Friday, October 30, 2020

E2TG 10/30/2020 - All Hallow's Eve Eve - The Wrong Side Mix (Creep(y) Remix)

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A convergence of happenings... still in a pandemic (and into a new wave), the U.S. elections are coming Tuesday, tomorrow is Halloween (and a full moon!), we fall back on the clocks, and I don't know, I'm sure there is more.  

Oh yeah, it is Friday, and we have another Featured Friday Playlist here at E2TG.  I continue to be blown away by the amount of music being released. We have to end this pandemic and get my musician friends back on the road touring so this poor music blogger can rest... just kidding, but I do want my friends to get back to it. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, October 29, 2020

E2TG 10/29/2020 - One Foot - Something Else Mix (Cereal Man Remix)

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Today, we wrap up our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist and make way for a new weekly Playlist arriving around midnight or there about.... Songs 26-30...

26. "Video Crash 83" by The Subtheory
First up today, we have a track from the new album by electronic music artist The Subtheory (Andy Hill) who divides his time between L.A. and London.  An awesome instrumental to start things off today.
27. "Numb" by The Agency
Next up, we have the lead track from the seasonally appropriately titles In the Haunted Woods by UK band The Agency.  Cool stuff. Check it out. 
28. "Why" by Shy
Up next, we have a new single from Shy - who is Eritrean-Canadian underground recording artist from Toronto. Adding some undergroup hip-hop to these week's list. 
29. "War Cry" by Ashes to Omens
We move from Toronto hip-hop to Athens, Georgia hard rock - with the latest single from Ashes to Omens. The band formed in 2017 quickly dealing with vocalist James Branton's cancer diagnosis and recovery.  This new track deals with overcoming mental illness during difficult times. A much needed message these days. 
30. "All Eyes" by The Fortune 
We always like to close out each week's playlist with some really interesting music, and this week, we have a new track from The Fortune - a duo of childhood friends from India. Their sound mixes pop music with elements of traditional Indian music.  
See you tomorrow with a new Playlist... 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

E2TG 10/28/2020 - It is Okay - Old Copper Penny Mix (Find the Beauty Remix)

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I'm a little under the (nasty) weather - so apologies for the late and rather minimalistic post...

Our Featured Friday Recap rolls on with songs #21-25...

21. "Chasing Highs" by Griff Clawson
First up, we have the debut single from L.A. based singer/songwriter Griff Clawson - who has contributed vocals to tracks by ARTY, Matoma, Devault, Manilla Killa and Boombox Cartel.
22. "Revolution Son" by Shiva and the Hazards
Next up, we have a really cool single from Australian rock band Shiva and the Hazards.  The song was produced by the band and mixed by Mark Gardener of RIDE. It sounds fantastic. 
23. "Are You Listening?" by Lera Lynn
Next, we have a track from the brand new album by Nashville singer-songwriter Lera Lynn. Lynn wrote, performed, produced, and recorded the album on her own. It is appropriately called On My Own.  Check it out. I first became aware of Lera Lynn via the segment she filmed for Songcraft Presents premiere Songs of the Road feature which featured our friend Ben Arthur and which was directed and edited by our friend Matthew Hendershot, and which was directed by Rob Reinhart. 
24. "Golden Repair" by Sunstack Jones
Next, we have the title track from the fourth album by UK band Sunstack Jones - this is a gorgeous sounding record. Definitely check it out. 
25. "I Never Want To Leave" by The Luxembourg Signal
And we close out this segment of music with the lead track from the third studio album by dreampop/shoegaze supergroup The Luxembourg signal - the band is transatlantic with members calling L.A., San Diego, and London home. A nice way to close this penultimate recap segment of this week's Playlist. 

Tomorrow- we wrap up this week's Playlist... 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

E2TG 10/27/2020 - Vote Angry - End of the World Mix (Rainy Day Remix)

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I, like a lot of people I know, are feeling a variety of emotions today about the appointment of an unqualified judge to a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court mere days before the election.  

My words today are a reminder to vote, if you haven't. In Tennessee, we have until October 29 to early vote - take advantage of that opportunity.  If you don't early vote, election day is one week from today - make a plan and vote. 

If you are angry - vote angry.  Just vote.  You may be demoralized or depressed or scared - all valid emotions but vote anyway - vote your conscience and vote from a place of hope and love - even as you are feeling contradictory emotions. 

Don't let anything stop you from voting. If you, like me, are in a "Red State" which seems likely to vote for certain people - still vote. I believe as young people become part of the voting population and as demographics change - the state will change - be an inspiration to those future voters - do teach them that voting doesn't matter.

Since I brought up "Red States" and "Blue States", I need to say, I do not want to ever hear another U.S. President use those terms. In my opinion those terms should be reserved for the maps on television on election night. Using them as absolutes, just further pushes the American people apart. Every state is populated by people who hold a variety of positions on a variety of issues. Not to mention that demographics across a state can vary.  It is hard to think about at a time when our divisions seem so stark and so wide, but we have to envision a path where we go back to finding common ground and negotiating our difference to find a common solution. 

