Friday, February 26, 2021

E2TG 2/26/2021 - Featured Friday - Like a Dog Mix (Normal Girl Remix)

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Another Friday brings another Featured Friday Playlist.  I know I always say this - because it is always true - but I am really excited about this week's playlist. I am looking forward to recapping it over the next week - beginning with the first ten songs - below the jump.   You can also check out  the whole Playlist below and on Spotify. If you like what we are doing, please give us a "Follow".

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, February 25, 2021

E2TG 2/25/2021 - Something, Something - Who Do You Love? Mix (Caledonia Remix)

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Heading into the end of another week.  Enjoying nice weather in Nashville.  

We wrap up our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist (songs 27-31):

27. "Armor - Radio Edit" by Fernweher
First up, we have a lovely new song from this Italian born artist who is now based in Manchester UK.  
28. "friendly fire" by Madeleine Mayi
Next up, from the album 2/14 - released on 2/14 - we have the second track on the album.  Great sound. 
29. "Barren King" by Manntra
Manntra is a folk-metal band from Croatia.  This is the first single ahead of their album. It is the tale of a pirate king cursed to sail the sea forever.  For East Nashville readers, think a much, much darker Tom Mason.  I liked this a lot. 
30. "Aquarius" by Rory K
Next up, we have the latest single from this New York based rapper.  His father was the singer and guitarist of the Irish band Black 47. I dig this track and look forward to hearing more. 
31. "Voyage de nuit" by Kaky

And we close with a great track from French rapper and electro artist Kaky.  This single is the first taste of the debut EP Room 404 due next month.  The track is in French, and I don't know what he is saying, but I dig the vibe and sound. 
Tomorrow, a brand new Playlist... get ready!
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

E2TG 2/24/2021 - Mid-Week and Indecisive Seasons - Favorite Picture Mix (Shake a Tail Feather Remix)

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Here in Nashville - it is like Mother Nature is not sure what season it is supposed to be.  After a week of snow and ice and frigid temperatures, yesterday and today have been near or just above 70.  I am not going to complain about the warmer weather, but I am also not going to take for granted that it is still winter and that chances are we are going to have more cold weather ahead. 

But, indecisiveness is what is on my mind. I can understand that tendency.  To me, the crux of the problem is the conflict between confidence, courage, cautiousness, and forethought.  "He who hestiates is lost" but my head says, "he who acts without thought lives to regret it". I don't know where the balance between those two is... but I am aware of missed opportunities because I delayed on something and someone else acted first. But, I am also aware of times, I acted in haste and regretted the action.  

So, I guess to go back to the weather which prompted this post, I should just take each day, each moment has it comes and make the best decisions I know how to make.   

Featured Friday (Songs 22-26):'

22. "Now Your Life's Gone" by Keith Mosfet
First up today, we have a Canadian/Irish singer-songwriter with his most recent single. Good stuff.
23. "Dying on the Vine" by Unify Separate
Next up, we have a collaboration between a Scottish singer (Andrew Montgomery - of Geneva) and a Swedish synth musician (Leo Josefsson  - of Lowe) - their latest single deals with the public nature of life in the modern age. 
24. "Lights of the City" by Distant Voices
Distant Voices is the solo moniker of London-based Valdis Stekelis, and the song is the debut single from this new project, and it is a most impressive debut. 
25. "Owl in the Parlour" by Cathal Coughlan
Next up, the new single from this UK artist of Microdisney and The Fatima Mansions.  A really great track. 
26. "Retrograde" by Goosechase 
And, we close out this segment of music with a track from the debut EP from Denison, Texas based singer-songwriter Goosechase. The EP was self-produced and sounds fantastic. 
    Featured Friday Playlist


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

E2TG 2/23/2021 - A New Adventure - Brooklyn Girls Mix (Dinosaur Remix)

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Today was the premiere of Ear to the Ground Radio.  I think this will be a lot of fun.  It is a great way to feature new music from some of our favorite E2TG artists and new (to us) artists.  As with E2TG the blog - expect an eclectic mix of genres from Nashville and the world.  It will air every Tuesday at 6am on WXNA 101.5 (in Nashville) and Due to some set up issues - I don't think this morning's show was archived but future shows will be available on the wxna website.

