Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Nylon Kisses Mix

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E2TG 7th Anniversary Residency is coming in June to The 5 Spot!

Week 1:  Clark Paterson, The Big Dumb, Rayvon Pettis
Week 2: The End Men, Ted Drozdowski's Psychedelic Circus, Ben de la Cour
Week 3:  Brian Milligram, Microwave Mountain, The Coal Men
Week 4: Joanna Barbera, Bee Taylor, Eli Cook

Last night, I caught the Bruce Springsteen tribute at The Basement East. A suburb band performed Born in the USA and a ton of other songs.  Singers included Charles Esten (Nashville, Whose Line is It Anyway?), Smooth Hound Smith, J. Marco, Andrew Leheay, Bill Eberle, and many more).  Jon Latham closed the show and as per usual brought down the house.  Fun show!

Tonight is night three of the Darrin Bradbury, Jon Latham, and Nick Nace residency at The 5 Spot.  The first two weeks were awesome, and I expect nothing less than awesome tonight.  It's an early show so you have plenty of time to catch other shows after or get home if you need to call it a night early.

It is Wednesday - and that is the day when we shuffle through all the songs on my phone memory. Anything can happen and usually does... let's go!

"Pass Me the Ashtray" by The Mouse Outfit (feat. IAMDDB)

We start things off with some hip hop from Manchester UK. I have been digging Jagged Tooth Crook by The Mouse Outfit.  This is (I believe) the third collaboration from that album with urban jazz artist IAMDDB - who is also from Manchester. 

"Sailed Away" by Andrew Reed

Next, we go back to singer-songwriter Andrew Reed and his latest album, If All the World Were Right. This is the opening track from the album.  I do not know much about Andrew Reed. He is from Asheville, North Carolina, and according to his Facebook page he is now based in Nashville. 

"Close the Door Lightly When You Go" by Eric Andersen

Next we have another fantastic song by the masterful Eric Andersen from The Essential Eric Andersen. This song was from his 1966 album 'Bout Changes 'n' Things.  Richard Barone covered this song with Allison Moorer in 2015 and then later included on his Sorrows and Promises album which celebrate the songwriters of Greenwich Village. 

"Of Nylon" by Claudio Conti

Next, we have Italian singer-songwriter Claudio Conti with another song from his Garnet Dusk album. Conti's music brings to mind Nick Drake, Tim Hardin, Gene Clark, and Tim Buckley among others. I am really digging this album. 

"Summer Kisses, Winter Tears" by Julee Cruise

At the point this song started, I kind of forget it was Wednesday and thought I was shuffling the "new music" playlist. But, this song by the singer - best known for her work with Twin Peaks - goes back to the 1991 soundtrack to Wim Wenders visionary film Until the End of the World. The song was written by Jack Lloyd, Ben Weisman, and Fred Wise and previously released by Elvis Presley in 1965. 

"Deeper Underground" by Tipi Valley

From the E2TG archives... Long time E2TG favorite Tipi Valley is a one-man band who records out of his home in Swansea - a coastal city in Wales. This is a track from his 2015 release Dust. Tipi Valley does not post videos to You Tube - so I have an embed of this song. See below:

"Mind Your Own Business" by Willie Nelson

Next we have Willie Nelson along with his sons Lukas and Micah from the 2017 compilation of songs recorded during the sessions of his album Heroes. The album is called Willie's Stash Vol. 2: Willie and the Boys. This is a cover of a 1949 Hank Williams song. 

"You're My Blessing" by Miracle Legion

Next we have a the opening track from Connecticut band Miracle Legion's album Portrait of a Damaged Family which was the final studio album by the band whose principal songwriter is Mark Mulcahy. The album was released in 1997 and reissued on vinyl in 2016.  The band reformed in that year for some live dates and released a live album in 2017.

"Do the Rump!" by AJ Ghent

Next we have a track from The Neo Blues Project - the latest album from Atlanta based - soul, funk, indie-rock fusion artist who was once voted Band of the Year by the Atlanta Braves. 

"Love Me" by Poptone

And we close things out with Poptone from their self-titled debut album. As I mentioned before Poptune reunites Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, and Tones on Tail). For Poptone they team with Haskin's daughter Diva Dompe to perform songs by all three of their previous bands and other material. This is a song that originally recorded by Love and Rockets and included on their 1986 second album Express. 


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