Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - American Tail Mix

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Well, tomorrow is Independence Day in the U.S. tomorrow. So, no shuffle. Honestly, I'm not feeling very patriotic - not that I am ever really the patriotic type. Still, I supposed that we, as a nation, once fought a tyrant and won...

Anyway, it is Tuesday and time to dig back into our "New Music" playlist for the first time July.

Let's shuffle!

"The Great American Tail" by Nicholas Merz

As far as I know, this song doesn't have anything to do with Fievel - but it is an awesome mini-epic of a song. From the album The Limits of Men - the debut solo effort from Nicholas Merz of the Seattle band Darto. 

"Little Boat" by Ajay Mathur

Next up, we have the title track to the latest album by Indian-born Swiss singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur.  This album has been a favorite of mine of late, and this title track encapsulates much of what is appealing about the album.  Mathur draws upon widely diverse influences  to create something unique and appealing. 

"The Fall" by Beth McKee

Next, we have a second listen from Dreamwood Acres - the new album by renaissance artist Beth McKee. Among her many achievements, Beth McKee is a founding principal of Swamp Sistas - an ever-growing alliance of over 2,700 Southern women - whose membership includes Janice Ian, Dorothy Moore, Sarah Shook and more.  A great song to take us deeper into this new album. 

"Sick and Tired" by The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show

Next, we have one of the b-sides to the "A Snake's A Snake" single by country/Americana/punk outfit - The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show. Their bio - says - think CSNY meets The Band and has a fight with The Libertines. Really digging this band.  

"Crunching for Cosmology" by rOZZ

Sort of the title track from Crunching For the C. rOZZ is a Belgian singer-songer - who has been a professional astronomer - but who sees herself as more of a philosopher. She is also a forum moderator at Seti@Home (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).  All of these interesting facts - play into her unique and captivating lyrics.    

"Magic Planet" by Cup

Next up, we have another great track from Jitter Visions by Brooklyn's Cup.  Check out cool video in the playlist below. 

"Chew on You" by Rat Scabies

And we close out this pre-Fourth of July shuffle with another track from P.H.D. (Prison. Hospital. Debt) - the first ever solo album by Rat Scabies - a founding member of the legendary British punk band, The Damned.  This is a great sounding album, and I happy to have this in my playlist to feature. 


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