Friday, April 30, 2021

E2TG 4/30/2021 - Featured Friday - Blockbuster Mix (Dirty Fingers Remix)

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Another week, another Featured Friday Playlist.  This week's list is slightly longer than last, and equally as full of great new and recent music. 


    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, April 29, 2021

E2TG 4/29/2021 - Countdown to 10 - Traversal Mix (The Robber Remix)

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As I mentioned before, May marks ten years of E2TG/Ear to the Ground. For at least the first three Tuesdays in May, Ear to the Ground radio on WXNA will be featuring some of our favorite artists through the years.  The show next Tuesday, May 4 will be dedicated to some of our favorites from the first year of the blog.  Distilling 10 years into three or even four hour long radio shows is a challenge, and I already know I am going to inadvertently leave somebody out that I really intended to include. 

You may wonder if during the 10 years I have ever considered stopping, well, the answer is yes - more than once. I guess you could say the trick to writing a music blog for ten years is stubbornness. But really, it is consistently.  I have taken a couple of what I consider significant hiatuses from E2TG over the years - always due to an upheaval in my personal life that made it necessary.  For me, other than times when it is impossible I strive to post every weekday. I know a lot of music blogs have come and gone in the years since I began - and by in large what I see when I look back at some of those is that they were updated only infrequently and then less frequently and then not at all. 

One thing I know, is that I cannot fathom what my life would be like today if I had never started E2TG or if I had stopped after a couple of months. I have met so many wonderful people and had so many opportunities I would otherwise never have had.  

Much as changed for me, for the world, and for the people I have covered over the years. Children are older, marriages are either longer-term or over, bands have broken up, people have moved away from music to other pursuits.  E2TG was never, in my mind, about predicting or featuring bands or artists who I thought were going to be huge. It was about championing people making interesting music - especially people who weren't getting as much attention from other sites. In the beginning, when I was picking which artists to feature - I obsessed over whether a certain band was "too big" for me to feature- which in retrospect is funny to me. 

What I have learned is that success and failure should be self-defined.  I would never pronounce a band as a success or failure, and more importantly, it is not something I particularly care about. To be more precise, I want every artist/band I know to find whatever level of success they want - realizing that many won't - but then I want them to find happiness and joy in whatever happens. 

In the beginning I had to go out and actively find music to feature. Now, I get more music sent to me than I can possibly sift through and I am fortunate to have many incredible publicists who regularly send me great music. But, I always try to have my ear to the ground.  I especially, listen when someone I respect posts about another band or artist. So, at least for me, yes - shouting out your friends has value. 

Feature Friday Playlist recap Part 5 (The Finale) (Songs 27-31):

27. "Ride or Die" by Cricketbows
Previously, we featured "Raised on Rock And Roll" which is the title track from the new album by this Dayton, Ohio band. I love the journey of this song which starts off nice and pretty and then kicks in with some awesome glam rock sounds.  
28. "Mirrorball" by The Catenary Wires
Next up, we have a wonderful tribute to 80s discos from this indie pop band from the UK who released their first album in 2015.  The extended single also includes a cover of the Human League's hit "Fascination".  
29. "You'll Never Change" by Summer Sleeves
Next up, we have the lead track from In the Throes of Woes.  Summer Sleeves is the project of Seattle based songwriter and multi-disciplinary artist Jeremy Charbonneau. Great lo-fi music that covers multi genres and sounds. 
30. "Corrupted Young Mind" by Gary Collocott
Next up, we travel to the Gold Coast of Australia for the latest single from this singer-songwriter who taps into the energy and freedom fighting vibes of rock and roll. 
31. "Window Dressing" by Least
And, as always, we end the week on a high note with a track from Folding My Hand, Accepting Defeat - the debut EP from Florida singer-songwriter Taylin Wills who records as Least. Most of the song deal with issues Taylin faces as an opening trans person. 
Check-in around midnight as we kick off a brand new Featured Friday Playlist. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

E2TG 4/28/2021 - Ah, Okay, I guess - Heaven Mix (Real Child Remix)

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So, here is where my head is at today... Thinking about things returning to some "new" normal or some "hybrid" normal.. I think it is important to say that a variety of feelings about all this is normal and complex and shifting feelings is normal, too.  I am happy for my musician friends who are beginning to see a return to what they love. At the same time, as I shared before, the current new normal is not something I am always comfortable with or really know how to navigate. My normal has not returned and likely will not return anytime soon.  I will adapt, but in the meantime, it is okay for me to be apprehensive and even frustrated.  

There are also a variety of more complex feelings which aren't directly related to live music.

On a somewhat related note, I, once again, have learned that sometimes the only way to get past an emotional block is to go through it.  (This is not, by the way, a substitute for professional help if that is needed).  But, for me, I sometimes have to just do something which I know will be good for me - even if a hundred voices provide excuses not to do it. It is a lesson I continue to learn and re-learn. 

