Thursday, April 26, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Cherry Red Anthology Mix

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The Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown III is getting very close. You can read our preview -
Part 1 (Ben Sparaco) 
Part 2 (Don Gallardo) 
Part 3 (James Scott Bullard) 
Part 4 (Rich Mahan)

Meanwhile, it is Thursday and time to jump back into the "New Music" playlist.

Let's just jump right to it!

"Built Calypso" by Broads

We start things off with more of the "whispery drone folk" of Broads from Norwich, UK from their album Field Theory.  They already have a new EP out, too. 
"Listen to the Rain" by Eric Andersen (feat. Shawn Colvin)

Next up, appropriate for my rainy commute, we have another track from the outstanding career-spanning compilation - The Essential Eric Andersen. This track - originally on Andersen's 1989 album Ghosts Upon the Road - features guest vocalist Shawn Colvin. A lovely song. 

"The Bitter and the Sweet" by Christine Rosander

Another lovely song - this from California singer-songwriter Christine Rosander from her latest album Been a Long Time. 

"I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore" by Mark Currey

Next up, we have an emotionally powerful song from Arkansas based singer-songwriter Mark Currey from his latest album Tarrant County. 

"Anthologised by Cherry Red" by Spray

Next up, we have a fun song from UK Synth-pop band Spray.  The primary members of Spray are siblings Jenny McLaren and Ricardo Autobahn - who are best known as members of The Cuban Boys who were favorites on The Peel Sessions - among their many achievements.  This one takes aim at the fickle nature of pop stardom.  For those who don't know Cherry Red is a British record label that specializes in compilations (anthologies) of pop stars from a previous era. (although saying previous era makes me feel old because I am from that previous era, too).

"Casablanca" by Jing Chi

Next up, we have another cool number from that Supremo album by jazz fusion supergroup Jing Chi - which features Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip, and Vinnie Colaiuta.

"Dirty Looks for Children" by Ezra Bell

Next up, we have our first listen to the forthcoming (May 26) self-titled full-length debut  (May  album by Portland, Oregon band Ezra Bell.  Led by singer-songwriter Benjamin Wuamett brims with elements of 60s and 70s music of various genres. This was my first real listen, and I like I what I heard, and I expect to be hearing and writing more.  There is a long story about the band name that involves overcoming an addiction to eating snails and other mollusks. Maybe I'll get to that story as I continue to write about this music. 

"Life Goes By Prelude" by Paul Maged

Next up, we have the last track on The Glass River - the latest album by New York based alternative rock singer-songwriter Paul Maged.  Cool stuff. 

"The Law" by Bob Rea

We close things out with a red hot number from singer-songwriter Bob Rea who divides time between Durango, Colorado and Nashville. His new album Southbound features some great players including Michael Webb and Aaron Shaffer-Hais.   Rea will be appearing at Douglas Corner on May 31.  Backed by some of the great musicians featured on the album.  
 BOB REA - guitar/vocals with Mike Daly - steel guitar and dobro, Steve Daly - acoustic and electric guitar/Baritone guitar/banjo, Michael  Webb - keyboards/accordion, 
Herschel  Van Dyke - drums/percussion, Dave Francis -bass
THURS., MAY 31, 2018 @ DOUGLAS CORNER, Nashville, TN   9pm show

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