Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Horse and Carriage Mix

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Well... the state of the world and all has me a little down and anxious, and quite frankly pissed off.

And, as I always do, I seek out solace in music. 

Last night it was the final show of Bill Lloyd's 3 out of 4 week November residency. I was captivated as ever by his grasp of the nuances of what makes a great pop song. And his choices of covers were fun.  The audience was treated to a couple of songs by songwriting great Buddy Mondlock.

Tonight, I am making the drive down to Franklin for Music City Roots. 2014 E2TG Artist of the Year Darrin Bradbury will be making his second appearance on that program.  If you can't get to Franklin you can listen and watch on-line.   Also on the bill is Cordovas - one of my favorite bands to see live.

By the way, Darrin's band will include Cameron Carrus on bass, Megan Palmer on fiddle, and Laur Joamets on guitar.

By the way, if I can make it back in time, Maynard and the Musties (who I have been playing quite a bit recently) are playing at Springwater tonight with Nashville Non Prophets (featuring members of St. Luke's Drifters), and singer-songwriter Steven Knudson.

The shuffle today - as we do on Wednesday's comes from a random shuffle of all of the songs saved to my phone currently.  We call it "Wild Wednesday" not just 'cause the results are often wild, but because the shuffle is like a wildcard - it can be anything.

Let's shuffle!

"Oh Daniel" by Civil Twilight

We start things off with the lead track from the 2015 album Story of an Immigrant by this band originally out of Capetown, South Africa, but now based in Nashville.  

"Love and Marriage" by Frank Sinatra

Like Love and Marriage and a Horse and Carriage, this song is now (for me at least) irrevocably linked to the television series Married... with Children.  

"WWOZ" by Better Than Ezra

WWOZ is a community supported non-profit radio station from New Orleans. This song is from the 1996 album Friction, Baby. 

"The Song That Made the World Cry" by Andrew Adkins

I was fortunate enough to see Andrew Adkins twice last week - once solo and once with a band. He is playing at The 5 Spot tonight.  This is a song I heard last week (at least once). It is from his most recent album Glass Castles. 

"Hippy Trip" by Crazy Aces

Next up, we have Nashville-based instrumental rock band Crazy Aces from their album Greatest Hit Vol. 2.  Taking us on a Hippy Trip. 

"Your Son" by UniversalDice

Next, we have a track from the rock opera, Birth, Love, Hate, Death - by this contemporary classic rock band from Long Island, New York. Really powerful song.

"Highway Prayer" by Adam Carroll

Next up, we have a track from the 2008 album Old Town Rock N Roll - by Austin-based singer-songwriter Adam Carroll.  This song gave it's name to the recent tribute album to Carroll which features Nashville's Tim Easton and Aaron Lee Tasjan on one track. 

"Reflection of the Blues" by Sergio Webb

We close with a track from one of my favorite Nashville artists and people. Sergio Webb is maybe best known as a guitar-slinger and sideman from an impressive list of artists including David Olney.  You may recall Sergio and his band opened for and joined Olney at the E2TG Residency last May. What far too many don't know and need to know is that Webb is a fine songwriter in his own right.  All but one of the songs on Domingo are written or co-written by Sergio Webb.   By the way, he is, I believe, the only musician to play both years that I've done anniversary shows at The 5 Spot.  

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