Monday, June 25, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Let the Wheat In Mix

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JOIN US!  Thursday will be the GRAND FINALE of the E2TG Residency!  Let's make it a party!  We have wall-to-wall great music.  JUST ADDED!:  Shane Tutmarc is going to play a short set starting promptly at six p.m. (So make your plans to arrive early!).  Joanna Barbera will be up next, followed by the incredible Eli Cook - coming in from Charlottesville, VA with his unique blend of blues and alternative rock.   Finally, Bee Taylor will be closing things down with a rocking set with her incredible band.

It all goes down at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  A low $5.00 Cover. Must be 21 or over and have a valid ID.

It is time to start another week!  The last week of June. Monday means we shuffle up a playlist that features a wonderful cross-section of Nashville artists from yesterday and today. Let's shuffle!

"Let Me in Your Life Again" by Bill Lloyd

I have been a Bill Lloyd fan for over 30 years. From his days leading The December Boys, to his classic Feeling the Elephant album, to his time in the country duo Foster and Lloyd (with Radney Foster) and right up to his time leading The Long Players (who have been covering whole albums with all-star guests - including folks who played on the original - since before it was a cool to do so).  This is a track from Lloyd's latest solo album - It's Happening Now - which is a gentle reminder that nobody does pop/power-pop songwriting like Bill Lloyd. 

"Talk to God" by Tim Carroll

In order to fully appreciate the genius of Tim Carroll, you have to go to his recurring Rock and Roll Happy Hour (or one of his other recurring gigs) several times over the course of weeks and months and years.  If you do so, you will see - not only that he is an incredible guitar player (playing without pedals or other effects), a gifted songwriter, and the consummate bandleader - but also you will recognize how prolific a writer he is and how well he works with his tight band (which can change from week to week). I, once again, experienced this magical (and free) uniquely East Nashville event with Carroll's current most regular band (Cameron Carrus and Justin Amaral). This is a favorite song of mine.

"Jesus Rides a U.F.O." by The Enemy

If you were around Nashville in the 1980s and listened to WRVU, you know this song. If not, you probably don't, but you should. While other bands were (often brilliantly) incorporating country ascetics into their punk and post punk music, The Enemy were keeping things simple. Featuring future Nashville rock legends like Lee A. Carr and Joe Blanton.  The Enemy were called by some a "thrash" band. Reverend Keith A. Gordon disputed that designation. He also reported something I never knew, that this song was written by a homeless poet named Gregory Mauberret.  

"Hoboin'" by Steve Young

Nashville is and was and has been a mecca for songwriters of all stripes - some, like Bob Dylan and Eric Andersen, who came here to record- and some, like Steve Young, who made Nashville their home. Best known for writing Seven Bridges Road (famously covered by The Eagles), Young worked and toured extensively with Van Dyke Parks. This is his take on a traditional song. 

"The Cost of Living" by Sarah Potenza

Some readers may remember Sarah Potenza from her stint on The Voice. Some readers may not even know what The Voice is. Regardless which you are, you would be wise to become familiar with Sarah's music. Boasting a power voice and personality for days, she is a dynamite on stage and a sweetheart in person. This is a track from her 2016 album Monster.  Fun Fact: Sarah Potenza played the first ever (unofficial) E2TG Presents show back in 2014 at The Building.  Darrin Bradbury, Jon Latham, and The Western Short were also on the bill. 

"Gloryland" by Kevin Gordon

Kevin Gordon is set to release his latest album Tilt and Shine very soon. He is a poet laureate of East Nashville. This is the title track from his now classic Gloryland album. He is just about the best Nashville has to offer and Nashville has a lot of greatness to offer. 

"Slaughterhouse" by Davis Raines

Davis Raines is a native of Alabama and he is one of the best, perhaps most underrated songwriters in Nashville. This is track from his phenomenal 2007 album Going to Montgomery. 
"Love Don't Live Around Here" by Derek Hoke

Next up, we have a track from Bring the Flood - the latest album from East Nashville's own Derek Hoke. Like Tim Carroll, you can catch Derek Hoke holding things down almost every week at The 5 Spot  as he hosts $2 Tuesday. Consistently booking incredible local and touring artists, featuring the amazing Tim Hibbs spinning tunes, always a highlight for me is Hokes own tight set. 

"Every Heartbroken Man" by Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons

Now touring with his current band Hotel Ten Eyes - Joe Fletcher is a long-time East Nashville staple. This track goes back to his 2010 album White Lighter. Fletcher is a veteran of the Newport Folk Festival and has toured with an array of artists including The Devil Makes Three, Deer Tick, and Band of Heathens. 


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