Friday, October 20, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Turned 24 Today Mix

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Several years ago, someone pointed out that I would often make a very subtle sarcastic comment or joke, and then ruin the effect by saying "Just kidding". This guy even started calling me "Just kidding Joe".  I think he was right. My desire was to make sure I was understood. Like, if people thought I was being serious they might think I was an idiot or mean or whatever. But, it's not my job to explain myself to everyone and it is not my business what they think about me. 

I have tried since then to catch myself when I want to add a "just kidding" - although full disclosure: emojis have kind of given me a cheat on this  ;-) And I'm working on that now, too.  Twice in the last two days I have posted something on social media that was facetious without a "tell" that I was kidding. The first case, if anyone took me as serious, they would think I was kind of stupid and maybe a little self-important. The second case, could potentially lead to a political reaction of some sort...

I don't know. 51 1/2 years in and I'm still working on this life thing, and I'm kind of okay with that for today....

Let's jump headlong into some featured music for a lovely Friday in Nashville...

"The Searcher" by Matthew Sweet

I have really been digging on Matthew Sweet's latest album Tomorrow Forever.  I've been a fan of his for a while. Girlfriend and 100% Fun were two of my favorites. I think his new stuff holds up against his best work. 

"Unity" by Voices of Addiction

Next up, we have our first listen to Voices of Addiction - a politically and socially charged punk band from Chicago.  This is a track from their album The Lost Art of Empathy.  The band have been featured in some skateboard and snowboard video games. They have a new full-length album and a feature length documentary due in 2018.  A wonderful addition to my mix of music. 

"Who Do They Talk To?" by SuperCrashingStar

The shuffle has really been loving on Digital Lo-Fi the new album from E2TG faves Supercrashingstar. They are a band that I have a hard time pinning down in terms of defining their sound (that is a good thing), but they definitely have a unique sound - which makes me doubly embarrassed when I could identify them from track with messe up metadata tags. 

"Space Pants in Your Own World" by Discount Ravioli

This the follow-up or sequel (if you will) to "What am I Gonna Do with My New Pair of Pants (in Space)." which we previously featured. I have to admit, Space Pants are not something that I have devoted much time to thinking about, but I am glad someone did, and that someone is Discount Ravioli.  For the video, I found performance by Becky Kessler with Hayden Nork (of Discount Ravioli) on drums. 

"Mister Sun Sister Moon" by Sounding Arrow

Really seriously enjoying Loving is Breathing by L.A. (by way of Asheville - or vice-versa) band, Sounding Arrow.  Sounding Arrow is a project of Scott Kinnebrew. This - the debut Sounding Arrow album came out in June. 

"What I'm Saying" by Amilia K. Spicer

Another album I have really been enjoying is Wow and Flutter by another L.A. artist - Amilia K. Spicer.  I really loved listenin to this song this morning. 

"Man Enough" by UniversalDice

Sometimes music sneaks up on you... when I received the query from UniversalDice and read the words Rock Opera and Classic Rock, I thought it might not be my cup of tea, but the concept intrigued me, and I gave it a listen.  I am really glad I did. Every time, I listen I like it more and more. 

"Breathless Speechless" by Black Needle Noise (with Sivert Høyem)

I feel like a broken record, but yet another album that I have really been digging on is Black Needle Noise. As I like to point out, it is important to me that E2TG never get pigeonholed into one type of music, so anytime, I have the opportunity to broaden my musical horizons I take it. The album, Under My Skin, features several collaborations with other artists - including this awesome track which features Sivert Høyem, a noted Norwegian singer-songwriter. 

"From Harrison" by The Foresters

And we close things out with another track from House Stories - the latest album by long-time E2TG favorites, The Foresters. A great reminder of how brilliant their songs are. This track is just a plain good pop song with really excellent lyrics and a melody to die for. 

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