Featured Friday Playlist (Songs 17-21)

17. "White and Black Angel - Radio Edit" by Monsieur Minimal 
We have the radio edit of a song from Easteria - one of our favorites from last year.  Monsieur Minimal has a new album coming in November. 
18. "Make It Shiny (Klammer remix)" by Scenius
A cool remix of a song by the UK/French duo Scenius - which features producer Steve Whitfield and French singer Fab Nau.  The remix is by E2TG favorites Klammer which also features Steve Whitfield. 
19. "Strawberry Daiquiri" by Turquoise
Next up, some instrumental rock from Lincoln, Nebraska. A really cool track. This single is the first taste of a new EP coming this sping/summer.  
20. "Arthur" by Huron John
Next up, we have the first single from Chicago-based indie pop artist Huron John. This was my first listen to his music, and I am digging it. 
21. "Runaway" by Miliano 
We close things out today with the new single from this artist who was born in Harlem, raised in Uruguay, and is now based in Miami. A diverse set of influences come together nicely in this track.  
    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, February 22, 2021

E2TG 2/22/2021 - Music City Monday - Indestructible Mix (Summer Remix)

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Featured Friday Playlist (Songs 11-16):

11. "This Life Must Be Long" by Roof Beams
First up today, we have the title track of the new album by D.C. Alt-folk/Americana band Roof Beams - named for a Salinger novella.  It is their first album since 2016.
12. "Terrible Dad" by Slow Coyote
Next up, we have a track from the new album, Family Man, by the New Hampshire based project of singer-songwriter Lucas Perry.  The sound combines grunge, folk, rock, and blues in a most interesting way. 
13. "Come on Over" by Domenic Cicala
Next up, we have the title track off the new album by this Washington D.C. songwriter. The album is a covers/duets album. This track is a cover of a 1975 Barry and Robin Gibb song performed with Rachel Harrington. Other singers on the album include Jaimee Harris and BettySoo.  The songwriters covered include Townes Van Zandt, Fred Eaglesmith, Donnie Frits, and Dave Alvin and Rosie Flores. 
14. "You Can't Fall in Love For the Sake of It" by Boxteles
Next, the latest single from this UK indie band.  Great sound. 
15. "Hands Off" by Rylan Brooks
Next, we have our second featured song from the forthcoming If Wishes Were Horses (March 12) by this Outlaw Country duo.  The album, you may recall, was recorded in Nashville with an impressive lineup of musicians. 
16. "Whiskey" by DL Rossi 
 We close this segment of music with the first single from the forthcoming album, Lonesome Kind (April 23) - the third album from Michigan based singer-songwriter DL Rossi.  This was a great introduction for me to this impressive songwriter. More to come. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, February 19, 2021

E2TG 2/19/2021 - Featured Friday - Winter Mix (Milk of Tragedy Remix)

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A new Friday and a new Featured Friday Playlist.  Let's dig in!

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, February 18, 2021

E2TG 2/18/2021- More Snow and Assorted Other Things - Girl and Boy Mix (Stromboli Remix)

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Sure - the snow is pretty, but to be honest, at this point, it is just annoying.  I have things to do, and although I am capable of driving in snow, I don't like dealing with crazy people on the roads... 

But, enough on that.  I have heat and power and food.  Some people don't... In any case, soon the snow and ice will melt away and temperatures will rise.  

Meanwhile, we have some music to present... 

