Thursday, March 29, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Nice Italian Dinner Mix

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Well, this is my last work day of the week - as we head into Easter weekend.  Not expecting to post tomorrow, but you never know.

I added some new music to the "New Music" playlist.  It was up to almost 590 songs before today's post. We knocked out 11 today, and we have some cool music in the let's rock!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Gojira Mix

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I feel like I'm limping into the long weekend... and today's dreary weather in Nashville is not helping, but nevertheless I persist... persist in bringing you music of all shapes and sizes.

It's Wednesday!  That is the day, traditionally set aside to get wild. Okay, it's a recent tradition I guess... but...

Most days, our shuffle comes from a specific playlist (3 days a week it is our "New Music" playlist). On Wednesday, though, we shuffle up all the songs which are located on my phone's memory card. New songs, songs from albums we featured in the past, songs from the E2TG archives, random songs which came to me from a variety of sources - including my personal collection of CDs, and stray tracks lacking complete metadata which came from unknown moments in time.

We call it "Wild Wednesday" not because the songs are necessarily "wild" (just sometimes) but because it is a wildcard... you never know what the next song will be...

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Shake 'n' Bake Mix

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My spirits were lifted a bit by a fun evening.  Recorded a future Double Shot show with Sue and Mark. Then, headed to Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge for another awesome Madison Guild Monday. This time hosted by E2TG favorite Andrew Adkins.  In addition to Adkins, the night saw a great performance by Daryl Dasher - who I had seen before, and  a few folks I had a not seen Ariana Hodes, Mike Wheeler, and Bri Murphy.  A couple of performers were unable to be there, so in typical Nashville/Madison fashion, some special guests helped fill the bill. Bryant Carter (who I saw for the first time) and three E2TG favorites (including two past E2TG Artists of the Year (Nick Nace, Jon Latham, and Darrin Bradbury).  All that and I great hang with some awesome folks.

I have a ton of music that I need to get added to my new music playlist, I will hopefully get to that tonight.  In the meantime, let's clear some space.

It's Tuesday. Here's what trending today!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Be Real Mix

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I am someone who, despite my strongly held political opinions, believes in the value of those who hold differing opinions. What we have lost in recent years is the concept of the loyal opposition. Still, I am not arrogant enough to believe that my opinions are 100% right, 100% of the time, or that those who have different opinions are 100% wrong, 100% of the time.

That being said, I am 100% sickened by the supposed adults personally, viciously, and childishly attacking the teenage survivors of a horrific school shooting. I am 100% disgusted (though not surprised) by the same people who refuse to bake a cake or issue a marriage license to two people who are in love just because they are the same gender, but who have no problem supporting a "president" who has done the things it is clear that the "president" has done.

I strongly believe we, as a nation, need to find our way back to a place where differences can be debated and compromises can be made, but I am increasingly unsure how we can get to such a place.

So, for now, I hope we can get rid of the clear and present danger in front of us (sooner rather than later) and undo the damage that has been done, and that in taking these steps we can find a path to what now seems an impossible destination.

The March for Our Lives across the country and around the world was inspiring. The vileness of some of those who criticized this movement was depressing.

As usual, when life/the world/whatever gets me down, I turn to music to lift me up. It is Monday, so, I dig into the Music City Monday Spotify playlist to get a sample of just some of the incredible music that has come and is coming from this awesome, frustrating, wonderful city.

Let's shuffle!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Hey Hey Mix

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Reminded again how inspired I am by people with bold creative ideas - not only in music but in other forms of art. People who have a vision of something - regardless of their experience with that thing - and who pursue that vision with all of their heart. I think one of my weaknesses is self-doubt combined with a tendency to put too much stock in naysayers - people who tell you why you shouldn't or cant' do something.

My goal is to follow my visions no matter what. I'd rather fail spectacularly while attempting something big than succeed mildly while settling for something small. 

Just some thoughts on a Friday. 

