Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Well Trained Badgers Mix

Busy, busy.... busy as a well trained badger.

Music - after the JUMP

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Brilliant, Shining, and Nasty Mix

ridinghome by JWM - 7/28/2013

(My First Soundcloud sound... a spoken word bit from a novel-in-progress)

 i can't stand people who bitch and whine
 lets drink a beer from a paper bag while we got time 
bang bang let the music go bang! 
brilliant shining & nasty 
bang make the music go bang! 
let me hear a guitar sound like a train 
bang bang make the music go bang!
bang bang make the music go bang!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Morning Music Shuffle - The Myth is This Mix

thanks to Pam Slavin for the image

Hey ho!  The weather here is near ideal - at least for late July in Tennessee, and so I am going to make it outside to enjoy... 

So I'll make today's post brief.  First off, several songs were not on YouTube and in at least one case, I couldn't find any videos by the artist, so please check out (google and Facebook search work well) all of these artists/songs.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Log Jam Mix

Live* from Nashville - Music City USA. Ear to the Ground proudly presents - the Morning Shuffle.... 

*Live when written - except on the West Coast where 60 Minutes will be seen at it's regular time.   

Once again, we find ourselves abundantly blessed with music, and running a bit tight in the time department... so dispensing with the ado...  Join the Mix - after the JUMP


Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Waters Part Mix

First off, sending love to the family and friends of Faye Hunter original bassist with Let's Active on her recent passing. Several Facebook friends knew and worked with her and are hurting.   If you are not familiar with Let's Active - get caught up.

Mouth by JWM 7/21/2013

Friday - we listened to our usual morning mix, even created a YouTube playlist and then the day got crazy and we never wrote a post. So, I've made an executive decision (as this blog is one of the few places I am allowed to make executive decisions.  All the songs from Friday are back in the mix (some even showed up today).
Consider this the lost E2TG Playlist

Today's mix is after the jump

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Tooth and Consequences Mix


--> Yo! I have a bit of a dental emergency so I have to make this short and sweet...


Mix after the JUMP

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Maybe Partying Will Help Mix

A few items of interest... KALPA - the new Valued Customer album is due out today. We are still awaiting it's arrival with bated and baited breath.

Gabriel Redding is on the penultimate day of his record breaking run across America to raise money for Alzheimer and Dementia patients. Get your donate on (click on his name for details).

Our great old friends, The End Men are headed out on a mini-tour to Ohio.  If you are in these area's be sure to check them out. Seriously, do it, and tell them Ear to the Ground sent you.  Annabel's - Akron on 7/18;  Buzzbin -  Canton on 7/19; and the Stone Tavern -  Kent on 7/20.

Now, let's get to the Morning Mix of Music.

After the JUMP

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Morning Music Shuffle - Bleu Blue Blues Mix

I'm gonna make this fast.  Very good mix today.  Check out the Playlist below (most of the actual songs with a few substitutes).  Pre-Shuffle and Shuffle up after the JUMP

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Previewing the Purview of Perfection Mix

 Propane, Storm Clouds, and Custom Hitches by JWM 7/10/2013

 I have a ton of ground to cover and as per usual not as much time I was would like... so forsaking the pleasantries....

Today, we begin with three previews of upcoming releases.  

Let's begin with Grow the long awaited solo effort by Spencer Livingston of The Alternates (who were one of our early Bands of the Week about two years ago).  Grow is due out next Tuesday July 16, 2013.  The album features guests like Butch Norton (Lucinda Williams, Eels) and Kenneth Pattengale (Milk Carton Kids).  One of the things that first caught my ear with The Alternates was Livingston's super rich vocals, and he is in full voice on what I've had the chance to hear so far from the new record. American Songwriter premiered the first video from the album "Have a Little Faith".   Spencer is heading East for a run of shows before returning to California for a couple of shows at the beginning of August.  You can grab all his tour dates here.

Easy Getting By is the Debut EP from Glen Falls, NY band The Quick and The Dead.  It will be released on July 26.  The Quick and The Dead features our old friend Joey Mansman (Today is his birthday by the way  - so have a good one Joey) who we met through his other band Cosmonauts (who are supposed to be wrapping up their epic final album soon - from what I read). You may remember our interview and video premier of the Cosmonauts song Cold Harbor.  The Quick and The Dead offers up a more roots/Americana vibe, and based on what I've heard so far, it is pretty awesome.  I can't wait to hear the whole EP.  The first taste from Easy Getting By is called "Into the River"

Finally, we are very happy to present the first taste of Kalpa which is the new EP by Valued Customer.  The band is excited about this new music, and finally, we get our first hint at what all the excitement is about. We have to wait until July 17 for the full course of Kalpa, but the band have graced us with "Second Moon" as a Free Download over at Bandcamp (Name Your Own Price). The track is six minutes and 13 seconds of mind-blowing music and words. Valued Customer, as I have mentioned, are from Toronto. They are often weird, sometimes silly, but above all they are amazingly talented artists, and I mean that sincerely.  Here's a sample of lyric:
ugggy gotta alotta luv in his heartbeat
but i seen it all before, Koyaanisqatsi 

I mean, hell, just the fact that they rhymed heartbeat and Koyaanisqatsi would be enough to sell me, but this isn't even the best moment. Ah, heck just judge for yourself..