Featured Friday Playlist (songs 20-23 - Final Recap)

20. "Phoenix" by Elijah Ocean
This is the other part of the split with Peter Donovan that ended yesterday's recap.  You may recall - Ocean and Donovan are co-owners of the brand new Envoy Records. Elijah Ocean is based in L.A. 
21. "Born to Bore" by John Dunbar
Next up, we have a track from this solo effort from the front man of the New York band - The John Sally Ride. The band had been gearing up for a new album, but the pandemic lead to this solo effort.  Dig the vibes of this track.
22. "Sky" by Soft Kill
Next up, we have the title track of the new EP by this Portland based post-punk band who recently opened a storefront/shop in Portland called R.I.P. City.
23. "When You Think It's Right" by Post Profit 
We close out this playlist with the first single and semi-title track from the forthcoming album When You Think It's Right It's Always Wrong.  Post Profit are an alternative rock band from Longview, Texas.  Some hard rock to close out this week's playlist. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

E2TG 2/17/2021 - What? I Don't Know - Gotta Be Quick Mix (Wait on Me Remix)

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As I dig out from the last month - and the last 14 months (maybe longer), I find myself not having too much to say. I feel like this is a time for reflection and for reexamining habits and patterns to see what still makes sense and what doesn't. It feels like this reflection needs to take place either internally or in a one-on-one setting - not via a public post...   Music - though - remains a constant, and we have some good music to talk about today...

Our penultimate Feature Friday recap for the week - songs 16-19:

16. "Bach o Flodyn" by KIM HON
Adding to our growing list of recent Welsh rock, we have the latest single from KIM HON. The song was written after watching a Robert Johnson documentary and attempting to emulate his riffs... it may not be Robert Johnson, but an excellent song is the result. 
17. "For My Animals" by American Culture
The second single and title track from the forthcoming album on HHBTM records. American Culture are a basement core band from Denver, Colorado. The album was recorded pre-COVID and delivered to the record company at the beginning of the pandemic. Look for it soon, and check out the video for the track "Pedals" was recently premiered. 
18. "Another Life" by Hadda Be
Next up, we have the new single from this London/Brighton based postpunk/indiepop band.  It is from their forthcoming Another Life album (due April 30).  I dig it. 
19. "Let's Go" by Peter Donovan 
We close with the first release on Envoy Records - a new indie label with offices in L.A. and Seattle. This is a split single featuring the two label owners.  We will have the other part of the split single tomorrow - today we have a wonderful songs from Peter Donovan. Donovan is a Seattle based singer-songwriter who has released music with All the Real Girls - working with members of Death Cab and Portugal the Man. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

E2TG 2/16/2021 - Ice and Snow and Life - Long Time Gone Mix (Liverwurst Remix)

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I have always tended to like snow and icy weather. When I was a kid, it meant we were out of school and I loved playing in the snow. I guess, overall, I still do like snow- at least in theory and at least when I can stay warm inside and watch it... but I really don't like the cold or the inconvenience of it all - places closed, roads dangerous, people dangerous.  But, lately, here in Nashville, we don't get much snow, so it is kind of exciting - at least at first. 

This particular winter weather event is, I guess, a little more annoying that usual. This is supposed to be my week to "get on with life" and the snow and ice makes it feel like I am being hampered from getting on with life... 

Featured Friday Playlist (Songs 12-15)

12. "Better Days" by Jennifer Tefft
The new single from this singer-songwriter based in New England. Tefft is a cancer survivor who underwent an unexpected divorce and was just emerging into a new life of teaching music and touring around New England when the pandemic hit. This beautiful song is her response and it offers hope to many of us who have faced our own versions of her story. 
13. "Waiting on You Tonight" by Beth Lee
The debut solo album from this Austin, Texas based singer-songwriter who has released albums previously with Beth Lee & the Breakups.  This album was recorded in the East Bay area of California. Wonderful stuff. 
14. "Stars" by Brian Falduto
Next up, we have a recent single from NYC based queer country singer-songwriter Brian Falduto. A great introduction to this artist. 
15. "WFTWTE" by Arrlo
 We close out this segment of music with a recent single from this Riverside, CA indie band which is fronted by transgender male singer-songwriter Sunni Suede. An awesome song and a great way to close out this part of the playlist. 


