Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle- Lipstick Tubes and S**t Mix

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I'm running short on time... It's Tuesday where we take a look at what's "trending" on E2TG.   By the way, my "New Music" playlist just topped 500 tracks. Which means I have a ton of new and newish music yet to be featured here....  it's a great problem to have - especially since I only add music I dig.

"Recipe" by Dylan Galvin

We begin with another great track from Remember to Play by singer-songwriter Dylan Galvin.  This one made me hungry.  Check out the great video in the playlist linked below.

"Beautiful Life" by Sounding Arrow

Next up, we have out first listen to Sounding Arrow - which is a new project of Scott Kinnebrew. The debut album Loving is Breathing came out last week. I'm digging this music which is self-described as "indie a.m. gold".  More to come. 

"The Loser" by AJ Hobbs

Next, another from Too Much is Never Enough by AJ Hobbs.  This song spoke to me in the sense of not letting anyone else define success for you.  or something like that. I really dig his music which is like 100000000000x more country than most of what is called country on country radio. 

"Circle" by Matthew Sweet

The only thing better than new music from Matthew Sweet is a double album of new music from Matthew Sweet.  I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to features tracks from his Tomorrow Forever album.  Double Shot has an upcoming theme about shapes... maybe this will show up there. 

"If You're Gonna Get Married (Ask Your Mom to Bring the Wine)" by Discount Ravioli

The first of three Discount Ravioli tracks from the 53 track Baby Arm Sessions release. This one a romantic tale of marriage and wine and moms.  Since there are no known videos of Discount Ravioli, I selected a video of a young Evan Nork playing keyboards with his friend Meghan while a very young Hayden Nork dances around on stage. "Awwwwwww!

"Jimmy the Race Car" by Discount Ravioli

A two-fer from the crazy kids from Connecticut. This one is about a horse who is called Jimmy the Race Car - except mid-song he decides to change his name to Pepe the Paper... something... it makes sense if you hear it... maybe.... For the video I picked The Foresters song "Jimmy the Aviation Sponsorship Boy" because I wonder if the two Jimmy's are related. 

"God Makers" by The End Men

You have no idea how stoked I am to hear new music from 2013 Band of the Year, The End Men.  They just recently released an EP called Heavy Seas.  This is our first listen, and I am loving it.  The End Men are based in Brooklyn, and they are currently on tour in Europe. 

"Beachy Shoes" by Discount Ravioli

And our final Discount Ravioli track of today's shuffle. One of a number of beach related tracks on the album.  For the video, I picked the video of Hayden and Evan playing a Neutral Milk Hotel cover in a parking lot with Addison on singing saw. Because, it seems like a while since I posted that video. 

"Radial Sunrise" by The Electric Grandmother

I am so glad so many tracks from Cancelled by The Electric Grandmother have been coming up lately.  I love discovering new music and I love it in particular when that music is like nothing I have ever heard.  I really dig this track which has a great energy to it. 

"Gettin Up" by Dan Montgomery

Gone is one of my favorite albums of 2017.  Dan Montgomery who is based in Memphis is one of my favorites.  If you have the chance to see Dan and his band live, go do it. 

"Danielle" by UniversalDice

And we close things out with another track from the rock opera Birth Love Hate Death by this Long Island that plays their take on "classic rock" music. 

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