Featured Friday Playlist recap Part 4 (songs 22-26):

22. "Persian Rug" by The Strange Days
First up, we have the new single from this London based gutter rock band. The band had been playing this song live for a year and half before recording it. A great lead-off to this segment of music. 
23. "So Long" by Sir Orfeo
Next up, we have the new single from this pastoral, lo-fi, indie folk band from Western Massachusetts. Their EP Millefleur is due out in June. Really wonderful song. 
24. "Floating" by Banana Chant
Next up, we have a track from the recently released second EP (Payingt off Student Loans) from this Miami based indie rock/funk/groove band. Check it out!
25. "Hold On" by Certain Animals
Next up, we have the first single from the forthcoming second album by this Dutch band who create fresh new music with a sixties and seventies vibe. Cool stuff. 
26. "Why Don't We" by Your Academy
And, we close things out for this segment of music with the lead track from the debut album from this new power pop band from Memphis which boasts and impressive pedigree which traces back to some of the great Memphis power pop bands of the past. 
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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

E2TG 4/27/2021 - Tuesday's In Nashville - Damage Case Mix (InfraStatic Remix)

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As we approach the 10th anniversary of E2TG - Ear to the Ground, I have been reflecting on the balance of constantly moving forward vs. taking time to reflect upon the past.  I see artists who deal with this struggle in different ways: some artists/bands remove all traces of their early work from the internet while other artists find ways to "celebrate" their earlier work. 

Overall, I support an artists right to deal with their earlier work however they see fit, but I would offers some thoughts to consider: 1. There is a certain type of music fan, who is interested in digging into the overall arc of an artists career. This type of fan isn't going to necessarily judge an older album as being inferior to the later work - but rather see it in the context of an artist find his/her/their voice.  2. Even if  you ultimately decide to remove an album from the internet - that is not to say some intrepid music blogger night not dig up an MP3 from some remote sub-sub folder and bring it to light. So, be prepared to accept this with humility.  3. Consider keeping the music in your own archives because what is embarrassing today might be the source of personal nostalgia in a few year.  I especially gear these unsolicited bits of advice to younger artists but I think it is relevant to anyone. 

Of special note, when you or someone else is digging into the musical past - there are often complicated or painful things which may come up - bands that broke up under contentious terms, relationships that ended badly, tragic deaths.  Especially the first two scenarios, I think it is similar to the questions surrounding an artist whose reputation has been sullied by words or actions. The eternal question of can you appreciate the art while reviling the person who made the art.  Can you appreciate the output of the band regardless of how things ended for the band members... 

In looking back over ten years of E2TG, there is a fair share all of the above and more. As a music blogger, I have to decide should I featured a song, an artist, or band - whose circumstances have changed - i.e. the work of a previous married couple... it is easier when it is a celebrity couple like Richard and Linda Thompson vs. people who one has come to know personally. 

In my mind, all of that uncomfortableness is part of the work in examining the past - which overall is important work. 

Anyway, onward... 

Featured Friday Recap Part 3 (Songs 17-21):

17. "Quarantine Blues" by Tombstones in Their Eyes
L.A. based psych-shoegaze band Tombstones in Their Eyes return with an new album called Looking for a Light. We first featured this band back in 2018, and it is great to have their heavy rock sounds back on E2TG. 
18. "Not the Same" by Recreation!
Next up, we have the first of two tracks from the French label Chinese Man Records - Dig It! series.  First up, we have a track from this electro, hip-hop, groove band from France. Great track. 
19. "Hasta Siempre" by SupaChill, Mary May, Nuffsaid
Our second track from Chinese Man Records and their Dig It! series comes from SupaChill who combines hip hop, rap, and salsa.  Joined here by Mary May and Nuffsaid.  Dig it! I do!
20. "Sweetness and Pain" by Sarah McQuaid
Next up, we have a recent single from the forthcoming album and video series, the St. Buryan sessions from this UK based singer-songwriter. A stunning a capella song. Really lovely and a fascinating project. 
21. "Cruel" by Atomic Bronco
And we close out this segment of music with the first taste of the forthcoming EP Spectrum from this UK-Based US slacker rock band.  I love this sound of this one. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, April 26, 2021

E2TG 4/26/2021 - Music City Monday - Same Mistakes Mix (Rooftops Remix)

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Running short on time... Here's today's music.

Featured Friday Playlist Recap Pt. 2 (Songs 11-16):

11. "True Blue" by DL Rossi
After featuring some of the pre-release singles - Lonesome Kind - the third album from DL Rossi is out now. The album was recorded in Nashville where Rossi lived before returning to Michigan to deal with a family health issue. 
12. "The Chain" by Eagles vs Drones 
Next up, we have a cover of the Fleetwood Mac song by this UK metal band led by Nathan Peach and Mark Vincent. Great cover. 
13. "I've Always Been Crazy" by Shannon McNally
Another cover - this time the lead track from Shannon McNally's forthcoming The Waylon Sessions tribute album - due May 28.
14. "Ghost a Go-Go" by Lowbelly
Next up, we have the first single from the recently released first album in 13 years (called II) by this eclectic band from Boise, Idaho.  Fun fact, in fifth grade, I had to do a report about a state and my report was about Idaho.  The band's story is one of resilience which I hope to share in more detail. In the meantime, check out the album and enjoy this track. 
15. "Off Guard" by Kid Hastings
Next up, we have the new single from California based indie pop artist Kid Hastings - the song was written calling two breakups and being hit by a car while skateboarding. Really interesting music, and I dig it. 
16. "Mutant Fur" by Dontmesswithjuan
And keeping things interesting - we have the latest single from the forthcoming album Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness - which tells a fictional story of Juan - this track is about mutations and transformation and change. Dontmesswithjuan is the project of a Montreal-based female artist who chooses to stay out of the spot-light. Really fascinating.  I dug this track and I am ready to dig deeper. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, April 23, 2021

E2TG 4/23/2021 - Featured Friday - Last Call Mix (Dirty Girl Remix)

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Time for another Featured Friday Playlist. This one is considerably shorter than last week's list, but it is crammed full of great new and recent music from old friends and new discoveries. As usual, the music crosses genre and geographic lines at will.  Please check it out. If so inclined, follow the playlist on Spotify. If you find music you like, support the artist(s)  by spending as you are able on music, merch, etc.  Spotify can be a great resource for sharing and discovering music but they do not sufficiently compensate artists for their work. 


