Tuesday, June 30, 2020

E2TG 6/30/2020 - Wear a Mask - Moonlight Mix (Concrete Dog Remix)

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Time is a bit short, so I will just say... Wear a damned mask!

Our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist continues with songs 11-15

11. "Heartbreak" by WeWantMore
First up today, some R&B flavored dance pop music from Orlando. WeWantMore formed in 2014. This track was produced by Andrew Lane who has some high-profile pop credits to his name.
12. "Summertime (Doin' Time)" by Alpha Pegasi
Next up, we have the first of two covers in this segment of our playlist recap. Alpha Pegasi are based in Colorado, and this is their updated take on the George Gershwin penned "Summertime" from Porgy and Bess.  
13. "Still near" by Remington Super 60
Next up, we have a cool track from Norwegian band Remington Super 60 . The band led by Christopher Schou formed in 1998 and have several releases over the years. This is a single from a forthcoming EP due in the fall. 
14. "Purple Rain - Take 7, Acoustic" by Michael McArthur
Next up, a haunting cover of the Prince classic from Florida based singer-songwriter Michael McArthur who is releasing two EPs soon (One this Friday and the other in August)
15. "Cowards" by David Starling
We close this segment of our Playlist recap with another Florida singer-songwriter. David Starling formerly of the band Slow Low Crow. This powerful and timely track is the lead single from his upcoming album which was recorded in 2019.

Tomorrow - Songs 16-20....

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, June 29, 2020

E2TG 6/29/2020 - Music City Monday - This Very Second Mix (Pirate Remix)

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Well, here we go... COVID-19 cases are going up rapidly in places that opened up too soon, and yet many people are acting as if the pandemic is over. I have seen posts from people talking about quarantine and other measures in the past tense. It is rather infuriating. Believe me, I want all of this over as much as the next person.  Never mind (for a minute) live music, I have not been able to visit my mother since March. And, yet I see pictures all over social media of people socializing in large groups with no masks and no social distancing.

I blame the federal response - the President and Vice-President for making this a political issue and for not leading by example. I blame ignorance and willful ignorance and selfishness. And, I am pissed.

One only has to look at the numbers in other parts of the world to see what a colossal fuck up this has been.

Look, I always try to take a measured approach with offering my opinions on thinks. I have always believed in trying to see and understand the opposing viewpoints. But, on this issue, I am done. I have multiple friends and family who are at risk, I have friends who have lost loved ones to this disease.  So, when I see crowds of tourists on Broadway in Nashville crowding together without a single mask present, I am sorry, but my ability to be calm and measured has been worn away.

Wear a damn mask!

Friday, we unveiled a brand new Featured Friday Playlist, and we recapped the first five songs. Today, our recap continues with songs 6-10.

6. "Can't Turn Me Around" by Dedicated Men of Zion
We start things off with the title track from the debut album by the family sacred soul band from Eastern North Carolina. Recorded in Memphis by Bruce Watson of Fat Possum Records.  The band was "discovered" by the fine folks at Music Make Relief Foundation. 
7. "Arc Light City" by The Blam Blams
Next up, we have the latest single from Nashville's premier glam band, The Blam Blams.  The Blam Blams make classic sounding music with a fresh and modern twist. Also, Happy Birthday today to Rob of The Blam Blams. 
8. "In God's Country" by Tayls
Next up, we have the latest in a series of covers by the Nashville band Tayls - led by Taylor Cole.  This time out it is a 1987 single from Irish band U2 from the The Joshua Tree album.  A really cool cover of a song I am very familiar with,
9. "The Best Kiss ... I'll Never Have" by Maxximo
Next up, we have a pop single from this gay Mexican immigrant living in New York. The b-side of the is a cover of The Judds' Dream Chaser. A great addition to our final Featured Friday Playlist of Pride Month.  
10. Professor Pinkhair's Philanthropic Philanderings" by Carrus & Kurtz
Finally today, we have some more ambient pedal steel and bass music from The Genius of Carrus & Kurtz.  This is from the recently released Volume 2 which is subtitled It Is Important That Everything Is Important. Both Cameron Carrus and Adam Kurtz have released solo albums since the lockdown. This was from a productive three hour recording session in the midst of quarantine. 

Tomorrow - Tracks 11-15.

