Wednesday, June 20, 2018

E2TG 7th Anniversary Residency Preview Shuffle - Month of Thursdays Mix Pt.3

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Okay - I have been keeping quiet over here recently about things going on in the world and our nation. AND, I NEVER wanted or intended E2TG to be a place for me to express my "political" opinions.  HOWEVER, I feel the need to speak up on somethings. To me, this is not political.  As I have said many times, it is fine to disagree about policies and philosophies around solving real or imagined "issues".  Despite my beliefs placing me firmly on the left of many political issues, I do believe our system works best when people of all political stripes can work together to arrive best solutions. (Unfortunately, that idea seems quaint and idealistic in today's climate).  Strong, principled conservatives and liberal/progressives are important to us as a society.

All that being said, there are things being done which I feel transcend political ideologies and partisan differences. It is possible to have any number of opinions about immigration and border security AND have compassion for the fate of families and children.  It is possible to lean to the right on social and economic issues and speak out against vile and inhumane words and actions from those who (theoretically) share your political beliefs.

I am prompted to write today - when I would much rather be talking about music and events - by last nights actions by the former Trump campaign manager (I am not going to even mention his name).  On television, while a story was being shared about a child with Down's Syndrome, this vile creatur said, "Wah-Wah" (reported as "Womp-womp" but whatever).  Keep in mind, he was campaign manager for someone who openly mocked a disabled reporter. Someone whose Attorney General opposed the principles of IDEA - a federal law that provides for children with all sorts of disabilities to have the best education possible in the least restrictive environment.  Prior to this law, many of these children were either denied education or "warehoused" in substandard, hidden rooms.  This same person's Sec. of Education nominee could not answer basic questions about IDEA in her confirmation hearing (and was still confirmed) and has rescinded 72 guidance documents related to children with disabilities.

I am the parent of a child with disabilities, and while that makes these issues more on the forefront for me - it is not the reason the actions above are repulsive to me - that is because I a person with compassion (or at least I try to be).  Because of my daughters disabilities, I have had the pleasure to meet many children with disabilities and their families. They are, in many cases, the most refreshingly honest and warm and kind people I have ever met. Children with Down's Syndrome, children with many different conditions and diagnoses, often possess a spirit and vitality that should be a lesson to all of us. Despite the hardships, the stares, the subtle or not subtle cruelty, they often possess unconditional love. Anyone - who mocks and otherwise harms  - these children should be called out and defended by everyone with a heart. Unfortunately, even these cruelties are framed as a left vs. right debate.  They are not. They are simply put a wrong vs. right debit.

TOMORROW NIGHT!  The E2TG 7th Anniversary Residency continues.

We have a great line-up:  Brian Milligram, Darrin Bradbury, and The Coal Men will present some of Nashville's best music.  It is an early show at The 5 Spot, so you will have time to get to some of the later events of the night or to get home before dark.

One week from tomorrow, we close out the month of shows with our finale - featuring Eli Cook, Bee Taylor, and Joanna Barbera. 

I would also like to remind you that my new novel, The Drift is available via  I will have a couple of copies of the novel for sale (more are ordered but will not arrive in time for tomorrow.  I will have a sign-up sheet if you would like to be notified when books are available for sale.   I can also have books shipped directly to you for a small shipping fee. 

Every Wednesday in June, we have been shuffling up songs from a special playlist featuring artists still to come at the E2TG Show. Let's jump!
"The Load" by Bee Taylor

Week 4 - June 28:  I am so excited to have Bee Taylor join us on the stage at The 5 Spot. I keep using the word, but she IS a dynamic performer, a talented singer, and a fine musician.  This is a track from her self-titled album. I found a unique live performance of this song. 
"No Surprise" by Joanna Barbera

Week 4 - June 28:  Show up early on June 28 to catch Joanna Barbera opening the show. She is a beautiful spirit and an incredible artist. This is from her release called Imago which we featured on E2TG. 

"True Love" + "Joey" + "Elmwood Park" + "The Almost Great Lakes" by Darrin Bradbury

Week 3 - June 21:  As I announced yesterday, Darrin Bradbury was a late addition to our show this Thursday when Microwave Mountain had to pull out of the show.  While I hated that Microwave Mountain had to cancel,  I am excited to have Darrin be a part of our night.  The shuffle decided to bring up four straight songs from Darrin's Elmwood Park album.   I managed to find some interesting live performances of  these songs. 

"Paul Newman and a Ride Home" + "Better Man" by Brian Milligram

Week 3 - June 21:  Get there early tomorrow night to catch the 5 Spot debut of singer-songwriter Brian Milligram. I first encountered Brian on-line  - he is a long-time friend of Darrin Bradbury from New York state. The first video I saw of Brian performing was him doing a cover of Darrin's song "True Love". When I finally saw him live - doing his own songs, I was struck by his passion and intensity. I hope you can make it out tomorrow night. 


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