    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, April 22, 2021

E2TG 4/22/2021 - Earth Day - Angry Hands Mix (Until You Remix)

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Featured Friday Playlist recap Part 5 (The Final Chapter) (Songs 45-52):

45. "Hey Mama (Edit)" by Zebrah
First up, today, we have a single - off the debut EP Stripes (due out in May) from this London-based French duo.  A great sounding song. 
46. "Call of the Morning" by Ventrelles
Manchester band Ventrelles are up next with their follow-up to last year's "County Lines". This time out - they bring a psych drenched pop sound that hits me just right. 
47. "Shut Down" by John Louis 
Next up, we have a fantastic song from Minneapolis based singer-songwriter John Louis.  It is the follow-up to "Gone Too Far" which was released back in February. Both songs are being released together on CD as an A/B - a homage to the classic 45s Louis grew up with.  I love this song. 
48. "She Has Spoken" by Dawn-Song
I also love this song - from the forth-coming debut album For Morgan (due in May) from this Welsh-born singer songwriter.  The album is an audio time-capsule from father to son. This first single is a lovely song. 
49. "Somewhere to Run" by Jon Flynn
Jon Flynn from the L.A. band Diamonds Hands (who are going to be releasing their fourth album later this year) just released his solo debut album Citrus. This song - and the album have a crystal cool Brit pop sound. I dig. 
50. "So High" by Mass Experience
Australian duo - Mass Experience was formed by Katie M. Little and Timothy Poulton who met twenty-five years ago - they each pursued successful careers (Poulton as a photographer - visiting remote spots on the planet and Little as a stand-up comedian and author.  When COVID-19 grounded both their careers - Mass Experience was  born.  This is the third single from their forthcoming album. 
51. "Lonely In Space" by The Buzzards of Fuzz
Next, we have the new single from Atlanta based groovy psych rock band - The Buzzards of Fuzz. Their first full-length album is due out in September.  This is cool stuff. 
52. "Anti-Social" by ACORN
And, we close out this week's playlist with a song that caught my ear because I could relate to the sentiment. ACORN is based in Nashville - the music is described as country-pop which is something I usually don't care for, but then again - I don't care for genre labels in general - I'm glad I checked this out. I always like to end the playlist with something interesting and a little different - and I think this fits the bill. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

E2TG 4/21/2021 - Two Weeks Out and Mid-Week Blahs - Al Gore Rhythms Mix (Much to Do Remix)

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I am now two weeks out from my 2nd vaccine injection which means I am now considered immune.  I will still wear a mask when I am in public and still maintain social distancing as best I can - because it is what the scientist recommend and because I care about my fellow humans.

Featured Friday Playlist recap Part 4 (songs 36-44):

36. "Number 4" by Nouhi's Nomad
We start off this segment of music with the single from the debut self-titled album by this Iranian-American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in NYC whose music incorporates rock, classical, and Persian influences.
37. "Fuel on the Fire" by Ali in the Jungle
Next up, we have the new single from this UK band who combine multiple influences and some bold and innovative instrumentation to create something truly unique and original.
38. "The Edge of the World" by Du Glas
We have another UK band - this one from West Cornwall with the title track from their forthcoming album (due May 1). The song is inspired by the breathtaking landscape around their hometown and the music is suitably majestic and the vocals are otherworldly. 
39. "Lock Down - Radio Edit" by Foxy Mammals
Next up, we have a track by this band that formed in 2018 and features members from the UK, France, and Spain. It is a powerhouse rock song about the lock down - elevated by the sonic energy of the music and vocals. 
40. "Chorus of Lists" by Jim McCulloch
Next, we have the second single from the forthcoming solo debut from Scottish singer-songwriter Jim McCulloch (BMX Bandits, Soup Dragons). I like this song quite a bit. Check it out.
41. "My Whiskey Life" by West of Texas
California's West of Texas (led by Jerry Zinn) brings some real deal honky tonk country music with his new album Heartache, Hangovers & Honky Tonks. The album is a decade in the making - beginning as a three song EP in 2010 before health issues sidelined Zinn for some time. The quarantine provided the time for Zinn to complete the album which was co-produced and engineered by Rich McCulley and features a great line-up of California country musicians. 
42. "Hot Diggity" by Kirk Nelson & Jambalaya West
Some New Orleans-inspired sounds from California - the new album is called Lagniappe. Kirk Nelson and the band brings some impressive credentials to the table to create music that makes me want to drink Hurricanes and stroll through the Quarter.
43. "Better Off" by Post Profit
Next up, we have the second single from this alternative rock band from Longview, Texas. The band is readying their debut album When You Think It's Right, It's Always Wrong. A great modern rock song. 
44. "Headlock" by Troy Bentley
And we close this segment of music with the title track from the new album from UK artist Pete Bentley who records as Troy Bentley (Troy being his mother's maiden name). The album features contributions from Bentley's siblings Tony and Kathy. Multi-layered music that sounds fantastic. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

E2TG 4/20/2021 - 4our 2wenty - Live Forever Mix (Ghost Remix)

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A wonderful mix of songs today in both segments of music.  Let's get right to it. 

