Thursday, April 12, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Salvation with Horns Mix

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Guess what, I'm running short on time again. It's been a rough week at the old day job.

It was great seeing Patrick Kinsley and a Fistful of Dollars last night at Dee's.  Also great seeing Lynn Taylor and the Barflies  and also Daniel Walker. Just a  fun night of music. I realized that over the course of the evening I got to see and talk to at least seven people who have performed at an E2TG Anniversary Show over the last two years.  The 7th Anniversary shows are coming in June, and the E2TG elves are hard at work getting ready to make the announcements.

Tonight is the Buck N Stuff CD Release show at the American Legion in Inglewood. This will be one for the book!

On to the Trending Thursday Shuffle.... strap yourself in because this one promises to be a wild ride.

"Closer.theDrummma" by Ugggy

First up, we have the closing track and the final track from Ugggy's October 2017 release The Oddditorium. Ugggy was named E2TG Artist of the Year in 2017 - he released new music on the first of every month for an entire year.  Give a listen to this track:

"Uridium" by connect_icut

Next up, we have over eight minutes of electronic music from Canada.  From the triple cassette EP Music for Granular Synthesizer via the independent New Jersey based Aagoo Records - from whom we have been getting a bunch of really cool and interesting music.  Listen to Uridium (which is the name of a Commodore 64 game) below:

"Horned Salvation" by Discount Ravioli

From connect_icut to a band from Connecticut. We are down to the final nine tracks (out of 53) from Baby Arms Sessions. This is a short track about salvation with horns called "Horned Salvation"  listen below:

"Let Me Go" by Cup

Another via Aagoo Records - From the album Hiccup by Brooklyn based garage punk rockers.  Let Me Go is a fun punk rocking song. My initial YouTube search yielded a disturbingly large number of videos of the "Cup Song" from that movie of a few years back. 

"Oh Lord" (Remix) by Elouise and Cesar Davila-Irizarry

Oh man, I have been so excited to talk about this forthcoming EP - it's called Transmigration and it teams our favorite blackgrass band - Elouise from California with composer Cesar Davila-Irizarry best known for composing the score to the show American Horror Story on some remixes of tracks from Elouise's debut album Deep Water.  Elouise's music is already other worldly, but Davila-Irizarry takes it out of the stratosphere.  It is due out next week, and I can't wait for you to hear it. The remix of their version of "I'll Fly Away" will melt your faces. Since there are no videos yet of the remixes - I have included a clip of the original song and a clip of the AHS theme. 

"Sick Prick Dick Lick (For the Throat)" by Flesh Eating Foundation

Keeping things weird and intense - we have another track from We Are Fucked by British EBM cyberpunk pioneers Flesh Eating Foundation.  I don't think I will be playing this track on the radio. 

"Far Away" by Charlie Smyth

Making a hard turn (like on a dime), we veer back toward more traditional song structure with another track from The Way I Feel by Nashville singer-songwriter Charlie Smyth - who previously recorded under the name The Western Shore with his wife Kalee - who appears here as well.  Kalee is working on new music under her own name. I don't believe The Way I Feel is out yet, so stay tuned. 

"While I'm Still Standing Here" by Ajay Mathur

Next, we have a track from Little Boat by Swiss singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur.  This is really cool music that combines elements of Americana, rockabilly, psychedelic rock, and Bollywood. 

"Showtime" by Jing Chi

Next, we have a track from Supremo by the all-star jazz/blues combo of Jing Chi - which features Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip, and Vinnie Colaiuta. 

"Host of a Ghost" by Bashful Hips

We started with some alternative hip-hop from Ugggy and we close with another style of alternative hip-hop from long-time E2TG favorite Bashful Hips from the album People. Nature. Death.

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