    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, June 26, 2020

E2TG 6/26/2020 - Featured Friday - Lockdown Mix (Profits Speak Remix)

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Your daily reminder:  The pandemic is not over, wear a damn mask, Black Lives Still Matter, White Privilege is real, police should not be the first responder to every situation that arises. The next time you see a person of color acting "suspicious" ask yourself several questions before you call the police: would their actions be "suspicious" if they were white? do they deserve to die for whatever it is they are doing that you see as "suspicious"? Is there some other action you can take rather than calling the cops? Like ignoring them? Walking away? Talking to them? Anything?

I was thinking about the saying, "ignorance is bliss". These days there is a lot to unpack in that saying, but I would add at least one codicil: "willful ignorance is evil".

Well, it is time for a new Featured Friday Playlist!  We have another good one this week.  About six fewer songs than last week.  A fair number of E2TG favorites, local favorites, and a health dose of newcomers to E2TG.

Dig in and please Follow the Playlist.  We will begin our recap with the first 5 songs on the Playlist below the jump.  Next week, we will recap five songs a day in this space through Thursday - after which we will start it all over again.  By the way, the only reason I don't do a video playlist on Featured Friday is because I started the video playlist as a way to hear the songs being featured in an easy way.  With Featured Friday - the songs can be streamed and heard on Spotify.

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, June 25, 2020

E2TG 6/25/2020 - Speaking Words of Wisdom... - Cliff Notes Mix (Cover Me Remix)

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Today is the last day to check out this week's Featured Friday Playlist. We will have a new list shortly after midnight or maybe a little later if I fall asleep before midnight.

I have been really proud of these lists and the diversity of the music from all over the world. It is fun to hear the mix of music. I am grateful to get to do this and to get the positive feedback I receive. Thanks to the artists and publicists who send me music. I get a lot of e-mails, but I will never complain about that.

It is time to recap the final six songs from this week's playlist... Thanks to everyone who is following.  We will have a brand new playlist tomorrow (possibly just after midnight)

26. "Back 'till I'm Gone" by Leon Majcen
Title track of the new album from NYC by way of Tampa singer-songwriter Leon Majcen. I really dig the sound of his music and I especially like his rich vocals.  He donated all of the proceeds from the pre-sale of his album to the Southern Poverty Law Center - who are dedicated to tracking and identifying hate groups.
27. "Reawakened 2020" by Patrick Ames
A powerful re-imagining of a song that was originally written on inauguration day 2017.  A stirring call to action - with that action being to vote.
28. "Oyo" by Kids Love Surf
A duo that came together during quarantine from the southern coast of England. Poppy electronic sounds - I dig it. 
29. "Any Kind of Angel" by Jenny Reynolds
Long time Austin-based singer-songwriter Jenny Reynolds with the title track from her brand new album which was produced by Mark Hallman and Andre Moran.  The album features Jaimee Harris, Betty Soo and more. This is a wonderful album, and a great addition to this week's playlist.
30. "More Than Heaven" by Marina Matiss
Next, we have a brand new single from Barcelona based singer-songwriter Marina Matiss.  Lovely music. Matiss speaks eight different languages.  Her next single is going to sung in Spanish. 
31. "Kelpius" by Sylvette
Last, but certainly not least, we have the new single from 5-piece art rock band Slyvette - who are from Manchester. The single was produced by Phil Cunningham (New Order) and his Bad Lieutenant band mate Jake Evans.  A delightful change of pace and a great ending to this expansive and diverse playlist. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

E2TG 6-23-2020 - Be Afraid, but Do Not Fear - Happy Enough Mix (Joe! Remix)

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Okay,I have been thinking again - I know, I know - this is dangerous territory... but anyway, I feel like I am as fired up as anyone for real and substantive change. I also know that removing Trump and flipping the Senate are vital to making the change I want to see happen.

Now, I have friends and family who are strewn across the political spectrum - I think not as a line but as a plane. Far right, far left, moderate AND right leaning on economic policies but left leaning on social policies (now I realize for some this is an oxymoron but bear with me). I also know people who are basically apolitical but who react against extremism on either side. I know limousine liberals and poor, white "conservatives" who worry about their guns and "the gays'.