Featured Friday Recap Part 3 (songs 27-35):

27. "Powerful Pierre" by Skidders
First up today, we have the recent single (from the forthcoming Friends & Family - due May 4) from this veteran UK musician. The album is an acoustic follow-up to the 2015 album Skiddeerselectric. A great start to this segment of music. 
28. "Dignify Me" by Eddie Turner
Next up, we have the fantastic new single from this musical powerhouse. It is the first single from his forthcoming Change in Me which is due out May 14.  Eddie Turner was born in Cuba and raised in Chicago. The new album was recorded between New York City and his current home of Denver, Colorado. A great tune. 
29. "Wait in the Dark" by Hadda Be
Next up, we have the lead-off single from the forthcoming (April 30) Another Life by this post-punk meets Brit-pop band formerly known as Foundlings. The band name comes from an Allen Ginsberg poem and marks the emergence of the band with a new line-up and a new attitude. Cool stuff. 
30. "Preacher" by Heckyl
Next, we have the debut release from this emerging pop artist (aka Luke Potter). Catchy and a great sounding track. 
31. "Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby" by Erika Grapes
Next up, we have the new single from the singer and songwriter from Milan. A wonderful atmospheric and sultry track.  
32. "The Gulf Between Us" by  Craig Cummings
We have the timely title track from the new album by this Washington D.C. singer-songwriter who combines a country rock sound with a solid pop sensibility.  The song has a powerful message about all the things that divide in these difficult times. 
33. "Bring Back the Love" by New Yank Yorkies
Next up, we have the fantastic recent single from a band whose members' roots run deep in the Canadian music world. Credits include Bryan Adams, Bruce Cockburn, Jane Sibury, Odds, Jimmy Barnes and more.  
34. "Shadow of the Pyramids" by Kristian North
Next, we have the first taste of the upcoming second album by this Montreal based indie pop singer-songwriter who previously fronted the garage punk band Babysitter. 
34. "Existor" by Sunlust

From Montreal, we move to Toronto with this track from the recently released debut album by this noisy geek rock band that formed in 2018.  A great way to close out this segment of music. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, April 19, 2021

E2TG 4/19/2021 - Music City Monday - Rain Mix (Alabaster Remix)

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Heading into another week.  By the way, the 10th Anniversary of this blog is fast approaching - in May.  I also realized the 10th episode of the Ear to the Ground radio show will happened that same month - so I am planning something special to mark that convergence of events. It is not looking like it may take two weeks.  More to come.  

In the meantime, Ear to the Ground radio can be heard every Tuesday from 6-7am on WXNALP Nashville 101.5FM or   To listen to past shows click HERE 

Feature Friday Recap (Pt. 11: Songs 17-26):

17. "Light Shines In" by Conor Gains
First up, we are a track from a new EP/single from this Toronto based singers-songwriter who makes music with a wonderful combination of pop, southern soul and more. 
18. "Deshta (Forever)" by Lisa Gerrard; Jules Maxwell
Next up, we have our second single to feature from Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell.  Great stuff. 
19. "The Way Down" by Van Plating
Next up, we have the new single from Florida based  singer/songwriting and musician Van Plating.  It is the follow-up to the her 2019 album which marked her return to music after a decade off. A strong song, and I look forward to hearing more. 
20. "Balearic" by Are We Static
Next, UK indie band Are We Static with a fantastic new song. 
21. "Palms Casino" by Sam Valdez
Next up, a immense sounding new single from L.A. based Sam Valdez - her full length album Take Care is due out May 7.
22. "Where is the Time?" by My Name is Ian (feat. HMS Morris)
Next up, a new single from Welsh band My Name is Ian - ahead of their new album due in June called Fantastic Company.  Here they team up with an other Welsh band we have featured before- HMS Morris. 
23. "Bridges" by Jason Pilling
We have a wonderful new single from UK singer-songwriter Jason Pilling who is originally from Saskatchewan.
24. "Scallywag" by The Lancasters
Next up, a tasty bit of rock 'n' roll which builds upon the classic traditions - especially on some of the great British bands of past decades. The Lancasters are from Italy, and this  great new single is pretty darn cool.  
25. "Upstate" by Shay Martin Lovette
Some lovely and mysterious country folk from this North Carolina artist who worked with members of MIPSO, Mandolin Orange, and Mount Moriah on his forthcoming Scatter & Gather due out May 14.
26. "Fly Wizard Fly" by Mashup & Cozy Condition
And we close this segment of music with some experimental funk from Richmond, Virginia. A great tune to wind up this segment of our playlist. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, April 16, 2021

E2TG 4/16/2021 - Featured Friday - Raise a Banner Mix (Lead Balloon Remix)

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A huge Playlist of new and recent music this week... as always several genres and from all over the world.  Check it out on Spotify (and follow if so inclined) and/or follow along here as we recap the playlist down below and through the next week. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, April 15, 2021

E2TG 4/15/2021 - What to Put in this Spot - Tricky Love Mix (Therapy Remix)

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My thoughts today are about the return to "normalcy".  I am happy to have received both doses of the vaccine and I hope more people will reach that stage.  I got to see live in-person, inside music for the first time on Sunday, but to me this is not yet a return to an old normal and to be honest, in some ways, that old normal is not coming back - which is okay - I look forward some new normal but I don't think we are there yet either. This current normal is something that I will have to adapt to I guess. For me, going out to see live music (usually in a smaller venue) was often a spontaneous thing, and I usually went out alone and then always met up with friends.   The current normal seems to demand more planning and in some cases buying "pods" of four seats.  For some, this works really well... for me, again, it will be an adjustment.   

