Friday, May 18, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Solitaire Mix

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Well the E2TG 7th Anniversary Residency Line-up is set and June is rapidly approaching. 


Week 1:  Clark Paterson, The Big Dumb, Rayvon Pettis
Week 2: The End Men, Ted Drozdowski's Psychedelic Circus, Ben de la Cour
Week 3:  Brian Milligram, Microwave Mountain, The Coal Men
Week 4: Joanna Barbera, Bee Taylor, Eli Cook

Meanwhile, it is Friday, and we have a kind of short but sweet Featured Friday Shuffle. I'm short on time so let's get to it!

"I Can Dream" by Jon Byrd

Nashville treasure - Jon Byrd - is up first with another track from his latest album Dirty Ol' River.  I am not sure what to call the music coming out of Music Row these days... and although, I have some idea (and kind of dig a lot of the music) - I am still not entirely sure how to define or explain Americana to someone who isn't familiar with the term.  But, Jon Byrd plays COUNTRY MUSIC. Byrd and his band Byrd's Auto Parts do not rock, ever, but they don't venture dangerously close on occasion (like when they do a trucking song  (about once a set). 

"Playing Cards With Myself" by The Nouveaux Honkies

The Nouveaux Honkies originated in Florida, but they now make their home in Knoxville, Tennessee. Described as Mother lovin' Country Folkin' Blues - the band plays a fun mix of roots music as evidenced on their latest album Loud in Here. Influenced almost equally by the Clarksdale, MS blues and classic Nashville country - The Nouveaux Honkies have a unique sound all their own. 

"I'll Never Be Alone" by Don Gallardo

I have been saying for some time now, that Don Gallardo is one of favorite Nashville songwriters. His latest album Still Here solidifies my opinion.  This is the first of two tracks from that album in our shuffle today.  As I mentioned yesterday, this album is all about collaboration, and this song was co-written by Gallardo and the incredible Robby Hecht. 

"I Don't Care" by Henry Metal

Our sole departure from roots music (and Tennessee). We have a track from the album Metal O'Clock by heavy metal artist Henry Metal. On this track, he wants you to know that he just doesn't "fucking care".  E2TG is always about variety so it's nice to have a jarring transition to keep me on my toes on a sleepy drive to work. 

"A Boat Named Harmony" by Don Gallardo (feat. Erin Rae)

We close things out with another Gallardo/Hecht co-write this time featuring red hot Nashville singer-songwriter Erin Rae. A beautiful tune to ease me into my work day and into the weekend. 


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