Thursday, June 28, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Floating the River Mix

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Guess what!  Today will be the last day I bug you about the E2TG 7th Anniversary Residency. That is because tonight is the finale!

I saw "bug you", and sometimes promoting events like this can feel like overkill. But with social media algorithms being what they are - it is almost a necessity to repeatedly post in every imaginable way. I know that personally, I will sometimes see a post about a show the day after the show occurs, and there have been times that I thought I was over-posting about an event - only to mention the event in person to someone who I know is on social media and who reacts to my generic posts regularly, only to have them say, "I didn't know you were having that event". 

So... TONIGHT! Get yourselves down to The 5 Spot. Our really big shew will begin promptly at six and end promptly at 8:30.  Shane Tutmarc, Joanna Barbera, Eli Cook, and Bee Taylor will be your entertainment for the night. I will provide light MC tasks. Hopefully, I will read a short section from my novel, The Drift, and I will have a few copies for sale.

As always there are a myriad of live music choices in Nashville, but we do hope you will make E2TG, The 5 Spot, and our great line-up a part of your evening.  Fun fact: Most late shows don't start until at least 9:00pm (even if they say 8:00pm), so come to our show, and we will have you on your way long before the downbeat of the next show.  (Or just stay at The 5 Spot for their always stellar late show.)

Now, let us jump right into the Trending Thursday shuffle.  As always, these are the songs/tracks that I listened to on my way to work this morning:

"Resurrection Mary" by Beth Mckee

We start off strong with a first listen to Dreamwood Acres by Florida based singer-songwriter Beth McKee.  Coming with a recommendation from E2TG favorites Tim and Susan Lee, truth be told this is a great album that I like to thing would have found it's place here even without that recommendation.  Beth McKee is a native a Mississippi with roots in the blues and an impressive background that covers a lot of ground. She was a one-time member of the 90s country band Evangeline which was signed to Jimmy Buffet's label. She recorded with Bobby Charles and others. Dreamwood Acres was produced by John Pfiffner (a protege of Mitch Easter) and features notable players from Easter's jangle-pop inner circle. At the heart of the album, though, is McKee's songs and voice. I look forward to writing more about this album and about Beth McKee.

"Down to the Bone" by Amilia K. Spicer

Next up, we have the penultimate track from California singer-songwriter Amilia K. Spicers latest, Wow and Flutter - one of my favorite albums of recent years. 

"Go" by Poptone

Next up, we have another track from the self-titled first album by Poptone. The majority of the album consists of cover versions of songs by the predecessor bands of the primary Poptone members Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins. (Tones on Tail, Bauhaus, and Love and Rockets). This is a cover of a single released by Tones on Tail in 1984.

"Floating, 5/4" by Ugggy

E2TG favorite seems to have taken down his music from Bandcamp.  Lately he has been posting collages on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. From March 2017 until February 2018, Ugggy released new music on the first of every month.  This is a track from the synesthesia tape. 

"The Glass River" by Paul Maged

Next, we have the title track from the latest album by Paul Maged - a NYC based alt-rock singer-songwriter. I have been digging this album. 

"Shinin' Path" by George Trouble

On Tuesday, we posted our fist listen to Asheville, NC band The Zealots' new album Jawbone.  Today, we have the first listen to PLOW - the new album by The Zealots own George Terry McDonald (recording as George Trouble).  I mentioned the other day that McDonald played the first ever E2TG Presents show, and he was kind enought to stop by my Week 2 Residency show a couple of weeks back - and dropped off the two new albums.  (He had been in town recording some music at Cafe Rooster Studio). 

"Look Backwards, Lean Forward"   "This is a Shelter" by Cellarscape

And we close with a couple of tracks in a row from Cellarscape and Filmscapes vol. 2. These are both tracks from earlier Cellarscape albums.  The first track is from the 2014 album The Act of Leting Go.  The second is from 2011's A Theta/Delta Union.  Paul Terry has made six Cellarscape records and has scored several feature films. 


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