Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Bring Me Down Mix

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At long last, I am ready to start revealing the line-up for the E2TG 7th Anniversary Celebration.  Like last year, we are hosting a residency.  This year, it is every Thursday in June!  There are four weeks in June and four more days in this week, so the plan is to reveal the line-up for a different week each day. I thought we would be linear and start with Week1 - June 7, 2018!

Rayvon Pettis is the reigning E2TG Artist of the Year, he is great guy, and an incredible songwriter. I am so stoked to have him as part of my residency.  Yesterday, when I was on my way to my epic dental appointment, I listened to the title track of his awesome album, Dying Light, and it straight up gave me goosebumps.

Rayvon will be backed The Big Dumb. The Big Dumb features Javi Jones, Anna Harris, Griffin, Stephen Nicholas Roberts, and Daniel Dolive.  Besides being great musicians and a super tight backing band, The Big Dumb features several great songwriters and they are one of my favorite bands.  They stay pretty busy backing other people and doing other cool things, but when they play their own set, they totally rock. So, I am thrilled to have The Big Dumb doing a set of their own.

When I first heard about Clark Paterson, all I knew was that he was really tall (keep in mind I'm not really all that tall, so most people are tall to me) and he had a big beard. On his album The Final Tradition, he cuts a pretty intimidating figure. When I finally met him, he turned out to be a really nice guy. As for the album, it is among my favorites. I am excited to have him and his band opening the night. 

The line-up is stacked and full, so we will try to start close to on-time - so make plans to arrive.  Thursday June 7, 2018 6:00pm, at The 5 Spot. 

On to our shuffle!  We start with a #TwoferTuesday which we do every time it Tuesday and our random shuffle brings up two songs in a row by the same artist.

"Don't Cry" + "Forgive and Forget" by Andrea Stray

Our twofer Tuesday starts off the shuffle. Two songs in a row from singer-songwriter from her album Into Blue. Stray divides time between San Francisco and Nashville. 

"Tender Buttons" by Bill Eberle

Bill Eberle was a Artist of the Week on Lightning 100 a week or so ago. He has been a favorite of mine since I first saw him. I believe his forthcoming album, Soft Light - is going to be one on the top of a bunch of best of lists when this year winds down. It is definitely among the best of a huge group of great albums I have heard this year. 

"Whisper of an Angel" by Bob Rea

Next up, we have another track from Southbound by singer-songwriter  Bob Rea will be celebrating the release of the album is a show at Douglas Corner scheduled for May 31.

"Yawning at the Seance" by Ezra Bell

Next, we have our second listen to the forthcoming (May 26) sefl-titled album by Portland band Ezra Bell. Led by Benjamin Wuamett, this band has a great sound, that I am really enjoying getting to know.   

"Just Tell Me What to Do" by Umbrella Bed

I can't really explain why, but ever since the 1980s (and bands like The Specials), I have been a fan of two-tone/ska.  Umbrella Bed - an 8-piece band from Minneapolis are one of the best contemporary examples of this style - freshly updated for the 21st Century. Their latest album - Rotate is wonderful.  The band formed - by the way - in 1995 - so they are veterans now. 

"Bring Me Down" by The Mouse Outfit (feat. Ellis Meade)

And we close things out with a first listen to Manchester U.K. based hip-hop production team/band The Mouse Outfit. Their new album Jagged Tooth Crook is due out this coming Friday (May 4).  This track features rapper Ellis Meade (also from Manchester) who is currently touring with The Mouse Outfit.  This one is fresh from my inbox, and I look forward to hearing more of it. 


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