Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Blood on my Sleeve Mix

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Well, I have to say yesterday was much better than last Monday.  A week ago, I had spent 7.5 at the dentist office. Yesterday, I took in an afternoon baseball game, recorded a future Double Shot show, found out my proof copies of my first novel The Drift will arrive today, and I got my ticket in the mail for next week's Kris Kristofferson show at The Basement East.

Let's dive into the New Music playlist for what we like to call Trending Tuesday.  As usual, we have a crazy eclectic mix of music.  These are all relatively new releases or in a couple of cases recent to E2TG that we wanted to feature. 

"Such Such are the Joys" by Shriekback

We start off with a another track from the forthcoming new album by UK band Shriekback which is due out May 25.  The album is called Why Anything? Why This?  We already featured the first release "And the Rain", and since we don't yet have  videos for other other songs on the new album, I've added the video of their best known song, "Nemesis" in the video playlist - embedded below! By the way, this album sounds amazing. It is really cool to see the bands of youth making great new music. 

"I Wonder" by The Mouse Outfit (feat. IAMDDB + Fox)

Next, we have our second listen - and the first single from Jagged Tooth Crook by UK Hip Hop band The Mouse Collective. This track features fellow Manchester Artists IAMDDB - a singer and producer and MC Fox.  The video for this song has over 900,000 views since it was released in September 2017. The album just came out last Friday. 

"Rat's Opus" by Rat Scabies

Keeping in the U.K. and the in the rodent family, but shifting gears - we have our first listen to P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt) - the new solo album from the legendary drummer of The Damned - Rat Scabies.  The album is due out May 18.  I couldn't find a video for this song, so the video playlist features a live performance of The Damned that includes Mr. Scabies lighting his cymbals on fire.   
I do need to send out a shout-out to Shaun McLarnon of Shameless PR and Promotion for giving me the chance to feature this awesome new music from some of  some of the musicians who dominated my early days of being a music fan. (From today's shuffle Shriekback and Rat Scabies and from earlier posts Pylon Reenactment Society and much more) - plus she also sends me some great new (and new to me) artists.   

"Little Black Dress" by Angie Aparo

Next, we have the first of two tracks from Angie Aparo's stunning recent album Life is a Flower, Life is a Gun.  Aparo combines amazing songs with wild experimentation and somehow makes it work perfectly.  This track features a computer generated voice along with Aparo's own vocals. The song is about heartbreak - to put it way to simply. 

"We Are Fucked" (XSRY Remix) by Flesh Eating Foundation

Moving on, we have another cool remix of the title track of the new release from UK cyberpunks - Flesh Eating Fantasy.  One thing I don't know if I've mentioned in writing about this discordant and challenging music - which I dig greatly - is that the band's frontman John E. Smoke is virtually blind and deaf.  

"Jesus Would Have Loved El Paso" by Tim Henderson

The shuffle takes a take turn with our next track - a beautiful song from the Tim Henderson six disc Legacy Collection.  Henderson is the late Texas-based songwriter - originally from West Virginia - whose songs capture the attention of Townes Van Zandt, Richard Dobson, Butch Hancock, Tom Paxton and more.  There are a couple of versions of this song in the collection, and I think I picked the wrong one for the video playlist - but it's a great song, and if I hadn't told you that you wouldn't have known it. 
Thank's to Adam Dawson for Broken Jukebox Media for always turning me on to great songwriters. 

"Honey for my Soul" by Christine Rosander

Another beautiful song from Been a Long Time by California singer-songwriter Christine Rosander. This is moving song that she says was inspired by her mother. 
While I'm thanking people who send me great music, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Jill Kettles who turned me on to Christine Rosander and to Angie Aparo. 

"Sylvia Plath" by Angie Aparo

Speaking of Aparo, we have our second listen to Life is a Flower, Life is a Gun.  This one is named after the poet Sylvia Plath. 

"Regret" by Trent Agecoutay

I am grateful for the awesome publicists and others who regular send music my way.  The fact is I receive way too much music for me to even get to listen to all of it. So, it is nice to have a handful of reliable sources to focus on.  Nonetheless, I still love to dig deeper into my inbox when I can and when I do, I am always pleasantly surprised when I "discover" wonderful music that way and get the chance to shine whatever light I have on music that my readers may not hear otherwise. Such is the case with Canadian/First Nations singer-songwriter Trent Agecoutay and his most recent album Now.. and Then.  


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  1. Thank you #E2TG for including me and "Honey For My Soul" in Treading Tuesdays! And yes thanks to #jillkettles for the introduction.