So, here is where I am left confused.  And, I guess this question is for the most left-leaning of my readers. It seems to me (or I perceive) that when the world starts tilting left - and more and more of the apolitical and centrists on either side start to move in a direction that I find hopeful, there are some from the far left - who start pushing a far-left agenda that serves to alienate these potential allies.

Now, I know all about and to a great extent share the concerns about the neocons. As a relatively young person, finding my political footing and forming my opinions, I was disillusioned by then President Clinton signing the Defense of Marriage Act - to name just one example. And, yes, I wish the Democrats of that day would have fought harder for LGBT+ rights, and I also recognize the political reality of the time. Winning the majority of Americans to support LGBT+ rights - which is a fight still on-going took time (is taking time).  Supporting "Civil Unions" while tacitly opposing gay marriage was on the one hand weak and cowardly, but it was a popular position. And, we lived to fight another day and now marriage is legal. We have fights that continue and some we thought we won that we are fighting again.

My larger point - at this moment in history - where conversations are finally happening, where momentum is turning, where people are listening and speaking up who have thus far, turned a deaf ear and remained silent. There seems to be a few ways to proceed. We can take some small victories, build partnerships and support, defeat Trump, flip the Senate and then start the long fight for some of our bigger goals.  Or, we can push for all the most radical changes - many of which I support - but in doing so, alienate and then criticize our new potential allies and drive them back to the right - lose the elections and see even more progress be wiped away. 

Are there other possibilities? Of course... and I open to those who disagree or who have a different view of things than the one I presented, but that is where my concern lies today.

Now for Part 4 of our Featured Friday Recap (Songs 20-25).  We will conclude our recap tomorrow night:

20. "Lovesick Kisses" by The Microdance
A track from the latest album, Our Love Noire, by the London based alt-rockers, The Microdance. The album was tracked in LA and may be the bands most varied album to date. 
21. "Mareena Roots" by The Bustermoon
Next up, we have the title track from the recent album by this folk n' roll band from Genoa, Italy.  I really like the sound of this band.
22. "One Heart (Cognificent)" by Carlos Severe Marcelin, Alicia Jo Rabins, The Poseurs
Next, we have the first of two pandemic related songs. This one is a collaboration on many different levels. It is the brainchild of Portland, Oregon based artist Carlos Severe Marcelin.  The track features a spoken-word piece by Alicia Jo Rabins, a verse by Portland band The Poseurs, and a chorus recorded by friends, family, fans, and musicians from around the country recorded on their phones and submitted. It is a remarkably complex and fascinating recording.
23. "Help One Another (We All Can)" by  Raveis Kole
Next, we have another song written and recorded under quarantine - also from the Pacific Northwest - this time Washington state. Ravies Kole is a songwriting duo made up of Laurie Raveis and Dennis Kole. A lovely and uplifting song in the 70s pop tradition.
24. "Sasha Goes Too Far/ It Could Be The Nights" by The Mendoza Line
Not precisely a new release but rather a new reissue (a 20th Anniversary reissue at that) from The Mendoza Line who formed in Athens, Georgia in the 1990s before moving to Brooklyn. Peter Hoffman and Timothy Bracy were the principal songwriters in the band.  The reissue features three newly released recordings from the era. The original recording of one of the new tracks was recently discovered by producer and musician David Barbe. 
25. "Mythomania" by Deleo
And closing out this portion of our recap, we have a interesting track from French alt-rockers Deleo.  The song has a dirge-pop feel.  A nice was to end this segment of music. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

E2TG 6/23/2020 - What's So Funny... - Only a Game Mix (Hero Remix)

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Humor in dark times. Tricky business. Topical humor to make a point is a time-honored tradition - irony, sarcasm, black humor -  but these days in the instant gratification world - the subtlety can often be missed or misinterpreted.  Humor can be seen as inappropriate. Many of us use humor as a defense mechanism. Like I said, tricky business.

But what of those who get caught admitting something or saying something offensive or stupid and then say, "I was kidding" or "It was sarcasm" when all evidence indicates they were not kidding and they were not being sarcastic. So, it becomes even trickier.

And what of escapist humor to take a break from fighting systemic racism or holding police accountable for their actions or trying to resist a would-be dictator. Will some, she this humor as poorly timed or accuse you of not taking things seriously enough? Maybe.  Should you alter your behavior? Maybe or maybe not.