    Featured Friday Playlist



Monday, February 15, 2021

E2TG 2/15/2021 - Music City Monday - Wasted Breath Mix (Oh Yeah Remix)

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Rare holiday post. Just to keep things going.... 

Our recap of this week's Featured Friday picks up with songs 8-11

8. "The Truth - Vessels Remix" by I LIKE TRAINS
A remix of the lead track from Kompromat by I LIKE TRAINS fellow Leeds based artist Vessels. 
9. "True Love, Pt. 3" by X
The long awaiting 3rd in the True Love series by X taken from the new compilation Xtras. 
10. "Muscadine" by Amy Ray
New single from Indigo Girls' Amy Ray - written about the loss of her beloved dog. The song was produced by Brian Speiser and mixed by Bobby Tis - both of Tedeschi Trucks Band. 
11. "Cold Men" by Eric Bolander 
And, we close out this short segment with a song dedicated to the Blackjewel Mining Company workers and their protests from this Lexington, Kentucky singer-songwriter. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, February 12, 2021

E2TG 2/12/2021 - Featured Friday - Je Ne Said Pas Mix (You Healed Me Remix)

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Kind of a short Playlist this week, but that is good because it's kind of a busy time here. 

We will call it short but sweet.  The first segment of songs will be featured below the jump.  Check out the whole playlist and if you like some of what you hear, give us a follow.


    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, February 11, 2021

E2TG 2/11/2021 - Figuring it All Out - True True Love Mix (Bing Bang Boom Remix)

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 Life is overwhelming - maybe it always is... and yes, sometimes you need planning and coordination, but for people like me it is a fine line between planning and coordination and obsessing and worrying. Sometimes, you just have to make it up as you go along and trust in something - God, the cosmos, fate? that things will all come together and even if they don't come together - you will still have a chance to figure it all out. 

Featured Friday Playlist (songs 32-38)

32. "Saw Daddy" by Common Sage
First up today, we have a wonderful track from Might As Well Eat The Chicken, We Won't Be Here In The Morning - the brand new EP from New York band Common Sage. The album comes out a period of transition for the band which preceded and coincided with the pandemic. 
33. "Girls Just Want to Dance" by Modesty Blaise
Next up, we have the lead single from the forthcoming new album from this UK Avant-pop band. Really great stuff. 
34. "Talk to Me" by Emperor Penguin; Orbis Max
This new release - Corporation Pop! - contains all three of the band's earlier EPs plus four new tracks. It serves as a great introduction to this London based band. They have a wonderful sound - check it out.
35. "Kill" by All Hallowed
Next up, we have the stunning debut single from this Dayton, Ohio based band. It is described as dance punk - and that comes through in the grooves and the power of the relatively short track. 
36. "Screaming Into Oblivion" by Sharone
Next up, we have the latest from Denver based dark rock artist Sharone.  Cool tune. 
37. "Sunshine" by Jacob the Horse
Next, we have the first single in four years by the band that formed in L.A. and which features all east coast natives. Really cool pop punk sound. 
38. "Judgement" by Genus Ordinis Dei 
As always, I save one of our more interesting tracks to close out the Playlist for the week. This is - I believe - our second time featuring this symphonic death metal band from Italy. The album Glare of Deliverance was released in December, and is a concept album of a sort - each song stands alone and the band is releasing videos for each songs as "episodes". This is Episode six.  Check out the band to see the videos. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

E2TG 2/10/2021 - Music Saves - Lost Mix (See Through Remix)

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Time and again, I am reminded of how important music has been in my life. I have found comfort, friendships, and countless joy through music. It may seem like hyperbole to say, "Music saved my life", but honestly, it is difficult to imagine my life without music.  

I am grateful everyday for E2TG and the people I have met and the experiences I have had as a direct or indirect result of what I started almost a decade ago. 

If you are a long-time or first-time reader, my hope is that you will give a listen to the music featured and if you hear something you like - you will find some way to support the artists. 

