Thursday, October 5, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Sanctified Mix

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Well, I managed to keep my phone alive for one last day before the new phone arrives.

It's kind of big deal for E2TG when I change phones.  The blog is based upon the songs and playlists I shuffle on my phone during my morning commute.  Every time, I change phones I wonder how the new music player will work.  And I worry that the new "upgrade" of whatever will decide that everyone streams so why have a way to play your own music.  Or what if it doesn't support playlists or what if I somehow lose all of the music...  Yeah, I worry a lot.

Anyway, this could be the last shuffle on the old phone. And the last from the current "New Music" playlist which stands at 465 songs after today's songs are taken off..

Anyway, it's been a hell of a bad week and music and work have kept me busy. 

In the shameless self-promotion category, I have been furiously working all week on the final details of publishing my novel, The Drift.  I've been trying to write the text for the back cover of the book.  For some reason, I really struggle with writing about myself and my work in this way. Type, backspace, type, backspace, undo, cut, type, paste, backspace, undo, new file, type, reread, get up and walk around, backspace, type, type, save, reread, get up again....

It's shuffle time - let's go!

"Cut the Net" by The Electric Grandmother

If I had to name the most important think that writing E2TG has brought to my life, I would have to say it is the truly fascinating and wonderful and weird people that I have met since beginning this fascinating and wonderful and weird journey six and half year ago.  Why did I write that in conjunction with this song? Because, it was not long ago that I existed without knowing about The Electric Grandmother and the people behind it. Now, it's hard for me to imagine that time. I am so glad that my shuffle function is so much in love with Cancelled - I can only hope the new phone's shuffle function is as smart. 

"Tonight" by Dan Montgomery

Next up, we have another track from Dan Montgomery's Gone album.  One of my favorite albums of 2017 so far, and one of two Memphis acts in the shuffle today.  Besides my hometown, which did produce some awesome musicians and other creative types, the only two cities where I have lived have been Memphis and Nashville.  Not a bad couple of cities for a music lover. 

"Full Grown Woman" by Nina Massara

Next up, Dutch born, and current Nashville resident Nina Massara with a track from her album Watch Me.  This is another favorite of mine from 2017.  As we move into the last quarter of the year, it is time for me to begin thinking about the 3rd Annual Earie Awards. Just saying.

"Jokes" by Someday

Can I confess, that before starting E2TG, I knew very little if anything about current music being made in Italy.  Fortunately, I have been turned on to some really cool stuff over the years.  Someday are from Turin (Torino).  There most recent album is called This Does Not Exist.  Really dig their music.  

"Take Me There" by Corey Ledet and His Zydeco Band

Grammy Nominate Corey Ledet and His Zydeco Band are - as the name suggests- from Louisiana.  Ledet is dubbed The Accordion Dragon. The current album is called Standing on Faith. 

"End is Near" by Matthew Sweet

Appropriately, the final song on Matthew Sweet's Tomorrow Forever double album.  I am a big Matthew Sweet fan, and I absolutely love that I have had the opportunity to feature his latest album.  Superb album of new material with a "classic" Matthew Sweet sound.  

"Sweet Maria (The Whale is Dead)" by Discount Ravioli

Discount Ravioli reference themselves in this track from The Baby Arm Sessions album. This is one of the more song-like tracks among the 53 here.  Discount Ravioli have now cracked the top twenty most tagged artists in E2TG history.  I fully expect them to reach the top ten fairly soon. 

"Sanctified" by Low Society
"Angel From Montgomery" by Low Society
Our second Memphis artist/band in the shuffle. I have been a fan of Low Society for a while now, and I was super excited to get a hold of their recent album, Sanctified.  We close today's shuffle with a two-fer that included the title track along with the band's cover of the John Prine classic  (one of my all-time favorite songs). 

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  1. Beautiful!! Thanks Joe! And a BIG shout out to our good friend James Cunningham, who drums for Dan Montgomery!!