I also have a form a social anxiety which is kicked into high gear what with being away from going out for over a year, the new rules etc. This is something I will have to overcome in order for me to exist in this new normal.  

I was not someone who often went to large gathering type events, so changes there will not affect me.  

My night out Sunday went well - not much advance planning - I think several people were feeling our way around new expectations which helped with my anxiety. I felt more prone to stay rooted in one spot than I used to....  

I always need to acknowledge that some people are not yet ready to go out like I did and some are way ahead of me on that. My general feeling is that the only people who are 100% certain of anything these days are the people who are clearly wrong. The rest of us are trying to do right, feeling our way through, and hoping for grace. 

 And just like that it is time to wrap up this week's Featured Friday Playlist.  As always, we save some cool music to finish off the week (songs 28-32):

28. "Time Crystals" by Coyote Man
First up, we have a recent single from this Chicago-based progressive instrumental band. Cool stuff. 
29. "Noah Mount" by Ben Conley

Next up, we have a bluesy new single from this L.A. based artist. This is my first exposure to his music, and I like it. 
30. "Nosebleed" by ZOLA
Next, we have the first single following a year-long hiatus from San Francisco-based singer-songwriter ZOLA whose indie-pop music often combines French and English lyrics. A great sound on this track. 
31. "HEADLIGHTS" by Sleep Nation
Keeping stateside for one more track, we have the new single from this alternative rock band from right here in Nashville. The powerhouse bluesy song's story is a modernized version of Wayne Cochran's 1961 song "Last Kiss" which was covered in more recent times by Pearl Jam. 
 32. "U Can't Hide" by RUMBLE (feat. Blackout Ja)

And we close things out today and for this week's playlist with our second time featuring the Chinese Man Records artists RUMBLE - who also closed out a playlist last November.  Here they are joined by reggae dancehall legend Blackout Ja.
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

E2TG 4/14/2021 - Check-in - Subtle Mix (Annihilation Remix)

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We continue on with our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist - songs 22-27:

22. "All I'm About" by Arden Lanes
First up today, we have a track from the debut release by this Seattle band which whose members bring a wealth of experience and an impressive lineage. A great way to open this segment of music.
23. "Here's To the Down & Out" by Steven Faulkner
Next up, we have the recent single from this UK based singer-songwriter who often deals with topical issues. 
24. "Sugar Bones" by Cameron Alexander
Next up, we have the latest single from this singer-songwriter from Perth, Western Australia and his band. A great sounding song.
25. "Tumbleweed" by Harri Larkin
Next up, we have a new track - the second single from a couple of EPs which are being released in front of the UK band's upcoming full-length debut. 
26. "Perch Privileges" by Nature's Neighbor
Our second track to feature from this Chicago based indie alternative band is an excellent pandemic song. 
27. "just friends" by kidgloves
And we close this segment of music with the 4th single from this emerging L.A. based artist.  Great stuff. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

E2TG 4/13/2021 - Words Fail - Voter Suppression Mix (Hope Remix)

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Another day, another (several) shootings, another person of color being killed by police during a routine (if not questionable traffic stop).  We are on the brink of getting the pandemic under control here, but stubbornness and ignorance look like  they could derail that. We seem to be as divided politically as we ever have AND everything is potentially political - which means we aren't just divided politically but potentially divided over every aspect of life. 

And, I did not mean to gloss over the police killings.  For this to happen in the same city as the trial from another killing is taking place (I killing everyone witnessed and yet one which still is requiring a multi-day trial....   

But, yeah words fail... it is so easy to lose hope and to surrender to despair... But, I don't feel like I can or at least that I should because for me to give up seems like a benefit of my privilege. 

And, the mass shootings continue unbated...

And, we, as a nation, cannot even seem to agree that cops killing black people is bad or that mass shootings are bad.   Or, at least, we cannot even try to work toward a solution. 

Our Featured Friday Recap rolls on: Today songs 17-21:

17. "Sun & Moon" by Ben Schenberg
First up today, we have a single from Kansas City singer-songwriter Ben Schenberg that was released on April 1.  I dig it.
18. "It's Time" by The Licata Brothers
The Licata Brothers are an inspirational rock duo from L.A.  Their recent single reflects on how materialism distracts us from fighting for justice. A valuable and important message for our times or any times. 
19. "Pray Like You Mean It" by Nilsen's Southern Harmony
Next up, another timely new single from songwriters Bjoern Nilsen and Austin Church.  Nilsen has worked with Joe Sun, had songs used in movies and television, and had songs recorded by Linda Gail Lewis, Dallas Moore  (yes the time Dallas Moore we featured yesterday) and more. Austin Church's credits include work with Jimmy Buffet, Lyle Lovett and more).
20. "Blackbird's Refrain" by Swift Silver
Anna Kline and John Looney are Swift Silver from Kentucky and they play a new breed of Southern soul music. Check this song out.
21. "Back Then" by Cole Scheifele
We close this segment of music with a new single from this Colorado based folk singer-songwriter.  A lovely song. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, April 12, 2021

E2TG 4/12/2021 - Music City Monday and More - I Was Sleeping Mix (Star-Crossed Remix)

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Onward into another week....

