Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Foghorn Mushroom Mix

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Just two days away!

Here is a little taste of the wacky awesomeness that you can expect this Thursday!  

Seven years in, and E2TG is still about keeping an ear out for what is out there.... today's "Trending Tuesday" shuffle has FIVE (5) first listens.  Let's jump right in!

"Endless Nights" by Good Field

We start things off with a first listen to the album Surface Tension by Austin band Good Field.  The album was released in February, but just made it's way to our ears more recently.  I really dig this track, and I am looking forward to hearing the rest of this album.  The album was produced by the band along with Jim Eno of Spoon and James Petralli of White Denim.  

"Uncool in Nice" by Rotten Hill Gang

Next up, another first listen. This is our first listen to Teach Peace from London hip hop collective Rotten Hill Gang.  The album is an ambitious socially conscious sign of the times. The sound combines hip hop and rock in an interesting way.  The band's expansive membership includes a couple of past members of Mick Jones Big Audio Dynamite (Rotten Hill Gang have recently played some shows with the reunited B.A.D. and shared the stage with Jones.  Also in the line-up is Hollie Cook who is the daughter of Sex Pistols Paul Cook - and a talented writer and performer in her own right. I'm excited to have this album and look forward to more listens and more words. 

"The One You Sleep Around With" by Buck n Stuff

Next, we have some Buck n Stuff.  E2TG was there when the recorded their live album Saviors of Country Music: Live at the American Legion Post Post 82.  And we were there when the album was released.  This is the Buck n Stuffed version of the was written by Harlan Howard and Owen Charles. It was first recorded by Harlan Howard's wife Jan Howard.  And yes, it was later covered by Buck Owens. Buck n Stuff's members are currently touring with American Aquarium and Nicki Bluhm. 

"Mushroom" by rOZZ

Next up, we have a first listen to the album Crunching the C by Swedish singer-songwriter rOZZ. rOZZ has been dubbed a female Leonard Cohen.  Her music sounds fresh and modern, but it also hints a connections to the past. It is original and fun.  Look forward to hearing more!

"Let Me Sleep I'm So Tired" by Clay Harper

Clay Harper is an Atlanta based artist. His new album is called Bleak Beauty, and this is our first listen.  Harper is best known as the front man for the Atlanta band The Coolies and as the owner of Fellini's Pizza.  The album is stark and rich. It consists of tone poems. Guests on the album include Duane Trucks and Rick Richards - and other notable Atlanta-area musicians. A great addition to our "New Music" playlist. 

"Tornado" by Ben Bostick

Next, we have another listen to the forthcoming album Hellfire - by California "outlaw country" singer-songwriter Ben Bostick. The more I hear from this album, the more impressed I am. The album - Bostick's second was produced John Would - a songwriter and engineer whose credits include Fiona Apple and Warren Zevon. 

"Money" by The Mouse Outfit (feat. Berry Blacc, Dubbul, T Man)

More Manchester hip-hop from The Mouse Outfit - and their extended crew of other Manchester based hip-hop artists.  From the album Jagged Tooth Crook, which has become one of my favorites of the year. 

"Foghorn" by Eric Andersen

Next up, we have another track from The Essential Eric Andersen which chronicles the career of one of the most important songwriters of our time. This is a song from Andersen's 1998 album Memories of the Future.  An evocative song of the sea. 

"Television" by Paul Littlewood

And we close with another first listen from British artist Paul Littlewood - this is from a recent double-sided single (along with the song Today).  The song explores the effects on television on modern life.  I really enjoyed this song. A great way to end today's shuffle. 


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