Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Friday Toast in a German Kitchen Mix

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I've said this before... but it comes back time and again.... the reason E2TG has endured for almost six and a half years is because I post just about every day, and I post even when I really don't feel much like posting.  I think it is my nation to constantly think about the what, why, and hows of whatever it is I am doing.  E2TG has definitely evolved over the years - although the basic premise is still the same. "Hey I heard some cool tunes on my way to work, let me tell you about them." 

I do think about what I can do to reach more people - not for my ego (okay - a little for my ego) but mostly to help spread the word about some of the lesser known music that I love. Over the years, I have seen people I wrote about begin to reach a larger audience and get more wide-spread recognition. When that happens, I am proud - not that I feel in any responsible for the success. I have always viewed the artists and bands I write about as a "family" of sorts. These are my people, and over the years there have been triumphs and stumbles, celebrations and mourning. Things have also grown which means my "family" is so large that I lose touch with people sometimes, but I always love hearing about what is up - even if it's not music related. I see people I have written about excelling in all areas of life, and I, too, people struggling. Just as I have excelled and struggled at times.

I am generally a pretty upbeat guy, but I do get down sometimes too.... and I have bouts of self-pity sometimes. 

My point is that I love what I do and I really have no desire to stop. It heartens me when people appreciate what I do and lets me know. It seems kind of petty to expect that, and I try to avoid expectations, but it is appreciated when it happens. And, E2TG has taken me places I could not even have imagined. So, even on days when I don't feel it as much as I would like, I keep on... and man oh man, the cool music I get to listen to really helps a ton!

It's Tuesday - let's see what is "trending"

"German Kitchen" by Discount Ravioli

Out of the gate, with some more awesomeness from Discount Ravioli from their Baby Arm Sessions release. For those new to E2TG or who may have missed previous posts, Discount Ravioli are an occasional band made up of members of The Foresters and their friends.  They like to record on July 4, and they are very entertaining. German Kitchen is the 52nd and penultimate song on the album.  It's the first of two tracks in today's shuffle - both about food in some way - which is not surprising given the band name.  

"Bright" by Kristin Hirsh

Next up, as you may know, I have been featuring songs from the latest album by Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses) Wyatt at the Coyote Palace. I got this music in conjunction with the double vinyl rerelease earlier this year. I am digging the album, and this may be one of my favorites from it. 

"Whitethroat Song" by Fendrick and Peck

Fendrick and Peck are former Nashville residents. They are also hard travelling troubadours in the traditional sense of that word, and I am grateful that fortune brought them through and into my life a bout four years ago. They tied the knot over the summer, so congratulations to them. This is a beautiful track from their most recent album The Sandhill Crane. I like to say they traded the construction cranes of Nashville for the the real ones. 

"Pretty Little Pony" by Strange Majik

Next up, we have another track from Deep in the Shadows by the multi-talented Strange Majik (aka David Pattillo).  I have been writing about his music from over five and half years.  

"Friday Toast" by Discount Ravioli

Not so much a song as a word-at-a-time story. Something about Friday Toast - I think. Oh, and I found a video of Evan Nork at a piano recital from about nine years ago.  Discount Ravioli do not do videos but you can search for them and find lots of videos of how-to make ravioli on a budget.  

"Forever" by UniversalDice

Next up, another track from Birth Love Hate Death - the rock opera and fourth album by this band lead by Gerry Dantone. They are from Long Island, NY. They play modern classic rock driven by lyrics that defy the conventions of their chosen genre. Really interesting stuff. 

"Hurricane Eye" by Lesley Kernochan

Next up - another beautiful track from Los Angeles singer-songwriter Lesley Kernochan and her album A Calm Sun. 

"Dream of Consciousness" by MJ Bishop

Next up, we have Nashville singer-songwriter MJ Bishop with a track from her recent album Give It Away Again. As you may recall (assuming you read every word I write) I met MJ during Americana Fest at The Family Wash during the Wild Ponies Happy Hour.  Her album includes guitar work by the incomparable Sergio Webb - among other great musicians.  

"Broken" by Don Gallardo and How Far West

And we close with another track from Live at 3rd and Lindsley album.  This song was featured in the film Bad Grandpa.  Gallardo just signed with Rock Ridge Music who will be releasing his next album Still Here. 

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