Last night, I took in my first indoor live music in 13 months. At Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge, checking out Mark Robinson Band.  It was a good time.  My decision to go was based upon my vaccination status and the safety protocols which I know Dee's follows.  I fully understand those who are not yet ready to get out like that. I can report that it was great hearing live music in-person from a great band. I can also report that navigating the new reality is strange and different.  Ultimately, I am sure I will do it again, but I am still not sure about larger gatherings.

Our Featured Friday Recap continues now with songs 11-16:

11. "California Highway" by Dallas Moore
The Rain - the new album from outlaw country artist Dallas Moore is out now.  We featured one or two of the pre-release singles.  This album cut stands as evidence that this is a song album front to back.  
12. "Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key" by Cole Quest and The City Pickers
I fell in love this this song when it was released on Mermaid Avenue - a couple of decades ago????. Music by and performed by  Billy Bragg with lyrics from Woody Guthrie.  This fantastic new cover features the  late folk singers grandson backed by a band of great musicians. The album Self (En) Titled is due out this Friday.   
13. "Spirits (Having Flown)" by Coke Belda
I am unabashedly a fan of the songs of the brothers Gibb.  This is from 5: A Tribute to the Bee Gees Vol. 2 from this Pittsburgh artist.  The song was the title track to the 1979 album which was the immediate follow-up to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.  
14. "Juniper Jones" by David Wax Museum
The 8th album from Boston-based duo David Wax Museum is out this Friday. This is the first single, and I like it a lot. 
15. "Broken" by Whiskey Fixx
Next up, we have the new single from this relatively new country band from Detroit, Michigan. 
16. "Simulation Theory" by B. B. Palmer
We close with a song I just completely fell in love with - it is the recent single from this cosmic country band based in Alabama.  It is the second single from their forthcoming Krishna Country album due out later this year.  Check it out. 
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Friday, April 9, 2021

E2TG 4/9/2021 - Featured Friday - Deanna, Deanna Mix (My Price Remix)

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It is Friday and time for another E2TG Featured Friday Playlist.  As usual, it will take us through next week to recap the playlist for you... We kick off with the first 10 songs below the jump.  You can check out the Playlist on Spotify - where you can follow the Playlist if so inclined. 

My usual disclaimer: Supporting artists means paying for music to the extent  you are able: sites like Bandcamp provide many opportunities to support the artists you love. Spotify is a great way to share and discover music, but they do not adequately support artists. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, April 8, 2021

E2TG 4/8/2021 - Dreaming My Life Away - Way Too Hard Mix (Clarity Remix)

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Got out last night - visited Sid Gold's Request Room and partook of food from the Dreamers food truck.  Dreamers was started by Doug and Telisha Williams (aka Wild Ponies) and photographer Laura Schneider after the pandemic shut down their normal careers. 

The story of Dreamers* is inspirational in the best way. A prime example of turning adversity into triumph (and not personal triumph so much as triumph for the world). The Roasted Vegetable bowl I had was delish, too.  

*I don't have the time to recount the story - but here is a link you can check out.  

I can't believe it is time to wrap up this week's Featured Friday Playlist (As always we saved some great music for our final segment) Songs 47-55

47. "Knocks Me On the Floor" by Julez and the Rollerz
Southern California rock and rollers (formerly known as Julez) with their latest single. We featured the first single a few weeks back.
48. "Gravedigger" by The Damn Devils
Recorded remotely over the internet (which they were doing before the pandemic). This band features two brothers-in-law and a childhood friend of one of them. Brought together life-long love of rock and roll. 
49. "How to Weigh a Whale Without a Scale" by Leanie Kaleido
The title track from the recent album by this UK singer-songwriter. The album was produced by Ride front man Mark Gardener.  Kaleido's father was the original lead guitarist for the Yardbirds. 
50. "The Call" by Death of a Legend
This is the third single (and our second feature) of the rock and roll band who emerged from the hardcore scene in Milano, Italy. 
51. "I Am the Dance Floor" by Art d'Ecco
A fascinating artist from Vancouver - who brings a classic style and a modern sound - blurring whatever lines he can. I dig this a lot. 
52. "Landscape Simulation" by The Green Kingdom
The Green Kingdom is the solo project of Michael Cottone a sound artist from Michigan.  This was released on sound of silence records - a diy label from Athens, Greece.
53. "Through Somebody Else's Eyes - Leaether Strip Remix" by Nature of Wires
Nature of Wires is a UK artist who have been doing originals and remixes since the mid 1980s.  Here they get the remix treatment from the legendary Danish EBM artist Leaether Strip. 
54. "High Teens Low Twenties" by Ritual Cloak
Single from the forthcoming Divine Invasion album (due May 7) by this band from Cardiff, Wales (yes more Welsh music.)
55. "Monsters Mind Consuming" by Manntra
And we end on a high note with our second track to feature from this Balkan folk-metal band who combine Croatian folk influences with metal and industrial music from an original sound. A great way to take us out. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

