Friday, May 25, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Neon Revolution Mix

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One of my hopes in releasing The Drift into the world was to free up my head-space to write some new things.  Last night, I wrote about 1,800 words on what may end up being the follow-up book.  It's an old idea, but for a lot of reasons, I've decided to just start it from scratch.  I'm excited. Very different from The Drift.

Looking forward to a long weekend.

But first, we have a Featured Friday Shuffle - that includes a couple of first listens.  Let's do it - shall we?

"Evermore" by Middlemist Red

One of the great joys in doing E2TG is the opportunity to "discover" music that otherwise might slip by me.  Before I got connected to the music of Middlemist Red, I was not aware that Hungarian Psych Rock was a thing. Now, I not only know it is a thing, but it is a thing I like. We have been featuring songs from their album Ripple Soul.  
"The Lecht" by Broads

Next up, we have the band Broads from Norwich England (located about 100 miles northeast of London) from their album Field Theory.  Broads plays their unique brand of whispery drone folk. According to my internet search - The Lecht is a ski resort in Scotland. I don't know for sure if the song is about the resort or if there is another meaning to the song, but maybe I will find out....

"Grow Too Old" by Yvette Landry and  the Jukes

Fresh from my mailbox this week, we have a track from the forthcoming new album Lousiana Lovin' by singer/songwriter/guitar player/multi-instrumentalist Yvette Landry who is from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana - the part of the country where much of my family originated.  For her latest album, Landry has teamed with Roddie Romero and several other well-known Louisiana musicians. The album is a tribute to the juke joints and dance halls of Louisiana. The album features songs that reflect and represent that era - including this track written by the legendary Bobby Charles. 

"Revolution" by The Mouse Outfit (feat. Ellis Meade + Dr. Syntax)

Next up, we have another track from Jagged Tooth Crook from Manchester band The Mouse Outfit.  From this track, they team up with hip-hop, dub artist Ellis Meade (also from Manchester) and Banbury hip-hop artist Dr. Syntax. 

"Just Say When" by The Elation

Next, we have our second listen to Clickbait - the forthcoming (one week from today) debut album by Cork, Ireland based band The Elation. Their first single XO was released back in January. I really love the positive vibe this band puts out.  

"Neon Figures" by Nicholas Merz

Next up, we have our first listen to Limits of Men the debut solo album by Seattle singer-songwriter Nicholas Merz - who has released six albums with the band Darto. I did not know what to expect from this album, but this first listen blew me away. I cannot wait to dig into the rest of the album. The album is due out June 1 - the first single Bulled Rose is out now. For now, I have a Darto song in the video playlist. 

"Soma Gone Slapstick" by Kristin Hersh

We close with the penultimate track from the Kristin Hersh album Wyatt At The Coyote Palace. We have been featuring this album - which was released with an accompanying book - for about a year now. Hersh is formerly of the legendary band Throwing Muses and the band 50FootWave. 


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