Featured Friday Playlist Songs 25-31

25. "Don't Mistake" by Brandon Mills
Brandon Mills is a Marine Corp Veteran and poet. He is also an alumni of The Bachelor.  I like this song a lot. 
26. "Here It Comes" by Dan O'Farrell & the Difference Engine
From the album Richard Scarry Lied to Me - we have our first listen to this UK band whose song moves from indie rock to agit folk and beyond. 
27. "2Lovely" by Griff Clawson
Next up, we have the second single from this Southern California singer-songwriter. We featured his debut single previously. 
28. "Stepping Out" by Peter Stampfel
From the ambitious album Peter Stampfel's 20th Century - which features 100 songs spanning the last century - a fine cover of the song that made me a lifelong Joe Jackson fan. 
29. "Something Sweet" by Melting Mallows
Next up, we have the title track from the debut album by this Belgium band - a fine debut. 
30. "Light That Shines" by Bitter Defeat
Next up, we have the lead track from the debut EP by this indie rock band from New Zealand. Cool stuff. 
31. "Slaughterhouse Road" by Miguel Rios 
And we close out this segment of music with the title track from the 2nd album by this Australian singer-songwriter who has Mexican and Yaqui blood. Super proud of this playlist that we are 31 songs deep and have such a wonderful song. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

E2TG 2/9/2021 - Lessons Learned - Sunless Saturday Mix (Happier Remix)

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Featured Friday Songs 18-24:

18. "Rewind" by Wilderwater; Kyshona Armstrong
Recent single. Wilderwater is Aaron Shafer-Haiss's solo project and for this single he is joined by the always amazing Kyshona Armstrong. This is fabulous. 
19. "Pandemonio" by Moonshine Booze
Italian band Moonshine Booze are incredible hard to pin down.  We first featured them a few years back with their Desert Rose album.  They are back with a new album and we have the title track. 
20. "Little Tiger" by Adam Klein
Athens, GA singer-songwriter Adam Klein is up with the title track of his new EP. 
21. "Forever" by Teen Creeps
Belgian indie rock band Teen Creeps are next with the title track of their second album. 
22. "Sail On Sailor" by A.J. Croce
We have been featuring early singles, but now Nashville singer-songwriter A.J. Croce has release his covers album By Request. This is a cover of a 1973 Beach Boys song.  
23. "St. Maria" by Timid, the Brave
Next, a truly beautiful song from Canadian singer-songwriter Tim Selles who records under the name Timid, the Brave. The song was written a couple of years ago on one of warmest November days on record. It was so warm that rose bushes started blooming again. 
24. "The Long Con" by Shayfer James 
Shayfer James was a "Featured Artist" on E2TG back in June 2012. This, his latest single, is an wonderful song and a great reminder as to why I fell in love with is music to begin with.

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, February 8, 2021

E2TG 2/8/2021 - Music City Monday - The Ghost Mix (Uncanny Moon Remix)

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Major announcement time!  Ear to the Ground Radio is coming to WXNA in Nashville on February 23!  That's right - after nearly 10 years - E2TG is officially going on the air!  Look for the same eclectic mix of genres and geography as you find in this space every single day!  Every Tuesday at 6am (Central Time) starting February 23.  The shows will be available on the archive.  It will be hosted by the inimitable DJubilee who will also continue to host Greetings from Nashville every Thursday at 6am.