E2TG 4/7/2021 - Seconds - Highway Mix (For Your Life Remix)

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Today's good news:

1. I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine this morning - four hours out, I feel okay.

2. E2TG Favorite (two-time Artist of the Year)  Darrin Bradbury just released a new single! It is so good.

Moving on, we have more of this week's Featured Friday Playlist (songs 37-46):

37. "Stuck in the Blue" by Numb Tongues
First up today is a recent single from this funky punk band from Toronto. Nice. 
38. "Love Poem" by Andrew Lessman
Next up, we have a lovely instrumental from L.A. based drummer Andrew Lessman. 
39. "O, A Weird Flower" by Nikolas Schreck
Next up, we have the title track from the recent album by this German composer. The album was released on the Spring Equinox. This is great stuff. 
40. "Please Tell Me" by Kathryn and the Overbytes
Next up, we have the debut single from this band from Australia. I dig it. 
41. "House on the Hill" by Seafoam Green
Next up, we have the recent single from this Irish duo from their forthcoming album Martins Garden which was produced by Tyler Greenwell of Tedeschi Trucks Band. 
42. "Tomorrow is Today" by Henry Chadwick
Next up, we have a really lovely new single from Santa Cruz native Henry Chadwick who grew up around recording studios and who puts that background to great use. 
43. "Downtown" by Paul Cafcae
Next up, we have a recent single from this Canadian singer-songwriter whose sound combines rockabilly, blues, and indie rock.  I like this song a lot. 
44. "Love Potion No. 10" by The Silver Devils
The new single from this San Diego band upgrades The Clovers' "Love Potion No. 9". This one connected with me right away. 
45. "New Mexico Way" by John Vento
Next up, we have the wonderful new single from this Pittsburgh based singer-songwriter. Great stuff. 
46. "God or Machine?" by Indifferentmonkey
And we close out this segment with a stunning new single from this UK band. It is from their forthcoming album Inner Lockdown. Check it out. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

E2TG 4/6/2021 - In Passing - Can't Dance Mix (Lude Dub Remix)

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"Life is passing me by", "Thanks, but I'll pass", "I passed the test", "I can pass as intelligent", "I don't need a ticket, I have a pass"... English is an interesting language - how one word can have multiple meanings which have to be discerned by their context. 

Just a random thought but it got me thinking about communication and how words and expressions can develop and change over time and by generation or geographic or cultural groups.  How every generation of young people comes up with new expressions - almost a new language that confounds and sometimes annoys the previous generation.  And some new expressions stick and reach the mainstream and other words and phrases and usages fade into obscurity.  

It is also an international phenomenon. In the English speaking world - UK vs. US for example - there are different words for somethings and also - the same but different generational things occur.  It really is amazing that we can communicate. 

And sometimes, someone's speaking or writing can be so filled with idioms and grammatical variations (errors) that the meaning can become obscured - and in order to interpret it becomes a lesson in linguistics. Sometimes, I wish I had a Star Trek Universal Translator for people who are theoretically speaking the same language as me. 

I am not sure why I am thinking about all this...  tangential to all this talk of language and expressions are the general communication issues we all face. I think about e-mails I get for new releases and how sometimes the information I think would be the most important is either omitted or buried in the text (like release date, album title, etc.)

Anyway - onward...   

On we go with the Featured Friday Recap... today songs 27-36:

27. "Military Man" by The Rose Petals
Track from the forthcoming debut album (American Grenadine - April 23) by this folk rock duo from Portland, Maine.  We previously featured two separate singles by the band members Peter Donovan and Elijah Ocean. 
28. "Stranger Among Friends" by  Distant Voices
Next up, we have a track from the debut album by UK artist Valdis Stekelis who records as Distant Voices. Long Road to Home is out now. We previously featured an earlier single from teh album. 
29. "Friends" by Vinok
Next up, we have a cool recent single from the Ukrainian/American band who are based in Kiev. Great stuff. 
30. "Things You Said" by Griff Clawson
Next up, we have the latest single from Southern California singer-songwriter Griff Clawson.  We have featured earlier tracks by him, and this latest is really good. 
31. "Mr. Danger" by The L.A. Maybe
Next up, we have some stunning hard rock from this band from the Carolinas. Wonderful grooves here - brought to my mind AC/DC - but not derivative at all. 
32. "Tequila Kisses" by Jon Randall
Singer-songwriter Jon Randall has had a successful career as a songwriter, musician, and producer. He won a Grammy award as part of Emmylou Harris' Nash Ramblers.  His new EP Neon Texas  pays tribute to his Texas roots. 
33. "Post" by Casey Wickstrom; Taylor Rae
Next up, we have a new recording of a song first recorded 10 years ago. Casey Wickstrom is a California based artist and Taylor Rae is a California native now based in Austin. This new recording was backed by a Kickstarter Campaign, and it is a really beautiful and catchy song. Check it out. 
34. "Go Greta" by Sunstroke Rain
Next up, we have a wonderful new single from Swedish visionary artist Sunstroke Rain (the name is an anagram from Karin Turesson - who has worked with numerous Swedish artists including Robyn).  
35. "You Can't Love Me Like I Loved You" by Layla Frankel
Next, we have a single from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Layla Frankel.  It is from her forthcoming Postcards from the Moon which will be out May 1.  She is backed by some top Nashville session musicians on this track. I like it a lot. 
36. "Pushing Me Away" by Mike Donehey
Mike Donehey is best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the Dove award-winning Tenth Avenue North.  He is also the brother of Kanene Donehey Pipkin of The Lone Bellow. His new solo effort features a cosmic country feel. His new three-track release A Father & Two Sons is based upon the parable of the Prodigal Son - which each track representing a different character from the parable.  A great way to close out this segment of music.
    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, April 5, 2021

