Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Searchlight Sneeze Mix

Last night was another typical night in East Nashville - I heard an Americana artist who likes death metal and Taylor Swift (the awesome Todd Farrell), a folk song about Lynard Skynard and Van Halen (by the amazing Aaron Lee Tasjan), plus a stirring post-midnight rendition of "Silver Bells" via Tim Carroll and Darrin Bradbury.

Our shuffle today offers a stunning departure from the norm.... not that we really have a norm here at Ear to the Ground, but we do have a lot of new (to us) music.  It's a short shuffle in terms of songs (two 7:00+ minute songs will do that), and we have two instrumentals.  Shall we?

"Searchlight" by Shabbadoo from Pajama

When I was just out of high school, a group of younger kids formed a band called The Imposers.  Of course, I looked down upon them because I was a college guy and they were still high school kids, but I can admit some nearly thirty years down the road that they impressed me.  I saw them play at the local Drama Center in Cookeville, Tennessee.  Video evidence exists of this show, but if it is on YouTube, I couldn't find it.  Several of the Imposers still make music.  Doug Derryberry has been with Bruce Hornsby for years and has played with tons of other people including an appearance at this years Bonnaroo festival. Joey Pegram moved to Memphis and formed the amazing band Shabbadoo.  Randomly, I thought of him and that band last week and grabbed their 2006 album Pajama off of Bandcamp. 

"Three Mirrors" by Haesemeyer from Three Mirrors

This one came to me via e-mail.  I try to listen to everything I get, but sometimes things slip through.  I'm glad this one didn't.  I'm seriously digging this. John Haesmeyer is from San Francisco. His new Three Mirrors EP dropped on September 23, and we will have more from it coming soon.

"Servant, Job" by David Olney from When the Deal Goes Down

David Olney has an amazing band - I'm glad I got to see him a couple of times when he was doing some local shows here.  Ear to the Ground favorite Mark Robinson co-produced Mr. Olney's latest release from which this cut is taken.  If you so choose, you can count this as your Bible lesson for the day...

"Bone Blue Moon" by Jim Dead from Ten Fires

Jim Dead comes all the way from Scotland with some fine Americana sounding music.  I grabbed this one off the latest Feel Bad for You mixtape, and like most of the music I get from those fine folks, it's a excellent new discovery.  I will definitely be on the lookout for more music from Mr. Dead. Ten Fires is from 2011.  He has a more recent album which I will be checking out soon.

"Sun Sneeze" by Shabbadoo from Pajama

A mind-blowing 7:40 instrumental jolt of awesomeness. Shout out half-way around the world and into tomorrow to Joey. You make me proud to be from Cookeville. :-)

"Viper Mad" by Dom Flemons from Til' the Seas Run Dry

"Georgia Drumbeat" by Dom Flemons from Til' the Seas Run Dry

Dom Flemons is a founding member of the amazing old-time string music band Carolina Chocolate Drops.  We close things out with two from a Noisetrade release. This is highly original and awesomely fun music to move us into the rest of our day.



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