I think it is worth thinking through every tweet, every Facebook post, every comment and considering the possible implications and interpretations. Ask yourself, who is your intended audience and your potential audience and do either of those groups need to hear what you have to say. Do they need to hear it in this way, in this format, in this context. What is it you are trying to say and do your words adequately convey your message This is messy and complicated, and you may feel as if your free speech has been curtailed.  Has it been?  Is self-reflection and self censorship a bad thing?  We hear censorship, and it sounds and is bad. Is self-censorship even a thing? Censorship denotes government suppressing free speech - surely, considering and weighing ones owns words is not that.

More later....

Now to Part 3 of our Featured Friday Playlist Recap - songs 14-19  (tomorrow 20-25)

14. "When You Don't Fight" by Darlin' Brando
First up, we have the lead track from Also, Too... the new album from Darlin' Brando. Darlin' Brando is singer-songwriter Brandon Goldstein. He was born and raised in Virginia - spent time in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and Nashville. In Nashville, he recorded 8 of the songs on this album at The Bomb Shelter with a band he played at places with the American Legion. Our friend Adam Kurtz (heard earlier in the playlist) plays pedal steel on the album. A.J. Croce sings on one track. This track is a duet with Darlin' Brando's new wife, playwright Edith Freni.  
15. "The Quiet Earth" by The Academy of Sun
The Academy of Sun is a psychedelic post-punk outfit from Brighton that formed nine years ago. This is the title track of their new album. 
16. "The Clearing" by Pharamcose
Pharmacose is an alternative rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. This is the new single off their new EP Prescription Fiction Vol. 1.  
17. "Codeine Veins" by Ja-Mali
Ja-Mali is a young hip-hop artist. This is his third overall release. Dig it.
18. "100 Times" by Dives
Dives are a trio from Vienna Austria that play surf-garage pop. They met at a Girls Rock Camp. This is their new single, and it is pretty cool. 
19. "Release Me - Easteria Remix" by Monsieur Minimal
Next up, we have a disco dance remix of the March 2020 single by Greek alternative artist Monsieur Minimal. A cool way to end this segment of the playlist. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday Morning Shuffle

"Only a Game" by Patricio Johnson (from You Gotta Be Quick Around Here)
Our first listen to this 2019 album from this Nashville based singer-songwriter. Cool stuff.
"Five Long Years" by Joe Beard (from Wayback Machine)
From Mark Hummel's album, Wayback Machine - the last two tracks features blues legend Joe Beard.
"Step Back (Take a Look Around)" by Skaciety featuring Laila K (from single)
A 2015 track. Skaciety would later become The Long Game - thus the video from The Long Game.
"Imago" by Tomorrow's Eve (from Mirror of Creation III - Project Ikaros)
An album we featured in 2018 - from German progressive metal band Tomorrow's Eve.
"Hero" by Angela Easterling (from single)
Next up, we have a single released in May dedicated to the individuals on the front line fighting against the virus that has devastated so many lives. Angela Easterling is joined by her common law husband and regular collaborator Brandon Turner here. We featured Easterling's Common Law Wife several years back.
"Dig a Hole" by Triggers & Slips (from The Stranger)
And we close with a track from a featured album from 2019 - from Salt Lake City's Triggers and Slips led by Morgan Snow.  The band was scheduled to play this year's Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown V in April - and Snow played the virtual festival.


This Week
6/?? - Learn to Fly - "Broken Nation" (single)
6/20 - David Starling - "Cowards" (single)
6/22 - Highway Women - "Shake the Dust" (single)
6/22 - Remington Super 60 - "Still Near" (single)
6/26 - The Special Pillow - World's Finest (EP)
6/26 - Dedicated Men of Zion - Can't Turn Me Around (LP)
6/26 - Serratone - "Groovy Lucy" (single)
6/26 - 8 Floors Up - "Roman Bones Make Good Glue" (single)
6/26 - The Speed of Sound - "Glide on By" (single)
6/26 - Fellow Hollow - "Where can I buy fresh berries at night?" (single)
6/26 - Scenius - "Darkest Lines" (single)
6/26 - Melissa D. - Little Girl (EP)
6/26 -TJ George - Fragmented Soul Vol 2 (EP)
6/26 - Dead Method - "Babylon" (single)
6/29 - Sofia Talvik - Paws of a Bear - Unplugged (LP)
6/?? - Mighty Brother - The Rabbit. The Owl (Double LP)