Now, time to see what's our Featured Friday playlist shuffled up!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Life's a Joke Mix

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Okay... I'm getting closer to making some big announcements about the upcoming June Residency at The 5 Spot to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of this blog. Just tying up some loose ends. Stay tuned! We have some great music lined up!

So, the last two times now that I added music to my memory card on my phone, my "New Music" playlist has been wiped out. It didn't happen before. In any event, I had to recreate the playlist - which means I might have added some older stuff or whatever... In any event, the playlist started at 553 tracks before today's post.

Let's shuffle!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - What Becomes Mix

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It's been a rough week!  I need some music. It's Wednesday, so let's get "wild" with our shuffle!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - U Can Do Anything Mix

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Welcome to early spring in Nashville. Yesterday, we had warm temperatures and the threat of severe weather. Tonight, sub-freezing temperatures and a threat of light snow.

Anyway, the news of the day is depressing, the weather is a bit dreary, so how 'bout we just dive in to some music... Music helps.  It always helps....

Monday, March 19, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Wearing a Big Smile Mix

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My weekend show recap is highlighted by a couple of new releases. 

Friday - after Tim Carroll's Rock 'n' Roll Happy Hour, I stuck around The 5 Spot for the CD Release show for Maxwell Putnam's new album Ode to a Tinhorn.  The line-up included a solo set from Alex of Little Bandit, Mark Fredson, a great solo set and a great full-band set from Putnam.  The night closed with a typically high-energy set from Justin and the Comics.

Sunday - I attended a party for the release of Stone Cupid's new album A Sad Clown.  An acoustic set with Julie Christensen, Sergio Webb, Chris Tench, and Parker Hawkins.  Love the new songs - which includes a cover of Darrin Bradbury's "Exile on Myrtle Beach".  The full band CD release show is set for April 9 at The Basement.

Another week, and it is time for a Music City Monday Shuffle.  From the ever-growing Music City Monday playlist on Spotify, we shuffle up this collection of music from past and current Nashville-based artists and bands.

If you want to peruse the playlist on your own, it is available HERE.

Now, let's shuffle:

Friday, March 16, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Music Shuffle - Runnin' and Tryin' Mix

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Last night's Music City Roots: On the Road was a total East Nashville experience. Held at The Basement East - with special guest host Derek Hoke, and featuring four of the best artists/bands in on that side of the Cumberland River.

Little Bandit opened the show. Led by Alex Caress, Little Bandit has quickly become one of my favorite bands. I was admittedly late to the party, but I'm happy to be here. Alex's voice and the wit and heart in his songs shines. My friend, Jamie Timm (of Microwave Mountain) joined on guitar and sounded fantastic.

Next up was Elise Davis. This was, I believe, my first time seeing Davis (at least outside of a tribute show), and I was impressed by her songs and her voice. I definitely want to hear more.

Next up was E2TG Artist of Eternity - Darrin Bradbury making his third appearance as a guest (fourth overall appearance - he did an original and hilarious take on the Vietti Chili song his first time there) used the occasion to give MCR listeners/viewers a peek into his loud music past. With an awesome band - Laur Joamets on guitar, Cameron Carrus on bass, and Matty Apples on drums - Bradbury played a solid mix of older and newer songs with an a markedly rock approach. Songs like "Exile on Myrtle Beach" and "New Ownership Blues" were given new arrangements which made me think of Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue era.

Finally, Allen Thompson closed out the night with a very large band  (I think I counted twelve people on stage) including a horn section and backup singers. It was a rollicking set that garnered a standing ovation.

Everyone joined ATB on stage for the jam of the Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want".

All in all a wonderful night of music. There was decent crowd which I can't help thinking would have been bigger but for the fact that half of East Nashville is in Austin for SXSW.

Tonight, I'm heading to The 5 Spot for Tim Carroll's weekly throw-down and then sticking around for Maxwell Putnam's CD release show for his new album Ode to a Tinhorn with guests Justin and the Cosmics (who we played earlier in the week) and Mark Fredson.

