Wednesday, June 13, 2018

E2TG 7th Anniversary Residency Preview Shuffle - Month of Thursdays Mix Pt.2

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The Ear to the Ground Residency at The 5 Spot continues tomorrow night and every Thursday in June. 

This week:

Come on out!  I am so excited about this line-up.  Ben de la Cour is an amazing songwriter.  The End Men are flat out one of my all-time favorite bands and I am so excited to have them in Nashville for the night!  Ted Drozdowski has a 40 year career as a journalist.  He is currently a senior editor at Premier Guitar magazine. A brilliant man and gifted musician - he knows the blues better than anyone I know.  He brings a unique vision to his version of psychedelic blues music - with a brand new power trio - he calls Ted Drozdowski's Psychedelic Circus.

I have created a special playlist - to highlight some of the great music still to come this month.  Here is a taste.

"Face Down Penny" by Ben de la Cour

Week 2 June 14:  Here is one of my favorite songs (out of several) on Ben's latest album, The High Cost of Living Strange.  Ben will be heading to Canada right after his show at The 5 Spot Thursday, so come give him a great send off!

"It's All Wrong" by The End Men

Week 2 June 14: From their album Play With Your Toys - which I reviewed here at E2TG.... in 2012, The End Men were voted Most Rocking at the late, lamented Couch by Couchwest on-line music festival. In 2013, they decided to try to top themselves by hauling their gear up to the roof a building in Brooklyn and inviting friends and fans for a show. Here is a video from that performance.

"Take That" by Joanna Barbera

Week 4 June 28:  Joanna Barbera is an amazing songwriter and singer. This is a track from her EP Imago I was lucky enough to be at her CD release show, and I am thrilled to have her help close out the month in just over two weeks!

"Royal and Me" by Bee Taylor

Week 4 June 28: I have been a fan of Bee Taylor since the first time I saw her perform. She is most definitely a performer and a gifted singer and musician. I am ecstatic that she agreed to play for us on June 28!  This song is from her self-titled album. 

"Lived to Tell" by Ted Drozdowski's Scissormen

Week 2 June 14:  Closing things out tomorrow night will be the one and only Ted Drozdowski. and his brand new Psychedelic Circus.  They are hard at work on a new album.  This is a track from Ted's last album with his Scissormen.  I am very serious when I say you DO NOT WANT TO MISS A MINUTE of tomorrow night's show!


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