Last Week
6/15 - The Bustermoon - Mareena Roots (LP)
6/16 - Carlos Severe Marcelin - Impressionist (LP)
6/17 - DIVES - "100 Times" (single)
6/18 - Monsieur Minimal - "Release Me (Easteria Remix)" (single)
6/19 - Darlin' Brando - Also Too... (LP)
6/19 - Dolour - The Royal We (LP)
6/19 - The Microdance - Our Love Noire (LP)
6/19 - Mendoza Line - We're All In This Alone (reissue) (LP)
6/19 - Jenny Reynolds - Any Kind of Angel (LP)
6/19 - DeLeo - Mythomania (EP)
6/19 - Buildings and Food - "Streetlights" (single)
6/19 - Maria Matiss - "More Than Heaven" (single)
6/19 - Leon Majcen - Back 'Til I'm Gone (LP)
6/19 - Raveis Kole - “Help One Another (We All Can)” (single)
6/19 - Kids Love Surf - "Oyo" (single)
6/19 - Sylvettte - "Kelpius" (single)
6/19 - Patrick Ames - "Reawakened" (single)
6/19 - The Asteroid No. 4 - "The After Glow" (single)
6/19 - The Academy of Sun - The Quiet Earth (LP)
6/19 - Brett Ryan Stewart - "It's Alright to Grow Old" (single)
6/19 - Lady Couch - "Foolish and Blue" (single)

Next Week:
7/03 - Nicole Boggs and the Reel - None of Your Business (EP)
7/03 - Paul Nelson - Birmingham Woman (LP)
7/03 - Matthew Frederick - "Laura Jones" (single)

7/07 - Afton Wolfe - Petronius' Last Meal (EP)
7/10 - Hurricane Ruth - Good Life (LP)
7/10 - Fintan McKahey - "Platinum" (single)
7/10 - Nocona - Los Dos (LP)
7/10 - Easy Love - Wander Feeler (LP)
7/?? -  Learn to Fly - "Cherished Ruins" (single)
7/17 - The Bobby Lees - new album (LP)
7/17 - Soft Set - "Never Die" (single)
7/17 - Michot's Melody Makers - Cosmic Cajuns from Saturn (LP)
7/24 - Tawny Ellis - Love Life (LP)
7/24 - Lee Gallagher - L.A. Yesterday (LP)
7/24 - Even As We Speak - Adelphi (LP)
7/24 - The Wild Blue - Anonymous Future (EP)
7/24 - The Danberrys - Shine (LP)
7/24 - Ted Russell Kamp - Down in the Den (LP)
7/31 - The Jason Daniels Band - Downloads from the Universe (LP)
7/31 - Shishi - Mafitishei (LP)
7/31 - Vee VV - "Ugly Freedom (Toka Remix)" (single)
8/07 - The Furious Seasons - La Fonda (LP)
8/07 - Jason Molina - Eight Gates (LP)
8/07 - Steven Bruce - Same Time, Same Place, Same Station (LP)
8/21 - Eric Bolander - "Window" (single)
8/21 - Liar,Flower - Geiger Counter (LP)
8/28 - The Northern Belle - We Wither, We Bloom (LP)
8/28 - Special Moves - Little Help (LP)
8/28 - Debbie Lagrange - "La chanson des moustiques" (single)
8/31 - Andre Salvador & the Von Kings  - Last Night From Glasgow (LP)
9/04 - India Ramey - Shallow Graves (LP)
9/25 - Buildings and Food - Up Down Strange Charm (LP)
10/16 - Malin Pettersen - Wildhorse (LP)