Onward - 

Our recap of this Week's Featured Friday Playlist continues with songs 16-20

16. "More Than an Icon" by The Plastic Pals
Our favorite Swedish twin guitar psychedelic garage paisley powerpop band back with a new single. We have been following this band for a while, and they are awesome. 
17. "Ooh Child" by A.J. Croce
Nashville's A.J. Croce just released this song ahead of his covers album By Request - due out next February. This is a cover of a 1970 song by Chicago soul group The Five Stairsteps. Croce is the son of the legendary Jim Croce.
18. "Precipice Forgiveness (Flow is On)" by Raveis Kole
Next up, we have a really incredible sonic experience courtesy of the bicoastal duo Raveis Kole.  Their new release is called 3D Immersive which as the title suggests promises intense and immersive auditory experience. This opening track begins with Middle Eastern sounds and goes on the encapsulate the duo's diverse range of influences. I highly recommend checking this out.
19. "Blindfold" by Cellarscape
Our friend Paul Terry who is known for his innovative film music work as well as his band Cellarscape who we have featured previously via his album Exo Echo - is back with a new single. Great to hear some new music from an old favorite. 
20. "Lookout Mountain" by Andrew Weiss and Friends

And we close out this segment of music with the title track from the new EP by Long Island native Andrew Weiss and his friends. Solid songwriting and a great sound. A nice place to leave off our recap until tomorrow. 

Tomorrow - we will pick up with songs 21-25 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, October 26, 2020

E2TG 10/26/2020 - Music City Monday - Amazing Grace Mix (Graveyard Stomp Remix)

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As we head into the final two months of this most interesting year, with so much uncertainty and so many unresolved problems...on a more personal note, I am - as I do every year about this time - evaluated the State of E2TG.  Long-time readers know that I made some major changes to E2TG at the beginning of this year - changes I have fine-tuned throughout the year. I felt the changes were necessary.  As a result of the changes I have been able to cover more music than ever before, however, the trade-off has been that some music does not get covered as extensively as it might have in the past. 

So, the questions I have to ask myself every year are: What is it that I want E2TG to accomplish? Is E2TG accomplishing that? and How, I can I improve on what I am doing to better meet my goal?  

I don't have the answers yet for 2020, but that is where my head will be...  

For my readers, I have certain hopes - one is that you give at least a cursory listen to the music I present here. I can almost guarantee that you won't like it all or at least not like it all equally... but I think no matter where your musical tastes lie, you will find something you do like. If an artist or song really catches your attention- I would hope you would follow the artist on social media and follow them on your favorite streaming service. If you are able, buy a download or a physical copy of their music, when it is safe in your area and they come to town, go see them live. 

Selfishly, if you do discover new music via E2TG, I would love it if you would tell me about it. 

I do not make a dime from E2TG - that was a conscious decision I made a long time ago (although to be fair, I am not 100% certain I could make much money if I tried). I am also not a publicist or promoter for any artists- although I am grateful for my relationships with many fine publicists. E2TG is an unpaid, secondary job for me - and I am a one-man operation - so it is inevitable that I miss out on featuring some music and my timing may not be ideal. I do what I can. 

I do believe that there is so much amazing music being produced and released these days, and there are many fine websites, blogs etc that cover some of the music. I have always tried to keep E2TG interesting (to me at least) by being a diverse and inclusive as possible. There is not style or genre of music that I won't consider for E2TG. 

Anyway, this is Music City Monday and as a rare treat, we have 100% local music.

We pick back up on this week's Featured Friday recap - with songs 11-15 - the quality of these five songs just goes to show how deep this week's playlist truly is... oh and they are all based in Nashville...

11. "Surrender" by LORE
This is the debut single by the new Nashville band featured Laur Joamets and Laura Reed. Their album is due out next year and was produced by Dave Schools and Vance Powell and features Robbie Crowell and Nick Buda.  A wonderful song.
12. "Mostly Ouroboros" by Andrew Adkins
Yet another track from the forthcoming The Echoist (November 13) by E2TG favorite Andrew Adkins. This one shows off his more rocking side. 

13. "Perfect Job" by Kevin Burnstein

Kevin Burnstein moved to Nashville just head of the pandemic and found himself in a new city at an inopportune time. He made the most of the situation recording this politically charged album and releasing at a most opportune time. 

14. "I Want Out" by Will Kimbrough
By contrast to Kevin Burstein, Will Kimbrough has been a Nashville resident over well over 30 years, but he, too, found himself in an unusual situation. Used to keeping up a busy schedule of touring, recording, and producing - Kimbrough found himself - like so many others - grounded. Spring Break is the result of that time, and it is a most wonderful result. 
15. "Do You Realize" by Tayls
Taylor Cole - who leads Tayls - as been in Nashville longer than Burnstein but far less than Kimbrough - but he, too found his usual actives limited or eliminated by COVID-19. He took the time to record a collection of cover songs - often recording remotely with other Nashville bands and artists. We have covered several of the singles released but now the full Kwar in Teens: A Covers Collection is out. This is a cover of a Flaming Lips song.  

    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, October 23, 2020

E2TG 10/23/2020 - Featured Friday - Birmingham 2 Mix (Existential Dread Remix)

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It is Friday, and I am short on time so let's get right to it.  Before we get to our brand new Featured Friday Playlist, we have a couple of new releases to mention.  Both of these releases are out on Devil's Tower Records and available on the Devil's Tower Records Bandcamp page.  Both are live recordings, recorded at the same show last Halloween. The Smoking Flowers host an annual Halloween show at The 5 Spot as a benefit.  I have been to a few - including the show where these releases were recorded. Since, the show cannot go on this year, they decided to release these as a consolation. Check them out. 

The first features the temporary band SHAMONES doing Michael Jackson covers in the style of The Ramones.  The second features a set from The Smoking Flowers themselves doing some choice covers. I have listened and they are high quality recordings (as most of the "live from The 5 Spot" recordings are) - so please check them out!


This week's Featured Friday Playlist is jam-packed with great music. I think it is the same number of songs as last week but it clocks in at about fifteen more minutes of music. Our recap starts below the jump...

