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2018 E2TG Earie Awards - # 5 - Recap May 2018

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I was out of the office yesterday, so let's jump back into our Earie Awards and our Recap of 2018. We are now up to May 2018.  E2TG began its eighth year during the month of May, and we had some cool artists and tunes to feature that month. Let's go!

"Yawning at the Seance" by Ezra Bell

Ezra Bell is a band not a person.  There is probably a story about the name, but I don't know it, and in my one minute search could not find it. The band is from Portland, Oregon and is based around the songs of Benjamin Wuamett. Their debut album is filled with outstanding songs and neat arrangements. A definite highlight for me this year.  I give them the "Ezra Bell is not a member of the band, it is the Band" award. 
"awful pop song" by si,irene

I love the fact that I get all kinds of music from all over the world. Music really is a universal language. We've featured Americana bands from all over Europe, bands from virtually every continent (I don't think we've yet had a band from Antarctica), we've featured bands from North America with names and sounds that sound like they come from South America. si, irene (who I can find on Facebook but can never seem to successfully tag) are from Japan. They play a really fun brand of indie/punk. This may be an "awful pop song", but it's a really cool song.  I'll give si, irene the "Tokyo Drift Award".  By the way, this song is from their release called BEES - which actually came out in summer of 2017, but you know we don't care about things like dates. 

"Playing Cards with Myself" by The Nouveaux Honkies

The Nouveaux Honkies came to us via one of my favorite publicists/PR people (I'm fuzzy on the difference), but regardless, it was their music that won me over. Boasting a all-star cast of guests and a resume of hard travelling, Loud in Here was one of my favorite albums of the year. During 2018, the band relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee while maintaining residency in their native South Florida.  Although it was the music that won me over, I also got a cool magnet when i got their CD, so I will give them the "Thanks for the Cool Magnet" Award.  

"Regret" by Trent Agecoutay

Now...and Then reached me by direct submission and made it's way through my way disorganized e-mail inbox (I have been working on that of late), and rose to become a favorite of mine. Agecoutay is first and foremost a great songwriter. All the important elements: heart, humor, and great melodies. He is from Canada, and he may be the first First Nations artist to make it on to E2TG, but I hope he isn't the last.  He comes from Red Deer, Alberta - his music is country (but the good kind of country ;-) ). The First First Nations Award goes to Trent Agecoutay.

"Shallow Pool" by Cup

Cup hit us with two albums in a relatively short period of time. I think we got Hiccup (which this track comes from) late and Jitter Visions early. Whatever, I have been digging their hard rock/punk sound all year long, and I have enjoyed getting to know their primary member Tym Wojcik.  I really love their mind-blowing animated videos.  I give them the Tym with a "y" Award for 2018.

"Honey for My Soul" by Christine Rosander

So, I have to explain. I kind of changed my methodology for making the monthly Spotify playlists mid-stream.  So, yes, this song came up on our January 2018 recap, and I gave Christine Rosander an Earie that day.  You know what, I love this song, and I don't care that I just heard and featured it a few days back. 

"Big City Down" by Mark Huff

Mark Huff's music was introduced to me a few years back after he recorded an album with my friend Mark Robinson. This new album came to me via another of my favorite publicists/PR people, and I had the opportunity to introduce Huff when I emceed  a show during AMA week.  Regardless of all of that, once again, I can say that it was his music that won me over and continues to win me over.  His live shows that I have managed to catch this year, have been outstanding. This album sounded great at first listen, and it has grown on my with every subsequent listen.   I am going to give him the "I was never in Pinmonkey Award" for 2018.

"Dollar and a Dime" by Dave Hogan

If you have followed E2TG for any amount of time, you know that we have featured a seemingly disproportionate amount of music from Connecticut.  The fact is there a lot of great music coming out of that state - which honestly I never knew that much about. Fun fact: Dave Hogan was the first Connecticut musician/songwriter that I met in person. There are always connections. He was a part of a Grimm Generation - one of the early E2TG featured bands, and I think he knows Jack Nork - the father of The Foresters.  Third Life is the latest release, and it was a favorite of mine. I am going to give Dave Hogan the "Nutmeg State" Award for 2018.

"The Outsider" by Ben Bostick

One of the things that keeps me going, is that I am always discovering amazing music from people who have been doing awesome things for a while. There are always stories to tell and music to hear for the first time. Ben Bostick's most recent album came to me from yet another favorite PR person/publicist. His vocals are textured and rich, his songs are always strong. I just read on his bio that he sometimes can be found busking on the Santa Monica Pier. I just thought that was cool.  I would like to give him the "Brimstone" Award - in reference to his album Hellfire. 

"Feels Like a Good Reason to Get Started" by The Elation

Clickbait - the trick used by would-be viral internet sites to get you to visit their site can be annoying. Clickbait - the latest album by The Elation - an indie pop band from Cork is not annoying.  It's catchy and fun and energetic, and I dig it. I give them the "Do it Now" Award.  Get started. 

"Funny Feeling" by Benjamin Jason Douglas

We close with Benjamin Jason Douglas his First World Blues album. He's already won an Earie in 2018.  I featured this song on last week's Double Shot show.  If I made a list of top ten album, which I don't, I cannot conceive any reason why this album would not be on that list (which I repeat does not and will not exist). 


I am continuing to work on my Spotify playlists for E2TG.  So far, I have completed nine - January - October 2018.  These are meant to be a cross-section of music I featured during those months - not necessarily music released in those months.   If you are interested, you can check out the playlists (links below)  and follow my personal profile to find out when new playlists are created.

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