Featured Friday Playlist - Songs 11-17

11. "One Job Lost" by Oli-J; Jon Worthy (single - 2021)
E2TG Favorite Jon Worth collaborating with songwriter/producer Oli-J.
12. "Keep That Promise" by Jason Ringenberg (single - 2021)
Single from the forthcoming new album Rhinestoned by the legendary Jason!
13 "Plague Year Blues" by Sci-Fi Romance (from From the Plague Year - 2021)
Long-time E2TG favorite with a track from his plague year album. 
14. "New Day - Single Mix" by Webb Wilder (single - 2021)
Single from the Last of the Full-Grown Men. 
15. "Twenty Nothing - Single Mix" by False Heads (single - 2021)
Single mix of a track from It's All There But You're Dreaming by the fast-rising UK band we first featured several years back. 
16. "Diamonds" by The Burnt Pines (from The Burnt Pines - 2021)
Located in Boston, Massachusetts and Lisbon, Portugal - this Trans-Atlantic folk-pop band recently released the self-titled debut, and this is the lead track. 
17. "Rebel Girl" by Mike Watt; The Black Gang (single - 2021)
Recorded for the Kill Rock Stars 30th Anniversary - Mike Watt and The Black Gang take on the Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl"  - We are seventeen songs deep into this week's playlist - stay tuned for what comes next. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, February 5, 2021

E2TG 2/5/2021 - Featured Friday - Favorite Goodbye Mix (Dada Bois Remix)

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The Featured Friday Playlist is back!   I am mostly likely going to change up how I present the music on the playlist, but the most important thing is give it a listen.  I always try to pick a diverse collection of new and recent music.  I am sure there will be things you will like, and some that won't be your cup of tea. It's all okay.  If you feel inclined - please follow the playlist.  

By the way, I sort of (but just sort of) lied earlier this week. I said I was just going to move forward and not worry about "catching up" on what I missed while I was out. That is basically true, but this week's playlist does include a few choice tracks that came out during my January time away.  I am also not going to worry about explaining what is brand new and what has been out a couple of weeks.  If it comes to me, I will say something.  

And I am overexplaining again. 😀

As usual it is a collection of old friends and old favorites plus some new (to me) music.  


    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, February 4, 2021

E2TG 2/4/2021 - Doing the Deal - Fire Mix (Arther Remix)

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In  the midst of heaviness and loss, it is important, I thing to find things that are life affirming.  It is also a good time to reevaluate how one spends one's time. It is not that every moment has to be "productive", but if one is spending too much time on things that are not necessary, do not bring joy, and do not benefit the world - then maybe, just maybe, it is worth thinking about why one is doing those things... 

Featured Friday Playlist

Featured Friday Playlist Will Return Soon!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

E2TG 2/3/2021 - Continuing On... - Crazy Mix (Better Not Touch Remix)

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 Pressing on.  I am making progress on getting the Featured Friday Playlist back up to speed. 

A pretty interesting shuffle today, if I do say so myself, and I do.

    Featured Friday Playlist

The Featured Friday Playlist will return!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

E2TG 2/2/2021 - ODAAT - So Alive Mix (Dub Enough Remix)

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One day at a time - it is a cliché I guess, but honestly it is a good way to live life. Grief and stress can be overwhelming - especially when you are trying to imagine days, weeks, months, and even years ahead.  So, you focus on getting through today - sometimes you have to break the day into hours, etc. 

For me, as it has been for as long as I can remember music provides healing - it doesn't have to be "healing" music.  Sometimes it is silly or loud or aggressive or pretty or complex or simple music. 

One thing taking an unexpected extended leave from E2TG has given me - is a chance to once again reevaluate where I am and where I want to be. About the only decision I have made is that there is nothing to be done but to move forward.  If I try to "catch up" on the music I missed in January - I will just keep getting further behind. I have been slowly working my way through e-mail and have begun to update my future release lists.  Honestly, I mainly use that for my own purposes - but if you check it out - you might find out about an upcoming release you didn't know about. 

I uploaded a bunch of music to my phone last night (my memory card is almost full - I need a bigger card - which are now cheaper than what I paid for the one I have.  

Anyway - today's shuffle is below...

    Featured Friday Playlist

The Featured Friday Playlist Will Return!

Monday, February 1, 2021

E2TG 2/01/2021 - Music City Monday - Waiting for the Sun Mix (Hey Child Remix)

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I am back.  January was filled with COVID and loss.  I don't feel like writing about it now, but I have missed you all.  I am going to ease back into things.  Look for a new Featured Friday Playlist at the end of this week.  Until then, I have some shuffles to get things moving again. 

The Featured Friday Playlist will Return Soon