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, October 22, 2020

E2TG 10/22/2020 - I Don't Already Know - Full Blown Freak Out Mix (Too Strange Remix)

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On my mind... for the most part, I tend to just ignore the parts of youth culture that I don't understand (and as I grow older, my definition of "youth culture" expands).. I mean, I don't try to understand how and why a video of someone opening a box can get millions of views or how people can get famous on Tik Tok or Snapchat or whatever.. 

But, recently, I was thinking about the phrase - "you already know".  First disclaimer: for all I know this expression is already passé... but whenever I hear it, I think - "No, I don't already know" or "If I already know then why are you telling me again?"  But - even in this confusion, I will just write it off as my being old and in the way and move on...

But, it did make me think... how often do we assume someone already knows something...  I mean as a writer it is often a fine line between overexplaining the obvious vs. making a reference and assuming everyone reading gets the context. I guess it comes down to knowing and reading your audience. I know when I did Double Shot with Sue - she would call me out sometimes for saying - "as you know" when it was something I know but which everyone listening may not know. 

I mean, I should be able to make a David Bowie reference without adding a full biography of Bowie, but if I am a less famous musician or a lesser known fact about Bowie - I might need to add some context. 

Okay - this makes me think about something else in a similar vein.  If someone posts a quote or makes a reference I don't get, I may google it for context or I may just ignore it.  But, there seem to be some people who feel the need to comment on things like this - often missing the point being made. I think it is an annoying habit but is it or is that how some people learn... I guess in general - there are some people who seem to feel the need to comment on every social media post even if they don't really have anything to add.  For example, if someone posts "RIP *some name*". I can give a sad emoji reaction and move on - unless I have something to say about the person, but some people will comment "I'm not really familiar with them but... blah, blah, blah" I just don't understand that tendency or even people who will make a post about someone who recently died and basically say, I wasn't a fan but this is sad...  again, I just don't understand that. 

Today, we wrap up this week's Featured Friday Playlist and prepare the way for a brand new playlist debuting at midnight or tomorrow morning if I fall asleep like last week... 

26. "Girlfriend" by The Silverbeets
The Silverbeets may be the first band from Tasmania that we have covered - or not - anyway, this is the latest single ahead of their forthcoming album Halcyon Days album (Due Nov. 13).  I dig this band a lot. They craft a nifty psych/pop sound that really connects with me. 
27. "Heart Light" by Jenee Halstead
Up next, we have the latest single from Boston-based singer-songwriter Jenee Halstead. Boasting a diverse musical background, I am struck by the original way she pulls her varied influences together and crafts them into a truly unique sound. 
28. "Damage Control" by Isabelle Stillman
Next up, we have a track from the latest album by  singer-songwriter Isabelle Stillman who recently relocated from Denver to Los Angeles. This is her second album and was recorded in part in isolation during the pandemic. A really catchy sound and a great voice. I dig it. 
29. "Hot Today" by Taiwan MC
As usual, I am closing the Playlist with a couple of songs that add some variety to the mix. I believe this is the second track we have covered by this French artist on Chinese Man Records. From the new album Special Request, out now. 
30. "Not Sorry" by Hell Boulevard
And, we close out this week's Playlist with the title track from the new album by Swiss goth rockers Hell Boulevard. It is their third album, and a great way to bring this week's playlist to an end. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

E2TG 10/21/2020 - New Glasses - Shadow of Your Smile Mix (Ad Nauseum Remix)

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So, I got a new pair of glasses yesterday.  For those of you who don't wear glasses, it is a big deal. 1. the new glasses potentially change your face - which is a big deal - although my quarantine beard is probably a bigger deal, and the new frames aren't dramatically different from the old ones. 2. If your prescription has changed, there is a moment of clarity when you first put on the new glasses - as if the world seems brand new. It is a passing feeling - at most lasting a day or two - but it um... eye opening. 

Seeking improved clarity is a worthy goal whether talking physical eyesight or something more philosophical. The world can be so confusing with conflicting messages bombarding us all day/every day. People try to cast doubt on facts, you wonder who you can trust, news is filtered through the lens of people with agendas. Even with the unfortunate right/left, red/blue, conservative/liberal dichotomy, even if you align yourself with one side or the other, there are factions on either side of the ideological aisle who offer different perspectives.  And you are left wondering what is real, what is truth.

Forgetting politics for a minute... looking at diet - one message will say - eat "this" instead of "that" but then a different voice will say - well "this" is no good, you need to eat "something else" or you actually do need to eat "that' because it is not as bad as people say. 

So, we all need more clarity in a variety of ways, so that is why - that momentary clarity of a new pair of glasses is so refreshing. Maybe, we all need to get a new pair of metaphorical glasses on a regular basis...

We continue to recap this week's Featured Friday Playlist with songs 21-25:

21. "Black Summer" by The Red Step
We start things off with the first single from the eponymous debut album by The Red Step from Belgrade, Serbia.  The band features Tobias Nathaniel from The Black Heart Procession. I am digging the garage/post-punk sound here. Can't wait to hear more. 
22. "Mama's Got a Gig" by New Yeller
Next up, we have an absolutely wonderful track from New Yeller who are from Vermont and Brooklyn.  The song - written by the band's singer Laura Schweizer and features a gorgeous violin solo from 17 year Charlotte Knutsen.  Zachariah Hickman (Josh Ritter, Ray Lamontagne, and Barnstar!) guests on upright bass. 
23. "Seeing Shapes" by Teen Creeps
Teen Creeps are a Belgian three-piece band with an affinity for fuzzy guitars and fast-paced drums. This is their latest single. A great addition to the Playlist. 
24. "Grand Scheme of Things" by David Woodard
Next up, we have the title track to the new EP by Nashville based jangle pop artist David Woodard. Really digging this. 
25. "Fascination" by Watch Clark 
Watch Clark is an electronic musician from Seattle. We covered the previous EP back in the Spring. This hard-hitting track is a great way to close out this segment of music. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