E2TG 4/5/2021 - Music City Monday - Child of Light Mix (One Way Ticket Remix)

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Heading into another week of Music.  In other news, I will be getting my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday. Hoping for the best as far as side-effects.  Had only minor arm soreness with the first. Regardless, having had COVID, I expect whatever the side-effects - they will be better than the alternative. 

I am somewhat positive about seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, but I am still a bit worried that we will see another spike or two along the way, and I hope most people will do what is necessary to keep everyone safe. 

A big Featured Friday Playlist this week - so we have to cover a log of ground today (songs 17-26):

17. "Everything Begins, Everything Ends" by The Gracious Losers
We open this segment with a track from the EP Six Road Ends by this Glascow-based Celtic Americana band.
18. "It All Started in the Garden" by Dick Aven
Next up. we have the title track from a new album by this multi-instrumentalist based in Franklin, Tennessee. Interestingly, this came to me from one of my favorite UK publicists/pluggers. 
19. "Living in the Last Days" by Elizabeth King
Next up, we have the title track from the new debut full-length album from 78 year old Memphis based sacred soul sing Elizabeth King. This is something special.  
20. "Die Young" by Soo Line Loons; Car'ma
Next up, we have another track from the forthcoming self-titled album by this Minneapolis band. We have been digging their music a log as of late. 
21. "Haunt" by All Hallowed
Next, we have our third track to feature from this Dayton, Ohio based dance punk band. I have to admit that dance punk was not a term I knew before hearing this band, but it makes sense to me now, and I like it. 
22. "I Love You" by Modesty Blaise
Next up, we have a track from the new album from this avant-pop band from Bristol, UK.  It is our second track to featured from their just released self-titled album. The band has a colorful history that began in 1993.
23. "High Price (for Peace of Mind)" by KISS KISS BANG
Next up, we have a single from the recently released EP Hungry, High & Seeing Things by this rock band from nearby Bowling Green, Kentucky. 
24. "Antelope Winnebago Club" by Departure Lounge
Next up, we have the lead track from the 4th album and first album in 19 years by this band - whose is based between southern England and right here in Nashville. The album features the four original members of the and special guest Peter Buck (R.E.M.).  Dig this a lot. 
25. "Let the Music Play" by Ben Gorb
Next up, we have the new single from this Manchester, UK based artist who released his debut album last May. 
26. "Circles" by The Brother Brothers
And we close out this segment of music with the final pre-release single from the forth-coming Calla Lilly (April 16) from this duo from Brooklyn. Great stuff and a fine way to close out this segment.


 Featured Friday Playlist


Friday, April 2, 2021

E2TG 4/2/2021 - Featured Friday - Peggy Mix (Sharp Remix)

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Time for another Featured Friday Playlist.  This is a fairly large list - thanks to taking a week off... But, we have a ton of great music spread throughout the whole playlist - so please check out the full list on Spotify (below) and give us a follow if you are so inclined. 

It is also Bandcamp Friday - so be sure to support your favorite independent artists by buying music and merch from them - Bandcamp is waiving all revenue sharing - so your money goes directly to the artists you love. 

We have a bunch of music to get to and time is short - so let's dive right in...

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, April 1, 2021

E2TG 4/1/2021 - No Fooling - Marshmallow Mix (Sea Glass Remix)

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No fooling, I appreciated everyone who has read and supported E2TG over the last (almost) ten years. This silly little music blog has changed my life and introduced me to so much great music and so many great friends.  #ThanksNotPranks 

Today we wrap up this Featured Friday Playlist and prepare the way for a new list tomorrow/tonight around midnight.  Now, songs 30-36...

30. "Someone" by Cory Singer
We start off with a recent single from this singer-songwriter, actor, and social influencer who sings and writes about his struggles with Asperger's Syndrome. He has become an advocate and inspiration. 
31. "The Place Where I Belong (Acoustic)" by John McDonough
Next up, we have a track from veteran Austin singer-songwriter John McDonough - it is an acoustic version of his ode to John Denver. 
32. "Eden Gaol" by The Miller Test
Next, next up, we have a track from the forthcoming album Dead Blue by this London based band. Really cool music. I dig. 
33. "For My Animals" by American Culture
Next up, we have the title track from the new album by Denver DIY-basement-core band American Culture. I really love their sound. Wickedly cool stuff. 
34. "Cut it Off" by The Last Element
Next up, we have some high-energy hard rock music from this Dutch band. I like this a lot. 
35. "Hetzer" by Soziales Hetzwerk
Next up, we have some punk rock music from Germany via Jim Schatzmann and his project Soziales Hetzwerk. Awesome track. 
36. "Guns Don't Cry" by Storm Seeker
And we stay in Germany with some pirate folk-metal music - and the title track from the new album by Storm Seeker.  As you know, I love a good pirate song any day.  A great tune to close out this week's Playlist. 
    Featured Friday Playlist