Friday, May 11, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - When It All Comes Down Mix

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Time is marching on... we've reached the end of another week of E2TG.

By the way, tomorrow, on WXNA (101.5fm in Nashville or everywhere), my radio show that I do with my dear friend Sue - Double Shot with Joe and Sue will be celebrating our 100th show!  I hope you can tune in!  Double Shot kicks off at 11:00am (Central Time).

Today, we have our Featured Friday shuffle - shuffling songs from our "new music" playlist of albums/artists/songs we are featuring here on E2TG.


"Movement of Fear" by Poptone

As you may recall, Poptone is a band that features Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Tones on Tail) along with Haskins daughter Diva Dompe.  Their self-titled first album is due out June 8 and features covers of song originally done by Ash and Haskins old bands, an Elvis Presley cover, and some new songs. The trio are embarking on a West Coast tour.  This is a song originally released by Tones on Tail from their only full-length album Pop which was released in 1984.

"Heaven" by Black Needle Noise  (with Jennie Vee)

For the second day in a row, we have a song from Black Needle Noise. This one is from their album Lost in Reflections and features vocalist, bassist, guitarist, songwriter Jennie Vee whose credits include Eagles of Death Metal and Courtney Love. Check out the cool video for this track in video playlist embedded below. 

"Who's Sorry Now" by Ajay Mathur

Next, we have another wonderful track from Little Boat - the latest album by Swiss singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur who fuses Eastern and Western influences to create his his unique brand of  music. 

"My Wrists Hurt" by Rat Scabies

P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt) is the debut solo album by the legendary original drummer of the influential British punk band, The Damned.  The Damned were the first British punk band to release a single, release an album, and tour the U.S.  Since leaving the Damned, Scabies has stayed busying playing with a wide variety of artists.  He is also the central character in a book called Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail. The new album is due out a week from today. We have a sneak preview (a different song from the album) in the video playlist 

"Funny Feeling" by Benjamin Jason Douglas

We return closer to home - with East Nashville singer-songwriter Benjamin Jason Douglas and a track from his new album First World Blues. Douglas is one of the best songwriters around, and I am glad his music is out in the world. Check it out!  

"Fall" by Lobelia

Lobelia is an American-born, UK-based singer, songwriter.  She started her own songwriters night at The Tower of Song - one of the UK's best small venues. Her album is called Love or Something Like It. I have been featuring this album for a while now, and I am always happy when a track comes up. 

"Editors and Obits" by Bashful Hips

Next, we have the opening track from People, Nature, Death - the latest album by Chicago-based  (and former Nashville). Bashful Hips music is hard for me to pin down - alternative hip-hop, experimental, almost spoken word at time. His lyrics are poignant, at times out there, but always relatable. As I've said before, I have been a fan of his music for a few years now, and I think this is his best album to date.   

"Illuminair" by Middlemist Red

We close things out with a first listen from Budapest based - psych-rock band Middlemist Red from their album Ripple Soul. The album came out in 2016 - but I just got hold of it - ahead of their first ever UK Tour.  The band has been instrumental in building and supporting the psych scene in their home country. Described: If Echo and the Bunnymen and The The had a psych rock baby. 


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