E2TG 10/20/2020 - 500 Years - Marimba Mix (Stickers Remix)

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 I heard this recently: "When you meet a true friend, you will be bound together though space and time for 500 years."  I don't know if it is true or not, but it does reflect a little about how I feel about friendships. I think about people who were an important part of my life in a particular place and time.  Life moves on, and I have lost touch with those people - either physically lost touch or emotionally I no longer feel connected in the present. But, regardless, the connections that originally formed cannot be broken. 

What I mean is (for example), sixteen year old me will forever be linked to the people who were my true friends at age sixteen - even if 54 year old me doesn't know or can't related those same people today. 

This reminds me of my thoughts about moments in time. I think back even just five or six years ago, and where I was and what I was doing and who I was with - and for sure much has changed in that time. I think by that point in my life, I was aware that moments in time are fleeting. I still have a tendency to want to recreate past moments rather than forge new ones, but I guess that is human nature.  

I am rambling now - but the take away for me - is to enjoy the people that fate or circumstance have brought into my life. Make the most of the moments. Try to preserve the good things and hold onto the good friendships but recognize that change is inevitable and it is actually a good thing. If life never changed, it would be boring. 

Today our Featured Friday Recap continues with songs 16-20...

16. "What a Wonderful World" by Black Needle Noise (with John Fryer & Tom Berger)
We start off this segment of music with a stunning cover of the Bob Thiele and George David Weiss classic first and most famously recorded by Louis Armstrong. Black Needle Noise is the project of legendary producer John Fryer (we have featured this project numerous times. Fryer - whose production credits read like a complete listing of early electronic and industrial music - Depeche Mode, The Cocteau Twins, Nine Inch Nails, and Stabbing Westward to name just a few. Fryer is also a member of This Mortal Coil (one of two constant members of that band).  This is from the covers album This Mortal Cover. Here is teams with Tom Berger. The results are extraordinary.
17. "Song for a Cowboy - Live Acoustic" by Maxximo
Next up, we have a track from New York pop singer-songwriter Maxximo from his Live at Home EP - recorded under quarantine. We have featured Maxximo before. He is a gay Mexican immigrant, and I just dig the spirit and energy of his music.  
18. "Haluum Pois" by Bad Sauna
Also making a return trip to the Playlist is Helsinki based rock band Bad Sauna with their latest single with translates to "I Wanna Get Out".  This is another great song from the band - who have announced that their debut album will be out in December. It is called Olen rikas sillä minulla on teidät (“I’m Rich Because I’ve Got You”)
19. "California" by Malin Pettersen
The last time we caught up with Norwegian singer-songwriter Malin Pettersen, she was singing about Nashville - on "Wildhorse Dream". The album was, in fact, recorded in Nashville. Now, the album Wildhorse is out, and we are featuring a song about California.  The song and its title belies the strong Laurel Canyon influences on Pettersen's music, and she wears those influences well. I am enjoying this album very much. 
20 "Old Guitar" by Matt Eckstine 
We close out this segment of music with Savannah, Georgia based singer-songwriter Matt Eckstine with a track from his new album Lil' Blue.  The underlying theme of Eckstine's work is described as hold fast and roll with the tide - which seems good advice for these times. This is a terrific song, and I look forward to featuring more from this album. 
Tomorrow - we have the next five songs... 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, October 19, 2020

E2TG 10/19/2020 - Music City Monday and More - Too Much Sugar Mix (Comes with Time Remix)

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It is just over two weeks until the election. The current president said his opponent would listen to the scientists about COVID and that was meant as a criticism and his followers think it is.  I am encouraged by the early voting numbers. I am not sure how I will handle election night (and however long it takes until result are official). I can't even thing about what will happen if the unthinkable happens. 

Nashville's COVID numbers are up. I worry about my friends whose passion and livelihoods have been so dramatically impacted by the pandemic and for whom a return to normalcy is months away and filled with uncertainty about what that new normal will look like.  I am discouraged by people acting as if the pandemic is over or is a fake. At the same time, I see friends tentatively playing shows with safety precautions, and although I am not yet comfortable with that - I wish them well. I am angered that some people minimize the importance of COVID-19 deaths because many of those who died were older and/or had underlying health conditions - as if either of those two things devalues a human being's right to live. 

I ache for a time when politics in an occasional concern - like during a crucial Congressional vote... and not a daily reaction to the ravings of a madman. 

I ache for a time when E2TG is 100% about music again. 

