Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Murphy Don't Have Clue Mix

Here we go... time is short, so let's get to it.

We have a most righteous random shuffle today:

First up, we have another excellent track from  the fabulous The Imperial Rooster or as my friend Rex Silo likes to call them IrMoPoEsRtIeArL.  This is another track from their must own album Decent People. The song is called The Vintage and it manages to sound melancholy and celebratory at the same time. As in, we're all damned to hell, so we might as well have fun.  That's not exactly it, but it's close to that. Sandpapery silk vocals and deep dark backwoods  instrumentation. 

I couldn't find a video for The Vintage, so here's The Imperial Rooster covering The Decemberists.

Next we have Blind Willie McTell's original version of a song covered notably by The Allman Brothers Band.  Stateboro Blues is classic Blues which features McTell's celebrated guitar style and his smooth tenor vocals.

And finally, we have a song from Featured Artist - Justin and The Salty Dogs who represent well on their song Streetwise.

Here's another fine song from Justin and the Salty Dogs



No description available.Genre: Blues MusicRating: Release Date: 0000-00-00Media Type: Compact Disk

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