5/15 - Special Consensus - Chicago Barn Dance (LP)
5/15 - Zach Aaron - Fill Dirt Wanted (LP)
5/15 - Secret Emchy Society - The Chaser (LP)
5/15  The Room in the Wood - We're the Martians, Now (LP) 
5/15 - Wicked Messenger - "Golden Eyes" (single)
5/15 - Lazerine - "There's Nothing in It" (single)
5/15 - Klashing Black - Thoughts on the Matter (EP)
5/15 - Aimee Steven - "Darling" (single)
5/15 - Wolfhounds - "Can't See the Light" (single)
5/15 - THË FŪÑŻØÑË® - "THË WËŁŁ (W/ MEKAGHOUL)" (single)
5/15 - BYSTS - "Runes" (single)
5/15 - Miss Rayon - "Regional Diction" (single)
5/15 - Party Nails - You Don't Have to Go Home But You Can't Stay Here (LP)
5/16 - The Electric Grandmother - Relaunch (LP)
5/18 - The Know - wearetheknow (EP)
5/20 - Town Meeting - Make Things Better (LP)
5/22 - Victor Wainwright and the Train - Memphis Loud (LP)
5/22 - Lazaris Pit - Conifers (LP) 
5/22 - Beauty in Chaos (feat. Steven Seibold) - "Almost Pure" (single)
5/22 - Beauty in Chaos - The Storm Before the Calm (LP)
5/22 - Ethan Gold - "Not Me. Us" (single)
5/22 - Nichole Wagner - Dance Songs for the Apocalypse (EP)
5/22 - Academy of Sun - Rose Devoid of Form (single)
5/22 - Blue Eyed Christ - World on Fire (LP)
5/22 - Electric High - "Waiting With a Gun" (single)
5/22 - FLEKS - "Mexican Standoff" (single)
5/22 - The Kondoors - "Good Times" (single)
5/22 - 2Square/ Mark Gardner - "Chained" (single)
5/22 - Adam "Ditch" Kurtz - Storms of Steel (LP)
5/25 - The Plastic Pals - "Hangin' in the Louvre" (single)
5/25 - Scarlet Drive - "Not My Problem" (single)
5/29 - Mick Hayes - My Claim to FAME (LP)
5/29 - G.F. Patrick - One Town Over (LP)
5/29 - Jack Stafford - "Background Worry" (single)
5/29 - Ryan Dishen - Whiskey for the Road (LP)
5/29 - Idle Noise - "Ghosts" (single)
5/29 - Altar of Eris - Isolation (EP)
5/29 - Merv Pinny - "I" (single)
5/29 - Skinshape (feat. Idid Aziz) - "Afande" (single)
5/30 - Sean Dampte - "Adura" (single)
5/31 - Debra Power - That's How I Roll (LP)
6/01 - Bessie Smith - Get in Union (LP) (from the Alan Lomax Archives)
6/01 - Darwin - "Dance Alone" (single)
6/04 - Benedict Sinister - "Your Parents (Dancing with the Stars)" (single)
6/05 - Nicole Boggs and the Reel - "None of Your Business" (single)
6/05 - People Without Shoes and Inkswell - Plasma Platter (LP)
6/05 - Short Haired Domestic - "A Song in Latin... A Song in Hindi..." (single)
6/05 - Turkeyfoot - Promise of Tomorrow (LP)
6/05 - Delta Maid - Katie (LP)
6/05 - KissDoomFate - "Innocence" (single)
6/05 - Lacey Williams - "Cut N' Curl" (single)
6/05 - Johnny Irion and Friends - "Inside the Endless OM" (single)
6/05 - Skanger - "Condolences" (single)
6/05 - Good Foxy - "Dust" (single)
6/05 - Merv Pinny - "I Feel Like a Prisoner" (single)
6/05 - Carrus & Kurtz - The Genius of Carrus & Kurtz Vol 1-There are No Words (LP)
6/05 - Bands Against Brutality - Bands Against Brutality (LP)
6/05 - Various Artists - Mix for a Movement (LP)
6/05 - Eric Bolander - "Magic Moon" (single)
6/05 - Crooked Heart - Perpetual Twilight (LP)
6/05 - Steven Bruce - "Cryin' Eyes" (single)
6/05 - Ghost Town Remedy - "Therapy" (single)
6/09 - Kevin Herig - Barcelona (Memoryy Remix)
6/10 - Mile Me Deaf - Ecco (LP)
6/11 - Luciano Illuminati - Terra Vision 2020 (LP)
6/12 - Sammy Brue - Crash Test Kid (LP)
6/12 - Andrea & Mud - Bad News Darlin' (LP)
6/12 - Teghan Devon - Little Lion (EP)
6/12 - Culture Vultures - "Reflection (ft Hollie Singer & Dai Pump$)" (single)
6/12 - India Ramey - "King of Ashes" (single)
6/12 - Nate Lee - Wings of a Jetliner (LP)
6/12 - Eli Gauden - Call My Name (EP)
6/13 - Ja-Mali - "Codeine Veins" (single)

Monday, June 22, 2020

E2TG 6/22/2020 - Music City Monday - Great Today Mix (Whose Army? Remix)

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Just a friendly reminder that holidays don't all hold the same meaning to everyone. I think it is appropriate to celebrate such days as you see fit, but I recommend thought and consideration before pushing your feelings about it onto others.

