Thursday, February 7, 2019

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - White Riot Mix

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Happy International Clash Day!

My favorite radio station WXNA has several Clash-themed shows today.  Plus, tonight at Grimey's WXNA DJs will be spinning Clash and Clash-related tunes, and there will be a special performance by Nashville's favorite Clash tribute band - Tommy Gun - featuring Tommy Womack!

Meanwhile, Nashville legend Jason Ringenberg celebrates the release of his new album at The 5 Spot - kicking off a month-long residency.   Later, Amelia White - celebrates the release of her new album at Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge with Sally Jaye and guest Will Kimbrough.

The volume of great new music coming out already this still fairly new year has been staggering.  Just the music I have to feature is incredible. So, let's dive into the Trending Thursday Shuffle!

"On the Lino" by Buildings and Food

We start things off with the first of two tracks from the album Quick Beat Save by Toronto based art pop/electronic band Buildings and Food. Dig this band. I noticed that these two tracks we heard today are very different - a good thing. 

"Sleep Your Silent Sleep" by BlackieBlueBird

BlackieBlueBird is a Danish duo. Their album Ghost River came out last November.  A lush and lovely song about sleep may not be the best choice for my bleary-eyed morning drive, nonetheless, I have been very impressed with what I have heard from this album and this band. 

"High School Movie" by Rebecca Loebe

Next up, we have our first listen to Give Up Your Ghosts from Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Rebecca Loebe.   The album is due out tomorrow.  Check out the lyric video for "Tattoo" - another song on the album in the playlist below.  Looking forward to featuring more songs and writing more about this album soon. I noticed in my quick research that Loebe has a Nashville CD release show scheduled for March with Robby Hecht  and a personal favorite of mine - Wild Ponies.  

"As Far As I Can See" by Eric Brace Peter Cooper Thomm Jutz

Riverland is - I believe - the second recorded collaboration of this East Nashville supergroup. This is a great song, and I am almost certain this album will be around when I am talking about my favorites from 2019.

"Rewind the Dog" by Buildings and Food

Our second track of the day from Buildings and Food.  This one is noisier and more upbeat. A great addition to my shuffle this morning.

"Josh Gibson" by Coyote Motel; Ted Drozdowski

In addition to it being International Clash Day, it is also Black History Month all month long.  So, it is fitting that we have Coyote Motel's take on a song about the great Negro League player Josh Gibson.  Ted Drozdowki originally released this song with his Scissormen for a Baseball themed compilation.  This song and that album, contributed to the band opening for The Baseball Project at City Winery a few years back. 

"This Old Guitar" by Ted Russell Kamp

The shuffle follows Ted Drozdowski with another Ted (Russell Kamp) and another from his new album Walkin' Shoes.  Songs about guitars are a sub-genre unto themselves, and this is an excellent addition to the cannon. 

"Choices" by Anna Joy Harris

We close the shuffle with two very different songs from members of E2TG Band of the Year - The Big Dumb.  The first is Anna Joy Harris - taken from the She Gave Mea Rainbow live recording released by Cafe Rooster Records.  "Choices" was written by Billy Yates and Michael Curtis and famously covered by George Jones.  We have a video from Americana Fest - Cafe Rooster Party featuring most of the performers from the album - shot my Music City Maven - Crystal is a tireless chronicler of local and regional music. 

"Cholly's Rap" by Willie Dustice

And we close out, with Cholly's Rap by Willie Dustice (aka Stephen Nicholas Roberts) from his release How 2 not be Consumed with Existential Dread. This is the opening track from the album.  Roberts who is also known as Afrosapien is a multi-talented musician and artist.  This alternative hip-hop track is great stuff. 


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