By the way, I don't do a whole lot of cross promotion, but in case any E2TG readers don't know, I co-host a weekly two-hour radio show called Double Shot with Joe and Sue (me being Joe and my dear friend Sue Havlish being Sue) on WXNA - Nashville's Community Radio Station. It's on 101.5FM in Nashville and can be streamed world-wide at or via the TuneIn app. Double Shot hits at 11am Central Time (currently Daylight Savings Time)  on Saturday.

Well... it is Friday and let's see what we have to feature today!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Square Boy Mix

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In my job, I am expected to know what I am talking about, and to ask questions to find out what I do not know. If I routinely made up answers, I would likely lose my job.  I assume this is true of other people I know who have jobs. So, my honest question is, why should the "leader of the free world" be held to a lower standard?

That's all I have for now... I could say a bunch more, but let's get  to the music....

I headed to Dee's last night and caught great sets from Adrian + Meredith and Adrew Adkins and his great band.  They are two of my favorites.  Dee's is such a cozy and friendly spot to hang.

It is Thursday - finally - and we jump back into a couple of days of shuffles from the "New Music" playlist to round out the week.  We have a few first listens today - including some new and forthcoming releases that I am super excited about...

Let's shuffle!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Life's on that Phone Mix

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In this day and age, I am always happy when things in the news inspire me and give me hope. That is happening today, and just for this moment, I am pleased.

Remembering Stephen Hawking who is now up in the stars.


In case you missed it:  #E2TG premiered a new song by Lottie this morning.  Check out "Pretending" HERE 

Meanwhile, the week reaches its mid-point, and that means it is time for Wild Wednesday Shuffle... reminder, this is where we shuffle all the songs in my phone memory and see what transpires...

E2TG Song Premiere - Lottie - "Pretending"

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Always glad to get the opportunity to premiere a new song especially when it is a new face to Ear to the Ground.

Lottie is originally from Montgomery, Alabama, and she is now based in Nashville. She previously released an EP called Leaving the Labyrinth.  "Pretending" is the second single from the forthcoming follow-up album. The single will be released on Friday (March 16), but you can hear it right here, right now.  I was drawn to the clean production and the gentle soulful, country music.

After the jump, I have additional information about Lottie and a stream of the song, "Pretending"

Thanks to AGD Entertainment for turning me on to Lottie and this song.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Angry Old Men Mix

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Moving deeper into the week...

It is Tuesday, and on Tuesday, as you may know, we take a look at what is trending on E2TG. We do this, as we do almost everything we do via a random shuffle. Our "New Music" playlist on my phone features all of the music we currently are wanting to feature. That list stands at 478 songs with more lined up as soon as I find time to add them...

Reminder: Keep your Thursday evenings in June free. We are cooking up a special series of shows to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of E2TG.  Announcements coming soon.

Tune in tomorrow, as we have a song premiere lined up...

Let's shuffle!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Look Out Mix

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And suddenly it is Monday!  (Very) light snow has given way to sunshine here in Nashville.

Saturday, Mark Robinson and his band rocked The 5 Spot.  I took my daughter, and we both had a blast.  We are both huge Mark Robinson fans. 

Monday, we check in with our Music City Monday shuffle.  All songs by artists who do or have called Nashville home. Spanning decades and genres - as we tend to do.  This is the only shuffle we do from a Spotify playlist.  If you want to browse that playlist which has over 800 songs (and counting), you do so HERE .

Let's shuffle!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Hard Head Mix

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Whew! It's Friday.

Last night, I was at The 5 Spot for the early show, and I caught Will Payne Harrison and Tommy Womack.  I had previously seen Will at Dee's one Monday night for just a few songs, so it was good to see an even longer set.   Tommy Womack was...well he was Tommy Womack. Backed by a great band including John Jackson on guitar. He played some of his best known songs, "Betty was Black, Willie was White" "90 Miles An Hour Down a Dead-End Street" some new songs, a Daddy song, and even a song from Government Cheese. He ended the set with his version of "Penny Lane".