Our Featured Friday Playlist picks up with songs 11-15:

11. "She's Alright" by Jon Worthy
Jon Worthy has been busy.  This latest single was a full-band effort that he wrote, recorded, performed, and produced on his own.  It sounds fantastic. Nice to hear him rocking again. 
12. "You & I" by Mcclendon
We previously featured the title track from Mcclendon's Room 33 EP, and now we have another track from that release. A young Nashville songwriter that has caught my attention. 
13. "How It Has to Be" by Jeremy Ivey
Waiting Out the Storm is out now! Jeremy Ivey has made an important album for our times, and he is truly one of the best songwriters around. 
14. "Mississippi Suitcase (Slight Return)" by Peter Parcek
My connections to the blues world have been telling me about Peter Parcek's new album Mississippi Suitcase, so I had to check it out for myself. Wonderful stuff. Parcek is an award winning blues guitarist from Boston. 
15. "Sensitive Souls" by The Mastersons 
Among the shows I saw in 2020 before the lock downs and quarantines - was a show at City Winery that featured The Mastersons. Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore can often be found backing Steve Earle has long-time members of his band The Dukes. On their own, they make powerful and wonderful music. Some people like shouting "Shut up and sing", and so The Mastersons join in the growing ranks are artists who are speaking out with their songs as well as their words.  Red, White & I Love You Too is the name of their new album, and it should be heard. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, October 16, 2020

E2TG 10/16/2020 - Featured Friday - Murder Industry Mix (Tin Foil Hat Remix)

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I am optimistic. Now, I have no idea how the election is going to turn out, and I have no idea when the pandemic will really be over or what life will love like when it is. I don't know how we will heal the division and hatred and fear that divides our nation, or how (or even if) we will deal with the bigotry which has been emboldened in recent years under a so-called leader to has done the emboldening.  Nevertheless, I am optimistic. 

I see a lot of good people who are united not by a common ideology or a singular political philosophy, but who are united against fascism and hatred and bigotry of all kinds. I see brilliant, compassionate, and creative people who are finding new ways of doing things and who are taking care of one another.

No doubt, the road ahead is difficult and uncertain, but I am optimistic- not that the path ahead is perfect or easy, but that we will continue marching down that road toward a brighter future. 

This week's Featured Friday Playlist is a bit longer than previous weeks, so I decided to start with the first 10 songs for today's post. You can find the recap - below the jump 


    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, October 15, 2020

E2TG 10/15/2020 - Notes for Votes III - Greatest Thing Mix (Goodbye to You Remix)

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Magnolia Roads presents Notes For Votes III virtual festival, teaming up with HeadCount, Virtual Festival and 19 artists who embody American Roots music to get out the vote Sunday Oct. 18th. Alice Wallace, Andrew Leahey, Andrew Sheppard, April and Monroe Grisman, Aram Danesh, Chad Elliott, Chip Greene, David Gans, David Newbould, Don Gallardo, Jason Daniels, Mike Younger, Monroe & April Grisman, Natchez Tracers duo, Pete Delaney, Rich Mahan, Sara Rodenburg, The Royal Hounds, The Truehearts, and Tommy Womack come together singing and strumming, jamming and rocking to inspire folks to vote. 

Join and watch the free Magnolia Roads presents Notes For Votes III virtual festival live broadcast Sunday October 18th 4-7pm EST, 3-6pm CT, 2-5 MT, 1-4pm PST on: 

“Don’t Spectate, Participate” ~ Tim Easton

• Alice Wallace -
• April & Monroe Grisman of Kana Mota - 
• Andrew Leahey -
• Andrew Sheppard -
• Aram Danesh
• Chad Elliott -
• Chip Greene -
• David Gans -
• David Newbould -
• Don Gallardo -
• Jason Daniels -
• Mike Younger -
• Natchez Tracers duo -
• Pete Delaney of Avocado Sundae and The Grain
• Rich Mahan -
• Sara Rodenburg -
• The Royal Hounds -
• The Truehearts -
• Tommy Womack -

• Magnolia Roads -

Our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist concludes - with the final 4 songs... I always try to save some interesting and good music music for last...

21. "The Promise" by Howard Gladstone
Up first, we have the title track to the new album from Canadian contemperary/alternative folk artist Howard Gladstone. Gladstone assembled an ensemble of musicians from the worlds of folk, jazz, and world music to make this lovely album which is anchored by Gladstone's rich vocals. Coincidentally, the album includes a cover of Jon Brook's "There is Only Love" which showed up in our shuffle this week.
22. "Dreamworld" by Seagoth
Seagoth is the nom de plume of an 18 year old indie pop/bedroom pop singer-songwriter from the UK. This is her new single, and it is just lovely. 
23. "Arcade" by Tomas Welding
Next up, we have the latest release from 22 year Tomas Welding from Iceland. The music here is alt pop, and I dig this song. Welding who suffers with Tourette Syndrome is a photographer, videographer, and graphic designer in addition to being a talented singer-songwriter.
24. "Barbie" by Kidranger 
We close out this week's Playlist with a track from alternative trap artist Kidranger - who is based in Maine. He has been making beats and rapping for some time. I don't know much about him, but I dig what I have heard so far.  A great way to end this week's playlist. 
Tomorrow, we start all over with a brand new playlist!
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

E2TG 10/14/2020 - The Middle Part of the Post Title - Love Minus Zero Mix (The House Remix)

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Today - our recap of the Playlist continues with songs 17-20...

17. "I'm Okay" by Melting Mallows
Up first, we have the new single from Belgian band Melting Mallows. The band is a 100% DIY band. There music catchy pop/rock. I dig it. 
18. "Doorway" by Lefthnd
Next up, we have the lead track from ad mausoleum - the debut album from Richmond, Virginia producer and songwriter Scott Lane who goes by the name Lefthnd. The album features several members of the Richmond music community including members of Butcher Brown - the band perform the new theme song for ESPN's Monday Night Football.  Digging this album.
19. "Mode for Titan" by Josh Werner
Next up, we have another debut album - this from bass player Josh Werner - whose impressive credits include work with Lee "Scratch" Perry, Ghostface Killer, Sly and Robbie, and Wu Tang Clan among others. The album was co-produced by Bill Laswell amd released on his M.O.D. Reloaded label. Cool, free jazz, and a wonderful addition to the playlist. 
20. "Better Days" by Rick Hromadka 
We close out this shuffle with the title and lead track from the new album from singer-songwriter Rick Hromadka of the band Maple Mars. This has a great psychedelic pop sound that I really dig. 
Tomorrow - we wrap up our recap with songs 21-24...
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

E2TG 10/13/2020 - Idealism, Realism, Cynicism, and Fascism - No Hope Mix (Only Love Remix)

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Thinking today of isms. Some seem objectively bad but are they all? I kind of think it depends.  I tend to see myself as an idealist, and I usually think it is a good thing. Idealism is NOT synonymous with naiveté. Being idealistic does not mean I see the world through rose-colored glasses, but just that I have a vision of how I think the world should be. My problem is that I often disappointed when I see the way the world is compared to how I want it to be. But, if my idealism drives me in my efforts to shape the world around me, then it is good. 

