Friday, July 6, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Rodeo Performer Mix

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“Do you want to do something?” Richard asks me as we walk out of the
cafeteria into the declining day.
“What do you have in mind?”
“Nothing, really. I just don’t want this moment to end.”
“Me either. But, moments always end. The important thing is to find
more moments. That’s one of the most important things I’ve learned.”

To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about what live music is like in other cities... just what I have heard. I know that Nashville is a great city for lovers of live music - of all variety.  I know that musicians don't generally make as much (or often very much) money here as they do in other cities. The number of live music events going on every single night is staggering, and there are always difficult/impossible choices to be made. As a music fan, you sometimes have to make really difficult decisions about what shows to see or if you need to make a much needed night off from going out.

All of that to say, I made my way to The 5 Spot last night for the release show of Justin and the Cosmics PERF record. The album was recorded at Ardent Studio in Memphis.  It was a wonderful night of weirdness and music and mayhem. So many memorable moments. From the emcee Square Bill "singing" Prince covers to Scott Collins guitars. Guests like Chris Crofton - in from Los Angeles and riffing on "New Nashville", Thayer Sarrano was captivating, Kim Collins did a intense a cappella song that ended with her being carried from the stage, The Smoking Flowers did an old song by Justin Collins, Robyn Hitchcock with a band that included Pat Sansone (Wilco, Autumn Leaves) (who produced PERF - by the way) did a short set that included some Velvet Underground, John Lennon, and a Soft Boys song written by Hitchcock, Ben Burr read some awesome poetry.  But the clear stars of the show were Justin Collins and his band The Cosmics who played a long set of songs from the album, classics from their back catalog, and some choice (and rare for them) covers - including "Police on my Back".  It was the most fun I've had since the last time I saw Justin and the Cosmics play.

Tonight, I am looking forward to Chuck Prophet at The Basement East.

Meanwhile, the humidity is now falling from the sky in copious amounts, and we have our "Featured Friday" shuffle. Let's go.

"Life Isn't So Bad (Things Could Be Worse)" by Cup

Brooklyn band Cup, have two albums in our "New Music" playlist.  This is from the earlier of the two - called Hiccup. Somewhat motivational words for a rainy Friday... 

"Come Runnin' Like a Friend" by Eric Andersen

Recently heard on Double Shot - we have another track from The Essential Eric Andersen. This song was originally included on his 1980 album Midnight Son. 

"The Glades" by The Nouveaux Honkies

The Nouveaux Honkies are now based in Knoxville, but they originated in Florida.  This lovely track from their album Loud in Here - evokes the Sunshine State. 

"Weighted" by Cordova

 Next we have our only first listen of the day. This is not the Nashville-based band Cordovas. Cordova is a hard rock band from New Mexico.  Runaway Summer is their most recent album - it is their second album. 

"Armilla" by Raven King

Rhode Island's Raven King are up next with this long, meditative song from their self-titled album. 

"Rodeo Star" by Speedbuggy USA

The shuffle has been in love with Speedbuggy USA of late - and I have no complaints about that. We have a featured video for this track in the shuffle below. 

"Performer" by Timothy Dark

We close out the day and the week with what I think is just our second listen to Dark Day Afternoon from New York - based rapper Timothy Dark.  Dark is a part of both the hip-hop and anti-folk scenes.  He was a unique voice. I really dig this track. A great way to close out the week!


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