We still have a shuffle to do, and not a lot of time.  JUMP then SHUFFLE

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - What's Going On Mix

Music City Railing by JWM (June 2013)

Ok.  We've whipped up a rich and hearty stew of good music - as usual crossing genres, styles, and decades with the greatest of ease.  

The mix begins next...


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Ice Ice Baby Mix

Tuesday by JWM 7/7/2013

I don't have much to say, so let's hit the music - shall we?  After the JUMP

Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Ugly Moon Mix

Greetings.  After an extended Holiday weekend, Ear to the Ground is back with another slam, bang mix of music. During the recess, I've been busy adding songs to our rotating playlist from which the Morning Pre-Shuffle and Shuffle are drawn.

Today, we have a pretty decent mixture of old and new music which covers a variety of musical styles and genres.  Hope you enjoy it.  The Pre-shuffle kicks off right after the JUMP

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Treat Me Like a Bum, Don't Wear No Tie Mix

 "Doctor Visit" photo collage by JWM 6/27/13

 Tomorrow is the Fourth of July here in the USA.  For the rest of you, well it's the Fourth of July, too unless you are across the International Date Line in which case tomorrow is the Fifth of July.  In any event have a great Fourth (or Fifth) of July.

Today's music next

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - An Unmade Bed Mix

Man, it felt awesome this morning - July 2, and there was an ever so slight chill in the air. 

Let's get right into the music...

Pre-Shuffle... I hit shuffle, and the first track up was "Lanquishing in Lower Chakras" by The Gabriel Construct from Interior City. This track begins with some minimalist piano. The track is eleven minutes long and features some spoken dialogue. It was truly a great way to start the morning.

In an odd sort of way, the second song of the mix, "Colonizer" by Canopy Climbers from Miles, fit well coming on the heels of The Gabriel Construct. I think it was the piano sound. Even though the use of the instrument could hardly be any more different, it still served as an effective bridge between the two songs.

Next up "Cup o' Tea" by Austin band, Little Radar.  Their new album is not due out until next month, but they currently have a sampler up on Noisetrade.

Lambchop is a band from Nashville. They are awesome. "Chelsea Hotel" is a classic song by Leonard Cohen.  It is awesome.  Lambchop covers "Chelsea Hotel" and faces will be melted and brains will explode.  Shari Lewis was not involved, but she did have a puppet named Lambchop.

Among the several albums we are anxiously awaiting, one that has us especially excited is the new record from Great American Novel. To help us all wait, the band recently made their last album Kissing available as a Free (Name Your Price) download via bandcamp. "I Want You" hits all the right notes.  They also have two tracks from the new album available.  Hit them up. 

Another day, another Ramones song.  This time we have "Outsider" from Subterranean Jungle.

We close the pre-shuffle with some "old school" Cee-Lo Green.  "Evening News" is on his second solo album Cee-Lo Green...Is the Soul Machine.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Brain is Hanging Upside Down Mix

Another month here at Ear to the Ground, and suddenly, we find 2013 is half over... oh, how can it be? 

Oh, it be....

We start 2013 Act II with yet another scintillating mix of music.  Sometimes, especially when time prevents me from adding very much in the way of commentary, exactly what my role is.  But, in an attempt to up my pretentiousness factor, I have decided to call what I do Curating.  So, for you listening pleasure, here is the latest E2TG mix curated by yours truly...

PRE-SHUFFLE: (Not in order)

We feature two songs from the new album by the awesome band, Beijing.  The album Night is rapidly turning into one of our favorites of a year jam-packed with great music. Today, we heard: "Violent" and "The Sun Will Set."  This band (from Connecticut not China) packs a powerful and melodious punch.

The pre-shuffle also includes two songs from Arkansas/Tennessee band Canopy Climbers. "Garden" is a bonus track from their recent Noisetrade sampler, and Always" is the opening track on their brand new album Miles.

Let's continue the twofers with a pair of songs from New York punk legends, The Ramones.  "We're a Happy Family" is from their third studio album, Rocket to Russia (1977); and "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg" sometimes subtitled "My Brain is Hanging Upside Down" was released first as a single in 1985 and then subsequently included on the band's ninth studio album, Animal Boy (1986).

Next up, we have the late, great Bobby Bland with "Second Hand Heart". Bland, who died on June 23 at the age of 83, left behind a legacy of great music. This song is on his 1986 album, After All.

"Mourning Train from Memphis" by Christopher Paul Stelling from Songs of Praise and Scorn (2012)  A favorite of mine. Beautiful, and as I've said over and over again, I am a sucker for a train song.

"Beach Day" by Beach Day - just discovered this great band from Hollywood, Florida.  Great mix of surf rock, girl group and punk.  From their brand new TripTrap Attack album.

And finally, we just grabbed a live recording of Radiohead from June 1995 which just released on Noisetrade (in conjunction with Paste magazine). Coincidentally, I actually saw Radiohead live a couple of months after the show recorded here (opening for R.E.M. in Nashville), and between the time this recording was made and the show I saw, my amazing daughters were born.  We have "The Bends" - the title track from what was then the latest Radiohead album (released March 1995).

We have an amazing shuffle after the jump...