Friday, June 15, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Head Upon My Pillow Mix

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Thanks to everyone who came out last night to the E2TG Residency at The 5 Spot.  And a BIG thanks to Ben de la Cour, The End Men, and Ted Drozdowski's Psychedelic Circus - you all killed it!

Next show is Thursday June 21:

E2TG prides itself on being musically diverse and inclusive, and I think next week's E2TG Residency show will showcase that very well.

Brian Milligram is going to open the show with a solo set. Brian is a tremendous songwriter and great person. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and he doesn't pull punches.

The Coal Men have been part of the Nashville music community for several years, and to me they are at the top of their game. Their most recent album Pushed to the Side is a favorite of mine.  Dave Coleman is a respected producer and sideman - in addition to leading this fine band. I most recently saw him backing up Mark Huff.

A year or so ago, everyone started telling me I needed to see and hear Microwave Mountain. I kept missing opportunities to see them, but finally the stars aligned, and I saw them open for Buck n Stuff during their 2017 Residency at The American Legion, and I was suitably blown away. Their latest release Sick Licks is out now. Don't miss this opportunity to see them before the sun goes down.

Why don't you do ahead and clear your schedule and make your plans now to get to The 5 Spot by six o'clock. With this jammed packed line-up, we will get started right away, and you do not want to miss a moment.

It is finally Friday, and we have a Featured Friday playlist to take us all into the weekend.  Enjoy!

"Simply Simon" by Ten Penny Gypsy

First up, we have another track from the self-titled album by Arkansas duo Ten Penny Gypsy. The album was recently nominated for "Album of the Year" by the Arkansas Country Music Association. The album was recorded and produced at the studio of Anthony Crawford - of Sugarcane Jane and by extension Willie Sugarcapps. 

"Saying Goodbye" by Lobelia

UK singer-songwriter Lobelia returns to the shuffle with a track from her gorgeous album Love or Something Like It. We have been featuring this album for some time, and every time a song comes up - it is like a breath of fresh air. 

"Travis" by The Coal Men

Just in time for next week's E2TG Show - we have our final track to feature from Pushed to the Side.  This is a powerful, poignant song about loss and the lost. 

"It's Calling For You" by Cup

Next up, we have hard rocking Brooklyn band, Cup, with a track from their latest release Jitter Visions. This band has jumped into my consciousness and quickly become a favorite. I could not find a video for this track, but you can hear it below:

"Projections" by A Shoreline Dream

Next up, we have a first listen to Waitout the new EP from Colorado gaze-rockers A Shoreline Dream.  The band are from the Barnum neighborhood of Denver.  Moody and introspective - a nice interlude for today's shuffle. Look forward to hearing more. 

"For the Good Times" by Buck N Stuff

I mentioned Buck n Stuff's 2017 Residency at The American Legion when talking about Microwave Mountain.  It was during that residency that the live album - Saviors of Country Music: Live at the American Legion Post 82 was recorded. From that albu, we have Buck n Stuff. This song was written by Kris Kristofferson and most famously recorded by Ray Price. I believe - unless wikipedia is failing me - that his song falls into the "stuff" side of "Buck n Stuff" (I can't find that Buck Owens ever recorded this - but (I could be wrong).  The front guy from Buck n Stuff is on the road with American Aquarium where he usually is sitting down - unlike when he is Buck n Stuff. "Drummer guy" and "What's his name" are currently on the road with Nicki  Bluhm.  

"Plains of Nebrasky-O" by Eric Andersen (feat. Phil Ochs)

Next up, we have a wonderful song from The Essential Eric Andersen box set. This song appeared on Andersen's debut album Today is the Highway.  This version was recorded by folk legend Phil Ochs accompanied by Eric Andersen as part of some demos recorded for Broadside magazine which was released in recently years by Smithsonian Folkways. 

"Time for Deliverance" by Ajay Mathur

We close with a sharp sounding track from Little Boat by international singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur. With some great sound horns - this is just a flat out great song.  Mathur was born in India but lives in Switzerland. He is high atop my list of favorite "new to me" artists of 2018.


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