As always, Nashville has a ton of great live music - every single night. Get out and find something that interests you.

Mark Robinson is playing tomorrow night at The 5 Spot.  He is hands down one of my favorite entertainers in Nashville. His live shows are just no-frills great music.

Time hit the shuffle on my "New Music" playlist for what we like to call Featured Friday on E2TG.

Let's shuffle:

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Heart Beating Mix

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I won't take up too much time with this, but I continue to flabbergasted that anyone - regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum can look at the current administration and think, "This is going well".  The sheer number of resignations, firings, indictments, guilty pleas... And it has been just over a year. I really does blow my mind that some 30% of Americans still think this is going well.... *sigh*

Meanwhile, it is Thursday in Nashville, and we had snow flurries this morning after several days of warm weather.

Got back out last night for the first time since Sunday... Timothy George (aka The Singing Butcher) was awesome.  Followed by the always entertaining Nelson, Zimmerman, Quinn trio. The set included a cover of "I'd Rather Go Blind" which coincidentally was in a shuffle earlier this week by Low Society. Plus, Jon Latham joined them for an Al Green song. There were other classic tunes plus a couple of choice Sean Quinn and the Tremblers' songs. Fun time hanging with friends and singing and dancing.

I broke down and bought a ticket to see Kris Kristofferson  in May at the Basement East with Ben Haggard - Merle's son. This is a bucket list kind of thing for me.  Both shows sold out pretty quickly.

Well, a technical note, my New Music Playlist died last night. I was adding some songs to my phone and when I added them to the New Music playlist, I found that the playlist just had the 70+ new songs.  So, I worked late last night adding albums back to the playlist. I don't know if I got them all, but I ended up with over 500 songs in the shuffle.

So, let's hit shuffle on that newly rebuilt playlist and see where it takes us...

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - I Begin to Roll Mix

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Man this sure is an interesting time to be alive.  Interesting is a good word because it is kind of neutral. Things being interesting may be good or they maybe bad or maybe just interesting. The thing is, I am of the philosophy that we cannot really ever know in the moment if something is good or bad. Meaning that we don't know the bigger picture.  Something happens which we view as bad, but as a result of that thing - something else happens (or doesn't happen) which we then interpret to be a good thing.  But even then, we don't really know...

All that to say, that for today, I am choosing to just take in all of the "interesting" things, to act and/or speak when I feel I must, but to stop trying to pretend I know everything or actually much of anything...

I will hopefully have some exciting announcements soon. Ironing out the final details of the June Anniversary Residency at The 5 Spot, and I hope to have a show announcement soon for April.  And who knows what else.

Meanwhile, it is Wednesday - the day we get "Wild" at E2TG.  Actually, we get wild everyday, but Wednesday, we shuffle from all the songs on my phone - so you never know what will come up... so it's like a wildcard. Thus, Wild Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Self Confidence Mix

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Well, after talking about all of the consecutive nights I went out to hear live music, it all kind of caught up with me... I started feeling a little not great, so I decided to stay in last night and just rest. But, it did give me time to reflect on the incredible place in time and life and the world where I find myself.  The incredible talented people I interact with on a regular basis - some well-known, some not, but all talented. As a long-time fan of music, I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I have been afforded.

Well, it is Tuesday and time to dig back into the New Music playlist and see what is "Trending" on E2TG....

Monday, March 5, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Protection of the People Mix

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I'm on what I believe is my longest run of live music nights since my birthday a couple of years ago. I have gone out the last five nights (and six of the last seven) and seen some incredible music and hung with some awesome people.

I last reported on Thursday night's Music City Roots.  So, let me pick things up on Friday:

Pylon Reenactment Society at the Basement was even better than the high expectations I had. A couple of local bands opened - Dancers and Lylas. Both were wonderful. Pylon Reenactment Society brought the energy and the fun and the audience which was mixed between people my age or older and younger folks responded. The joy from both sides of the stage was palpable.