Realism  - I tend to think of in negative terms. I tend to see realists as lacking vision. They see the problems of the world and resign themselves to it. But, what if, instead of resignation - the realist instead has a clearer vision of the world and can better react to the situation at hand?

Cynicism - I think an idealist can also be a cynic. Especially, if we let our disappointment in the gap between what is and what we believe should be make us bitter. But, healthy cynicism can be a good thing.   

I also don't think these three are mutually exclusive. One can have idealism, realism, and cynicism. The issue is how you use it. I think the world needs all three working together to come up with solutions that are practical but which strive for an unattainable ideal - while being questioned by a discerning eye and mind. 

But ah- Fascism... do the true fascist of today seem themselves in that light? Some do - maybe, but most do not. Thinking about the creeping rise of fascism in the United States which has been marching hard in recent years. People can get caught up in their vision to the point that they only see it.  I do think it is possible for an idealist and a realist to become a fascist without knowing it. Which is why I think my idealism needs the voice of the realist and the cynic -whether an internal or external voice to keep it in check.  

Today we featured the Next 4 songs in this week's Featured Friday Playlist. Songs 13-16:

13. "Bury" by Christian Singles 
First up, we have the lead track from the first solo release by Rob I. Miller (Mall Walk, Blues Lawyer) - a Bay Area singer-songwriter. The album is called Maybe Another Time and is out now on Mt. St.. Mtn. records. I dig it. 
14. "Distraction" by Kevin Burnstein
Next up, we have the lead single from the new album by recent Nashville resident Kevin Burnstein. The album is called Attack Distract Divide, and it is out October 23. This first single - "Distraction" is out now, and it is - as the titles might suggest a song and an album for our time. The song reflects the divided nation at a time when unity was most needed, and the role of leaders and some media and their tactics of distract and divide. Powerful stuff. 
15. "Prana Light" by Laraaji
After some heavy truth telling, it is time for some beautiful piano music courtesy of New York City based musician, mystic, and laughter meditation practitioner Laraaji. His album is called Moom Piano - which is his companion to his previously released Sun Piano. Just a lovely piece of music.
16. "Alive Again" by So Are We 
And we close out this segment of music with a fantastic song by this duo from Norway. So We Are has been together five years, and they just released their debut full-length album Piece of the Puzzle. This is the lead track, and I was captivated by the vocals of 
Guro Vikingstad and the guitar work of Stian Haslie.

Tomorrow - songs 17-20 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, October 12, 2020

E2TG 10/12/2020 - Music City Monday - Feels Like Home Mix (Developing Sickness Remix)

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Heading to another week.  The election is looming. I am feeling overwhelmed by a lot of things today, but I am not giving up. I am disheartened by the injustice in this world, but I am carrying on with my belief that justice will prevail.  I am overwhelmed by the callousness and disregard for basic human rights, but I am still fighting for love and for a world where all people are equal - even in their differences. 

I stand with the marginalized and those silenced by the system and the many. 

I am tired... but I am here. 

Below the jump, we have this week's Music City Monday random shuffle. Before that...

...we pick back up with our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist with songs 9-12...

9. "Home Remedy" by Will Kimbrough
We start this segment with the new single from Will Kimbrough - from his forthcoming album Spring Break. The song was co-written with Adrienne Young and is about the healing power of love. Young released her version of the song in 2004. Kimbrough's  Spring Break LP will be out October 23.
10. "When This Blows Over" by John Calvin Abney
Tulsa Oklahoma guitarist and singer-songwriter John Calvin Abney is back with another single - John Moreland played bass and drums and Whit Wright played pedal steel. He calls it his song of storms.  His new album Familiar Ground is due out in November. 
11. "Conflict" by Zao
Zao is a metalcore band that formed in 1993 in West Virginia later moving to Pennsylvania. They recently released a compilation of early recordings called Preface: Early Recordings 1995-1996.  This is a track from that album, and it sounds fantastic. 
12. "Pay It No Mind - Live" by Lee Taylor
And, we close out this segment of music with the new single from New York City based singer-songwriter Lee Taylor with her tribute to the iconic LGBTQ+ activist Marsha P. Johnson.  The song captures the fiery spirit of the trailblazing activist. 
Tomorrow - we have the next four songs in the Playlist...
    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, October 9, 2020

E2TG 10/09/2020 - Featured Friday - No Sound Mix (Save the Day Remix)

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Well, we have reached the end of a another week.  I am so ready for the weekend.  I am going to start a few hours early....

I will say before we dig into the brand new E2TG Featured Friday Playlist - VOTE! Make a plan.  Check with your State and local election officials. There is a definite and concerted effort in some locations to suppress voting.  Don't let them win.  Know your rights and exercise your rights. 