Father's Day is a good day for fond memories of father's both living and dead - or to be celebrated. For some people. Other people did not have present or caring fathers, others still are dealing with a recent loss and since every one grieves in different ways and on different schedules - Father's Day can be hard. Others are feeling separation.

This was the first Father's Day without my father in the world...

The fact is, in recent years, holidays in general have been hard. So, I find my way of dealing with them - sometimes I am more successful at it than others.  But, there can be tremendous pressure to answer repeated inquiries about how my holiday was or what I did or even pointed questions if certain societal expectations were met. This pressure often starts days or week's prior to the holiday and can continue for days after.

So, all I ask, is be aware of this when talking to other people about holidays.

We have a lot of songs to cover this week so, today, we will feature songs number 8-13 from the Featured Friday Playlist:

8. "Somewhere Far Away" by Nate Lee
 Nate Lee is an award winning bluegrasss mandolin player and teacher. He is a member of The Becky Buller Band and members of that band join him on his new album Wings of an Jetliner. This is music that pushes the genre of bluegrass interesting new directions while remaining rooted in the traditions.
9. "Call My Name" by Eli Gauden
Eli Gauden is a Norwegian singer-songwriter discovered Americana music while studying in the U.S.  Back in Norway, she has continued to hone her craft. This is the title track to her new EP which was recorded in Bergen. 
10. "The After Glow" by The Asteroid No.4
The Asteroid No.4 are a psychedelic rock band based in San Francisco. They formed in Philadelphia in the latter half of the 1990s.  This is the first single ahead of the band's tenth studio album, Northern Songs, and was written, recorded, and mixed by the band. 
11. "Cryin' Eyes" by Steven Bruce
Next up, we have the debut single for the forthcoming (August 7) debut album by this country rocker from Fredericksburg, Virginia. The band is made up of all Virginia musicians.
12. "I am Sundress (She of Infinite Flowers)" by Liar, Flower
Next up, we have the latest single from Liar, Flower - a duo featuring KatieJane Garside and Chris Whittingham (who previously recorded as Ruby Throat). The pair have been living on a boat raising their young daughter for the last few years. The album reflects their life of isolation. KatieJane Garside began her career as a alt-girl and Riot Grrl with the bands Daisy Chainsaw and QueenAdreena. 
13. "Afande" by Skinshape, Idd Aziz
And finally for today, we add a little World music to this week's playlist. Skinshape is William Dorsey and Idd Aziz is a Kenyan singer. The music on this track - from Skinshape's Umoja album - features a hybrid Nigerian/Ghanaian afrobeat groove. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, June 19, 2020

E2TG 6/18/2020 - Featured Friday - Foolish and Blue Mix (Shelf Life Remix)

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Happy Juneteenth! 

So much on my mind on so many fronts. The world is on fire and changes are coming.  The old guard is trying to inflict as much damage as possible while they still can, and the apologist and enablers are wringing hands and trying to explain it all away.  The next five to eight months or more will not be easy.  I am already stressing out about election day. There is so much at stake.

It is Father's Day weekend, the first Father's Day since my Dad passed away. In general, lately, I am not a fan of holidays. It creates a lot of pressure on people whose lives don't conform to some socially accepted pattern.

Nashville is moving forward with reopening - going against their own roadmap - as cases and transmission rates increase. Most people seem to think that if they pretend it is all over - then it will go away.  Meanwhile, the right continues to push the idea that the pendemic is a media-driven hoax or exaggeration.

But, despite all this, overall, I am upbeat and optimistic about life. That could and probably will change, but I am enjoying it. 

Well, this week's Featured Friday Playlist is twice as long as last week's.  There were a bunch of new releases this week.  Our recap begins below with songs 1-7.  We will recap the rest next week in this space.

    Featured Friday Playlist