Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - That's Tru Life Mix

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Somehow this topsy-turvy weather of late seems to be right in sync with the topsy-turvy state of this nation, and both of them are making me sick....

But, I press on...

It is Wednesday - mid-week, and this is the day, we at E2TG set aside to get "wild". Wild is in quotation marks because.. well, we basically do what we do every day just drawing on songs from a larger pool - namely every song saved to my phone's memory.  The results are predictably unpredictable.

Let's just jump right to it!

"WSM 650" by Adam Hill

We start off with a great song about a legendary Nashville radio station. WSM went on the air in 1925 and helped popularize country music by broadcasting the Grand Ole Opry across the country. These days, they partially focus on Americana music. Nashville songwriter Adam Hill released this song on his Little Time album which we covered in late 2013 and early 2014.  I could not locate any videos of Adam Hill at all but I you can listen to this track here and if you follow the links you can check out all of his music.  

"t r u" by Ugggy

Next up, we have two tracks from E2TG favorite Ugggy surrounding a song performed by the Chairman of the Board himself.   First up, we have this track from the July 2017 release the mood ring EP. Listen here:

"That's Life" by Frank Sinatra

Francis Albert Sinatra is up next with a song we recorded as the title track from his 1966 album.  The song was written by Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon and first recorded by Marion Montgomery and later O.C. Smith.  It was Smith's version that Sinatra was inspired by to record the song.  The song was subsequently covered by several artists from Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and Shirely Bassey to David Lee Roth, Michael Bolton, and Michael Buble. 

"l e g e n d" by Ugggy

More Ugggy this time from the same June 2017 release - T H E G H O S T EP - that we played a track from yesterday. You can listen to this track here:

"Fill Me Up" by Amilia K. Spicer

Next up, we have California songwriter Amilia K. Spicer from her most recent album Wow and Flutter. Spicer has had songs places in shows like Dawson's Creek and Party of Five. This album has been a favorite of mine since I first heard it. 

"Modern Day Privateers" (Knifight Remix) by And We All Die

We  previously featured the Rodney Anonymous remix of "Modern Day Privateers" by And We All Die. The album contains ten remixes of the song. This remix is credited to Austin, Texas wrongwave band Knifight. 

"Torch Song" by Joey Kneiser

Nashville singer-songwriter Joey Kneiser and his wife just recently had a child. So congrats to their family.  This is a track from his 2010 album The All Night Bedroom Revival. Kneiser was a founding member of the band Glossary that formed in 1997 in Murfreesboro TN. 

"Haunted Head" by Ezra Furman

And we close out this shuffle with a track from singer-songwriter Ezra Furman from his 2015 album Perpetual Motion People.  Furman leads a band called The Visions which used to be called The Boy-Friends. His most recent album Transangelic Exodus was released this past February.  This came to me via an annual mix CD a friend of mine puts out.   

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