Saturday started at The 5 Spot where David Olney once again proved why he is one of the most respected songwriters in Nashville (and elsewhere).  To a good crowd which included several music luminaries, Olney stormed through a two hour set that included a nifty cover of Buddy Holly's "Everyday".

After that, I headed back to the Basement for Jon Latham's birthday show. I arrived in time to catch the end of Darrin Bradbury's set. I also saw great sets from Little Bandit (Alex Caress solo) and Brian Wright.  Then Jon's band (less Sean Quinn who was out of town) took the stage and as per their usual - rocked the house.  The set included a Fugazi cover embedded into "Kimberly Met Billy" and ended with a cover of Tom Petty's "Even the Losers" during which Latham invited people onto the stage (which included yours truly).  A wonderful night - celebrating a wonderful man.

Last night, I headed to The 5 Spot again.  Early show featured awesome sets from Bill Eberle, Becky Warren, and Jen Starsinic -three of Nashville's finest. 

The late show featured Chad Mason, Evan Jenkins, and the return of Hugh Mitchell (a long time favorite of mine who is back in Nashville).  Great music and great hangs with awesome people.

To be honest, I am exhausted right now, but it has been fun beyond measure.

On to our Music City Monday Shuffle!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - My Compass Broke Mix

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Woohoo! I made it to the end of the week! 

Last night was Music City Roots - on the road at 3rd and Lindsley. I sure liked it being about 8 minutes away from my home rather than 30+ minutes.  (Their forthcoming new permanent home will be pretty close, too.).  As for the music, there was nothing at all to complain about. From Jim Lauderdale's opening song to the final jam of  "I Shall Be Released" it was great music all the way through. 

Kevin Gordon played some songs from his forthcoming album.  He's one of my favorite songwriters and performers. Backed by his usual stellar band.

Katie Pruitt - I'm not sure if I had seen her before, but she was on my radar.  Now I'm a fan.  She spoke her truth bravely and with grace and without apology.

Lillie Mae - played in a family band for many years, came to Nashville and cut her chops on Lower Broadway, played with Jack White, and she is now signed to Third Man Records. Great songs, well-played by Lillie Mae and her siblings.

DADDY closed the night. Will Kimbrough plus Tommy Womack - you cannot go wrong here. Backed by an incredible band and the golden tones of Lisa Oliver Gray.  The wit and wisdom of Tommy Womack  and the sharply focused songs of Will Kimbrough in a rock and roll setting.   

Tonight, I am going to see Pylon Reenactment Society.  The music of the legendary Athens band  Pylon as interpreted by the original lead singer and a new band.  You may recall, E2TG has been featuring the debut EP from Pylon Reenactment Society in recent months. I am stoked for this show!

It's Friday, and we have one final shuffle for the week- it comes from the New Music playlist... let's shuffle!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Tupelo Carolina Mix

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Yesterday, I posted a show alert for Erica Blinn, Andrew Leahey, and Liz Brasher at The 5 Spot.  Well, I went to that show last night, and it was fantastic. Saw so many good friends.

Liz Brasher is a force of nature. This was my first time seeing her, and she was amazing.
Erica Blinn is a powerhouse performer. Her set included a duet with Andrew Leahey on "Stop Dragging My Heart Around".
Andrew Leahey was backed by Jon Latham and the rest of his regular band (which also included Leahey).  This set included a cover of the Echo and the Bunnymen song "Lips Like Sugar" which took me back to my college days.

Tonight, I am checking out Music City Roots on the Road as they hit 3rd and Lindsley with a lineup that includes DADDY (Will Kimbrough and Tommy Womack), Kevin Gordon, Lillie Mae, and Katie Pruitt. Should be a fantastic show.

Back to our New Music playlist for Trending Tuesday. By the way, according to Facebook's on this date, it seems like two years ago was my first ever "Trending Tuesday" post.  Anyway, only four songs in the shuffle today (one was over 13 minutes longs). So, let's shuffle.