Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Places and People Mix

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I'm a little pressed for time - so let's jump right into the shuffle.  On Wednesday, we shuffle all the songs I currently have stored on my phone. This can be... well - let's just shuffle! You'll see...

"Everybody Knows" by FADES

First up, comes a track from the self-title EP for London band FADES. This comes from the depths of my phone.  This was a submission from 2016. I attempted to find out more, but the links to the Facebook page given no longer work. I found a band from the UK called FADES but could not confirm that it is the same band.  Anyway, this was alt-rock music. Not bad. 

"Oklahoma Gypsy Shuffler" by Adam Carroll

Next up, we have a live version of Adam Carroll's "Oklahoma Gypsy Shuffler" taken from the 2009 album Live at Flipnotics.  The song was originally released on Carroll's 2008 album Old Town Rock N Roll. 

"Rita" by Dog Without Warning

Next up, we have a track from E2TG favorites Dog without Warning. This is a track from Faith in Knots: Seven Year Itch which is a 2016 re-recording of most of the songs from their first release Faith in Knots.  I just noticed in researching this that they have a new release called Fresh Crop of Glee that came out a week ago that I must check out. 

"Forget About Wonderland" by Walking for Pennies

Next one, comes from the E2TG archives. Walking for Pennies are from New York. They were an E2TG Band of the Month back in December 2012. This is the title track from their debut album. They recorded a 2014 album in East Nashville. I hate to say that I lost track of them, but it was cool to be reminded so I can check back in. 

"Florence Sur Les Champs-Elysees" by Miles Davis

Since it is "Wild Wednesday" the abrupt change of pace to a track from the soundtrack to the 1958 Louis Malle film Ascenseur pour l'échafaud starring the late Jeanne Moreau and Maurice Ronet.  Miles Davis' soundtrack and score are considered groundbreaking. The film is considered foundational to the French New Wave  movement.  

"In the City" by Bill Eberle

Next, we have one of two released songs from Bill Eberle's forthcoming album Soft Light. This is one of my favorite songs from that album at first listen. It is a wonderful slice-of-life for this strange and difficult times.   

"Georgia Slop" by Golden State Lone Star Blues Revue

And we close out the shuffle with a track from the 2016 album from the two-state all-star blues band - Golden State Lone Star Blues Revue.  The band features Mark Hummell and Anson Funderburgh among the blues greats.  We featured this album back in 2016.  I just now realized that the band also includes bassist R.W. Grigsby, who we have more recently heard with his wife Beth in the band Red's Blues. 

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