Ear to the Ground Presents - Volume I (Free Download)

Here it is Volume I of Ear to the Ground Presents.  You can preview each of the songs below, download individual songs (right click on the song link) or you can grab the whole thing by using the Download All link below.


1.  Build it Up - The End Men (Brooklyn, New York)  
 The End Men have been described as White Stripes Meet Tom Waits.  Good enough? 

2. More Stuff - The Dead Exs (New York, New York)
Filthy, dirty blues based rock from the Big Apple. 

3.  American Man - Brother Howe (Holland, Michigan) 
Country and Punk or Country Punk - You decide. 

4.  A Beautiful Girl - Ubiquity Machine (Washington, DC)
 Enigmatic geniuses, all the music you love rolled into one big neat package

Smooth Texas Country Soul with a progressive streak

6.  The Modern Way - The Alternates (Los Angeles, California)
You'll swear you already know this song, I swear you will soon know this band

This is pure Rock & Roll with all the complexity and simplicity that term denotes

Intelligent, Catchy and Unique - Music for the Zombie Apocalypse

11. Cry With Me (Brand New Song) - You and Me (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Bluesy Folk or Folky Blues - Organic and Beautiful - Val and James are You and Me

12. Queen Bee - In Cages (Hillsdale, New Jersey)
Passionate and Powerful Alt-Rock Band - guitar, drums, cello - oh yeah!

13. Condition - The Gypsy West (Brooklyn, New York)
Progressive Groovy  and Psychedelic: talking about a revolution in three parts

The Bastard Child of Tom Waits and P.T. Barnum - Old Music made new - Step right up!

BIG THANKS: to all the bands for allowing my use of their music.  If you like what you hear go support this bands in whatever way possible.  Also to Popatunes for the technical assistance in additional to all the awesome bands he has turned me on to. Thanks also to my much better half who designed and produced the cards I gave away on Record Store Day.  I will scan a copy of the card soon.

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  1. This is truly a great compilation! Thanks! Love it!