One more thing, before I just jump into the music - at this point, the people I truly don't understand are the undecided voters - I understand them less than Trump voters. Trump voters are part of a cult, so their behavior is predictable and easily understandable if you understand how cults work.  But, the people who are on the fence - that I have a hard time understanding. To me the choice is stark and obvious. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, October 8, 2020

E2TG 10/08/2020 - Like a Flies on... that ain't Sherbet - Unhappy Fly Mix (Brave New World Remix)

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A little short on time.  Just a quick reminder to vote and encourage your friends to vote. Also, I know that yesterday, I said I was done joking about this stuff- but I mean, come on, that fly!

Wow! I can't believe it is already time to wrap up our recap of this week's Playlist - but it is... time to make way for a brand new playlist tomorrow....  Today, though, songs 21-24 - I always like to save some the most interesting selections for the end of the playlist. 

21. "I Know You" by Mantis & the Prayer
We start with a track from Murder Ballad and the Blue a AA single from Melbourne based trio Mantis & the Prayer. The band released their first album in 2016. This was my first exposure to them, and I was impressed. Cool stuff. 
22. "Heart Land" by Gold Hick
Next up, we previously featured a single from UK artist Gold Hick. Now, the album Formed At Depth is out. When I first featured Gold Hick, I was unaware that he is a part of the band Broads who we featured heavily in recent years.  I am glad that, even though I didn't realize that connection, I connected with this artist.  Really interesting music. 
23. "Afterglow" by The Sea at Midnight
We have featured several tracks by L.A. based post punk artist The Sea at Midnight - which is the project of singer-songwriter Vince Grant. This is the latest single and a great song. 
24. "Impact" by The Subtheory
Andy Hill is an electronic music artist who divides his time between L.A. and the UK. This is the title track from the new EP, and a wonderful way to close out this Playlist!
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

E2TG 10/07/2020 - Are You Ready? - Rosalee Mix (Rosie Remix)

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I have voted.  All I know to do now is to again encourage all decent-minded people who are not under the influence of the cult-mind to vote and to likewise encourage all like-minded people to vote  I have been pondering the best way to expend my energy.  I think I need to tell you that I believe that Joe Biden is the clear choice for President. He is not perfect, and I do not agree with him on some policy issues, but practically speaking, this is an A. or B. choice between Biden and Trump. C. D. or E. are not viable options so even if you like one of those candidates - I urge you to vote for Biden. Of course, you must follow your conscience... but if your conscience does not recoil in horror at the thought of another four years of this insanity, then... I am not sure what to say.  As I said yesterday to my lefty friends and my central-right friends, after Biden is elected hold him accountable. Ask your representatives to push forth ideas you support. 

For me personal, I think I need to stop acting like Trump is a joke. Too many lives are at stake, too much progress and too many freedoms are on the line. I need to stay focused and ignore the giant ape slinging poo. Since his candidacy started gaining traction in 2016, I have felt that any attention he gets helps him. His base is lost right now. Our sisters, brothers, parents, cousins, friends who still support Trump are currently out of reach. Forget about them for now - follow your heart about ending or continuing relationships but stop engaging. 

The United States has never been a perfect union. What I believe in is striving to create a more perfect union.  To me that modifier doesn't mean the union was perfect and that we strive to make it more perfect - it means we incrementally move toward a perfect union.  Perfection may not be achieved - certainly not in our lifetimes and we may be far from perfection, but the strive is toward that.  The last nearly four years, we have been moving rapidly away from that perfection and we must reverse course. I know some of my progressive friends hate the status quo, but at this point, status quo is a step toward righting the country and eventually moving forward. 

Final note, if you have read this far and you still support Trump - 1. I am not telling you to stop reading E2TG, but you can if you want. 2. I no longer want to hear your justification. If you can sleep with your decision, then okay - but I don't want to hear it. 3. I yearn for the day when E2TG can just 100% about music, but we are not there today, and I have to use this forum to speak up and speak out. I don't hate Trump supporters. I hate the actions that some have taken. I am struggling with feelings of hate toward the man himself and some of his top aides... but I am saddened and disappointed by those who continue to support him.   

We have the penultimate recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist... songs # 17-20

17. "Brave the Storm" by Last Year's Man
Last Year's Man is the solo project of Eugene, Oregon based producer/songwriter Tyler Fortier. This is the first single and title track from his forthcoming album. Portland, Oregon based Anna Tivel sings background and plays violin. This is a wonderful song, and I look forward to featuring more from this album. 
18. "Okay, Alright" by Laura Fernandez
Next up, we have the title track from the new album by singer-songwriter Laura Fernandez who was born in Madrid, Spain and is currently based in Toronto. Her music mixes pop, jazz, and classical influences. Really cool stuff. 
19. "Vastago" by Luan Estesia
Next up, we have another release from Bogota, Colombia based Discos Infante. As usual, I don't know much about the artist, but also as usual, the music is suburb.  I am really digging the music this label is putting out.
20. "The Black Flag" by Orchestra of Cardboard
We close with a stunner - the first release from the forthcoming (February 2021) album from this global project by filmmaker, performance artist, social activist, and musician Dan Edelstyn (Bank Job).  The album was produced by Nick Graham-Smith known for his work with Malcolm McClaren.  The themes are of freedom, democracy, and personal responsibility. Check it out!
Tomorrow - we wrap up our recap with the final four songs 21-24 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

E2TG 10/06/2020 - Middle Part of the Title - Take it Easy Mix (Cutless Cruiser Remix)

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My absentee ballot has officially been received by the Davidson County Election Commission.  I am urging all people with a conscience and a shred of basic decency to vote in this election if you are eligible. Make a plan. You may not like your choices but among the choices we have - the choice is clear.  Literally, lives and freedom and our country are all at stake. As with many of you, I know people who inexplicably still support this malignant narcissist and evil minions who support him. For now, I am going to stop trying to figure them out. It is just imperative that everyone who opposes this insanity vote.  I don't care if you are in a deep red state (like I am), a deep blue state, or a purple state - vote. We need this election to be a complete and unquestionable repudiation of the unprecedented attack on our democracy.  After Biden is elected - my far left friends and my centrist right friends can and should hold him and his administration accountable. But, before that - let's get him elected. 

