Thursday, July 5, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - A Multitude of Nostrils Mix

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Well, we are back after a mid-week Fourth of July holiday. It has been insanely hot around here (and other places I know). If you have to be out: stay hydrated, find shade, and be careful.

With the holiday, we are back with another "Trending" shuffle - this for a Thursday.  We have a couple of first listens and some other goodies... let's shuffle!

"Wood, Screws and Nails" by Speedbuggy USA

Every so often on E2TG, a band that is so "up my alley" (so to speak) comes along, and I wonder why it took me so long to catch on to them.  Speedbuggy USA are a California based cowpunk band - in the best sense of that term. Their roots in punk and country both run deep.   They are touring in the UK. I  noticed the other day that they are playing a festival (Halfway to Seventy Five) in Oxford at the end of July that has a couple of other E2TG faves in the line-up: East Nashville's own Amelia White and UK band The Rosellys. 

"These Final Days" by Umbrella Bed
From cowpunk to ska, up next, we have Minneapolis two-tone ska/alternative band Umbrella Bed with another track from their latest - Rotate.  

"Crazy in Love" by Patrick Bergin

A first listen - Irish actor and musician Patrick Bergin is currently starring in the British series - EastEnders as Aidan Maguire.  He also starred in the 1991 film Sleeping with the Enemy along side Julia Roberts.  Earlier this year, he released this single and has released another couple of songs more recently.   

"Skipping Stones" by Bob Rea

Next, another fine selection from Southbound, the latest album from Nashville/Colorado singer-songwriter Bob Rea. One of my favorites of 2018 for sure. 

"Thinking Sweet Fusion" by Jübl (A.R. Kane)

Next up, we have a track from the debut album by the UK trio Jübl.  It is the debut under this name, but a couple of the members (Rudy Tambala and Alex Ayuli have been making musicunder the moniker A.R. Kane for 30 years.  In fact, this release is being done to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of A.R. Kane's seminal dreampop release '69'.  Tambala and Ayuli were also part of the collective MARRS (along with Colourbox) that released the 1987 hit "Pump up the Volume".

"Dance Like Your Mother's Watching You" by Discount Ravioli 

And then there were five... just five tracks from Baby Arm Sessions left to feature (out of 53 total).  Some sage advise from an album that was recorded two years ago yesterday.  

"Grooving in Paris" by Ajay Mathur

Next up, more from that outstanding album, Little Boat by Ajay Mathur.  I love the.. er... groove on this track.  On my list of favorite albums of 2018 so far (if I kept such a list outside of my head).

"Who What When Where Why" by Joyann Parker

And, we close out this shuffle with our second Minneapolis artist in the shuffle.  This from the album Hard to Love by soul/blues singer Joyann Parker. Asking all the important questions. 


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