Wash Man" "Swordfish", and even a version of the Big Wilson River song "80 Dead Armadillos".  Big Wilson River was Bradbury's band back in New Jersey - and also my (and E2TG's) first exposure to his music.  In fact, our crack research department found that "80 Dead Armadillos" was the first Darrin Bradbury/Big Wilson River song featured here - back in July of 2012. 

In addition to the great music, I had a cool front porch hang - met some new people, met an on-line friend for the first time, and talked music and life, and I got to hang with a cool, cute dog that belongs to Brad of This Frontier Needs Heroes.

Not bad for a Wednesday night in Madison.

I added a bunch of new music - including some really cool stuff by some legendary UK rockers - one of the new songs showed up today - more will follow soon!

Let's shuffle up our "New Music" playlist and see what is "Trending" on E2TG.

"Become the Sun" by The Telescopes

We start today's shuffle with the lead off  track from Stone Tape - the latest release from veteran UK band The Telescopes. The band, led by Stephen Lawrie,  formed in 1987.   They were influenced by bands like The Velvet Underground, Suicide, and 13th Floor Elevators. They in turn influenced many shoegaze, spacerock, and psyche bands including The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Stone Tape is a concept album inspired by the “Stone Tape Theory”, theorized by Thomas Charles Lethbridge in 1961.

"Unless You Move" by Mark Currey
Next up, we have Arkansas based singer-songwriter Mark Currey with another track from his latest album Tarrant County. It's about taking action in spite of not being entirely sure. It's good advice that I need today. 

"Coming Home" by PERK (feat. Kelly Paige)
Genre-bending Scandinavian band led by Nalle Ahlstedt and Anders Borgius - whose credits include huge names in the music world including Celine Dion, Bella Thorne, and Sarah Connor. For their second single, they have teamed up with L.A. based artist Kelly Paige. The lyrics to this song were written by Sharon Vaughn - a one-time Nashville based songwriter who now lives in Stockholm. 

"Fat Lady" by Reckless Johnny Wales
"Don't" by Reckless Johnny Wales

"Two-fer Tuesday" sounds better than "Two-fer" Thursday - unless that "two-fer" by the one and only Reckless Johnny Wales. That's right, we have two songs in a row from Runaway Train of Thoughts. The first is about waiting for the proverbial far lady to make her highly anticipated appearance to put us all out of our misery.  The second, is Reckless Johnny's distinctive brand of motivational music - as long as we don't die in our sleep, we have tomorrow to make up for what we didn't do today. 

"Cinnamon" by Freevolt

I have really been digging Open Up Your Door by Massachusetts based tropical rock/roots/reggae etc. band Freevolt.  Just some cool, groovy music. 

"Bicycle Kings" by Angie Aparo

Georgia-based singer-songwriter Angie Aparo gets a vocal assist from an easily recognizable electronic voice on this nostalgia evoking song from his album Life is a Flower, Life is a Gun. The song evoked strong memories of pedaling the mean streets of Hillsdale Subdivision in suburban Cookeville, Tennessee. 

"Doc Red Blues" by Benjamin Jason Douglas

And we close things out today with another track from the forthcoming album, First World Blues by Nashville singer-songwriter Benjamin Jason Douglas. The first official single is expected out next week.  Keep your ear to the ground and stay tuned. 

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