I voted for myself but I voted also as a voice for my daughter who has intellectual disabilities (and all people with disabilities) who deserves a President who doesn't mock people like her and appoints people who want to take away their right to an education. I voted for my LGBTQ+ friends and family whose freedoms are under attack.  For people of color, for immigrant children who were ripped from their parent's and put in cages. For the world that my grandchildren and their grandchildren will inherit - which is in dire need to action to combat climate change - and not a President who rolls back decades of environmental protections.  

I am angry and I am scared, but I am fighting. 

Our recap of this week's Playlist rolls on. Songs 13-16 includes some better known artists with important things to say, a fun quarantine song from fun singer-songwriter, and some reggae to found it all out. 

13. "The New OK" by Drive-By Truckers
Surprise! A new album by Drive-By Truckers inspired by 2020. This is the title track - as usual Patterson Hood and company do not pull any punches. A great song that just had to make its way into my Playlist.
14. "Quarantine Blues" by Steve Poltz
Steve Poltz got his start (or at least first became known) co-writing songs with Jewel. He is an extremely funny and perceptive person who is always a joy to see live. My first time seeing him live was as an unexpected guest at a Darrin Bradbury residency at The Basement East a few years back. Poltz had been stranded in Nashville by weather. He later moved here (at least part time) and I have been fortunate to see him several times since then.  I love this song. 
15. "Times Like These" by Steve Earle
The Spotify release of Earle's RSD single (with "The Devil Put the Coal in the Ground"). The song is a chilling vision of the state of the nation. A song for our times. 
16. "My Teacher" by Kouatchou
And we close things out with a change of pace. Kouatchou was born in Cameroon and is now based in the UK.  This is the kind of uplifting music that I need right now.  Part of a double A single with a song called "Change" - this is a great way to close out this segment of music. 
Tomorrow - songs 17-20....
    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, October 5, 2020

E2TG 10/05/2020 - Music City Monday - Cold Mix (Blue Neon Remix)

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Well, we are back after the weekend. Fortunately, nothing of substance has occurred in the world since we were last together....  

Crazy times for sure... I am struggling to see the path forward from here - except, I do know it starts with a decisive electoral victory over evil. Today is last day to register to vote in Tennessee for November 3.  I urge everyone reading this to make sure you are registered and then make a plan as to how you are going to vote and vote safely. 

Before we get to today's Music City Monday Shuffle - we need to pick back up on our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist.  Today - Songs 9-12!

9. "Yellow Frames" by The Jensen Sisters
To start things off we have the title track to the debut album by this young Minnesota based country duo. Kendra and Kansas Jensen are just 17 and 20 years old. They were named new artist of the year at the Midwest CMA awards, and they recently celebrated the third anniversary of their Gypsy Outlaw Radio show. 
10. "Dangerously High" by The Wheel Workers
Up next, we have a track from the newest album by the long-running Texas rock band. It also happens to be their oldest album. I remastered version of their heretofore unreleased 2003 debut album.  At the time the album was made, the band was knows as The Wheel Works, and they were based in Austin.  They are now based in Houston.  I had not read the e-mail before I listened, I don't believe I would have suspected this was made seventeen years ago. Great stuff.
11. "Brain Dead" by Worthless Commodity
Music comes to be in a variety of different ways. Sometimes, professional publicists send me e-mails or even CDs, back when I went to shows are the regular, I would sometimes discover a band at $2 Tuesday or opening for a band I already knew. Sometimes musicians post about their friends.  And sometimes, my best friend and long-time musical partner in crime meets two kids at a comic convention in Fort Collins, Colorado and tells me about their band.  Anyway, that is how I first heard about Worthless Commodity - a young hardcore band from Fort Collins. This is a track from their 1/2 of a split EP. Their songs are short and profanity-laced and a lot of fun. 
12. "In the City" by Leron Thomas (Feat. Iggy Pop)
A few week's back, we featured Leron Thomas' stunning single "Endicott". Now, the album, More Elevator Music is out.  This track features Thomas' previous collaborator Iggy Pop, and it is an equally stunning track. I don't unnecessarily kick myself for being late to the game on great artists, but I do feel grateful when I do finally catch up. Leron Thomas is fantastic. 
Tomorrow - songs 13-16

    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, October 2, 2020

E2TG 10/02/2020 - Featured Friday - Jim's Dad Mix (Go With the Flow Remix)

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I am going to heed the lesson I was taught growing up... if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.   

Except - Wear a Damn Mask!

Before we get to the Featured Friday Playlist - we have one currently non-Spotify release to mention.  My Politic - the Nashville based duo of Kaston Guffey and Nick Pankey have released a new EP that lives up to the name of their project - Short​-​Sighted People In Power: A Home Recording - is out now on bandcamp and will be on Spotify at the end of the month (and will be in our Feature Friday Playlist at that time). In the meantime, you know the drill - check out and buy the music if you dig it. 

Now onto this week's Featured Friday Playlist 

    Featured Friday Playlist