Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - You Could Really Get It On Mix

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The Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown III kicks off in two days. We have been helping to spread the word about this cool event because:

1.  It features some awesome musicians - several of whom have been featured on E2TG
2. It's being held in two of my favorite places to hang out.
3. They asked if we would.
4. That's the kind of blog we are.
(not necessarily in that order)

If you have missed or want to relive my preview posts - they can be found here:

Meanwhile, it is Wednesday and that is the day things get "Wild" here at E2TG.  We call it "Wild Wednesday" because the shuffle on Wednesday comes from all the songs saved to my phones memory.

Let's go!

"The Far End of the World" by Brian Carpenter and the Confessions

We start things off today with the title track from the 2015 album by Brian Carpenter and the Confessions.  This band is from Boston, and I really dig their sound.  This song, I think, has a real Leonard Cohen vibe to it. 

"I Wish I Could Tell You This" by UniversalDice

Next up, we have another superb track from Birth, Love, Hate, Death.  New classic-sounding rock and roll - presented in a rock opera format. The music is highly original and I dig it. 

"Tin of Tea" by Maynard and the Musties

The first of two tracks in today's shuffle from Maynard and the Musties who are playing tomorrow night at Ri'chard's Cafe in Whites Creek. This one comes from their 2013 EP called West. I could not find a video for this song, so I posted a Couch By Couch West video - which was where I first heard this band.  Maynard and the Musties formed in Brooklyn but are now based in Nashville. 

"All Night Diner" by Modest Mouse

Next up, we have a track from the 1996 EP Interstate 8 by the band Modest Mouse. A great track by one of the great bands of our time. 

"(I Love Your) Psychedelic Curtains" by (The) Nervous Rex

Next up, in true "Wild Wednesday" fashion, we have a track from a UK band that recorded two albums between 1966 and 1968 which were finally released in the 2000's.  This is from an album called (The) World of... (The) Nervous Rex which was released in 2009.  I honestly cannot remember how this one came to me, but it's great stuff!

"Turn on the News" by Hüsker Dü

From the 1984 second album Zen Arcade - Minneapolis post-punk band Hüsker Dü were still embracing their hardcore roots while beginning to explore other types of music not generally associated with hardcore. This song - written by Grant Hart - one of two songs on the final side of this double album. The 13 minute long "Reoccurring Dreams" takes up the rest of this side. 

"Everyone's Dead" by Maynard and the Musties

We close out the shuffle with our second song by Maynard and the Musties from their 2014 album Fall On In which was produced by the great Eric "Roscoe" Ambel.  Thanks Joe Maynard for the birthday gifts of your music. 

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