Monday, November 30, 2020

E2TG 11/30/2020 - Music City Monday and More - Hey Trouble Mix (Corner Linguistics Remix)

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Well, we are back after the holiday weekend.  It is the final day of November, and we are preparing to head into the final month of this most strange and difficult year.  While, there are encouraging signs on the horizon - everything will not get better at 12:01am on January 1. We are in the midst of a deadly new wave of the virus and everyone needs to buckle up and do their part. 

Meanwhile, we have some music to present.

With a shorter Featured Friday Playlist this week, we only have three songs in today's recap... Songs 8-10:

8. "The Work is Enough" by Joe Goodkin
First up today, we have the new single from Chicago singer-songwriter and E2TG favorite Joe Goodkin. A wonderful song with a great message that any artist needs to hear. 
9. "Walk On" by Gyasi
Next up, we have the new single from Nashville glam artist Gyasi.  I have to admit - I have been aware of Gyasi for some time and maybe even seen them performing as part of a show or two, but I have been a little slow on the uptake, but I love this song, and I am hooked now. 
10. "Father Christmas" by The Pinx
The Pinx are a rock and roll band from Atlanta.  Their latest release is an EP called Christmas Singles, and our first taste is this cover of one of my favorite holiday songs- originally recorded by The Kinks. Pinx...Kinks... ah! It makes sense now. 

Tomorrow, we pick up our recap at song 11...

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Friday, November 27, 2020

E2TG 11/27/2020 - Featured Friday - Make a Mess Mix (Dark Castle Remix)

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Quick post today. This week's Featured Friday Playlist is a little shorter than it has been in recent weeks. Partially due to the holiday and partially due to me being behind. 

Down below, we will featured the first sevn songs on the playlist.  We will feature the rest next week in this space:

    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

E2TG 11/25/2020 - On the Other Hand... - Girls on Film Mix (Say My Name Remix)

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Really ready for a long holiday weekend...   But, I will be back Friday with the new Featured Friday Playlist.  Stay tuned.  Meanwhile, we have one more recap post and a brand new shuffle to get to today. 

Stay safe everyone. 

Well, it is time to wrap up this week's Featured Friday Playlist recap. No post tomorrow, but we will be back Friday with yet another all-new Featured Friday Playlist. Today - songs 23-28:

23.  "These Days Are Ours" by Candy Opera
We start this last segment of music for the week with a track from the seriously long-awaited debut album by Liverpool band Candy Opera.  It is their first new collection of music in over three decades. They recently released a couple of compilations of older music. A cool addition to our playlist.
24. "Roses All Around" by Soft Kill
Next up, we have a track from Dead Kids R.I.P. City - the new album by this Portland, Oregon based band whose sound is a great combination of post punk and shoegaze.  It dig this a lot. 
25. "Like Everyday" by Saccades
Next, we have the new single from this solo project of Manchester based (Edit: He may be based in Berlin) Nicholas Woods of The KVB.  Really cool electronic sounds to this one and chill vocals. Check it out.
26. "The Way I Am" by Joe Fox & the Frantics
Next, we have the new single from L.A. based indie rock band Joe Fox & the Frantics. Cool tune. 
27. "Dedicated" by Paperwing
Paperwing is the project of Swedish composer and producer Jenny Soovik.  Avant-garde pop with a dreamy sound backed by a formal musical education. A wicked combination. 
28. "BadxGood" by RUMBLE, Too Many T's
And, we close this segment of music and this week's Playlist with the latest single from Chinese Man Records and a track from the forthcoming new album from RUMBLE. A great way to close out the Playlist. 
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

E2TG 11/24/2020 - The End is Near? - Roll Me Under Mix (The Worst Thing Remix)

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So with Thanksgiving approaching here in the US, I am trying to focus on the things for which I am thankful.  I am thankful for E2TG and all our readers - regular and occasional.  I am thankful for the incredible talented people I have been able to meet because of E2TG. I am thankful for the true friendships I have formed through music. I am thankful for the unique opportunities which came to me as a direct or indirect result of E2TG - including becoming a radio host/DJ, emceeing shows etc. 

In this time of uncertainty, I am thankful for relative comfort and safety and I wish the same for everyone. 

It is Tuesday, and due to the holiday this week, this will be our penultimate Feature Friday Recap post for the week - Songs 17-22:

17. "Blue Cherry" by Magic Wand
Up first is a dream-pop duo who are based in L.A. Chris and Dexy Valentine first met via MySpace when one was in L.A. and the other was in Nashville. I dig their sound. 
18. "Love or Hatred" by Tucker Land
Next up, we have the single from the forthcoming new album by this band who are based in Saskatoon. Two of the members of the band Leslie Stanwyck and Johnny Sinclair were part of the power pop band The Pursuit of Happiness who had a huge hit in 1988 with "I'm An Adult Now".  The current band has a very nice alt-country sound. I am digging this track and look forward to hearing more. 
19. "The Party" by The Last Morrell
Next up, we have a groovy new track from the debut album - Sarcasm - by this UK artist. When I say "groovy", I mean this track grooves with a Stevie Wonder song all while painting an increasing picture of a seemingly inescapable party. Great stuff.
20. "Stranger" by Pale Moon
Next up, we have a lovely new single from this indie-folk duo who are based in Barcelona. This is the first single from a forthcoming new album which was recorded in a remote part of the Spanish countryside. 
21. "Do It With Love" by Starry Skies
Next, we have the title track from the new album by this Glascow based whose members come from Scotland, England, and Australia. Their previous album was recorded the studio of Belle and Sebastian's Stevie Jackson. Very cool sound.
22. "Only A Friend - Live" by Picturehouse
And, we close out this segment of music with the lead track from 1999 - Live in Dublin. Picture House was originally active from 1996-2004 before reforming in 2014. This live recording captures the band at their peak. A great ending for this segment of music.
Tomorrow - we wrap up this week's Playlist recap and prepare for a day of giving thanks and then a new Playlist on Friday.

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Monday, November 23, 2020

E2TG 11/23/2020 - Music City Monday - The Skin Mix (Landfill Remix)

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In the past couple of days, two musician friends of mine have tested positive for COVID-19.  All the relevant numbers are on the rise across the country.  There is virtually no relief from our government at any level which means it is up to "We the People".  Take all necessary precautions.  Forgo unncessary gatherings.  Stay in as much as possible, wear masks and practice social distancing when you must go out.  This promises to be a long, dark winter. This is not political... the election is over. This is about listening to scientists and what they are saying today - not rehashing some interview from February that may contradict what is being said today.  Take every precaution you can - the worst thing will be that you were too cautious and were temporarily inconvenienced. The best thing is that you might help slow the spread of a virus that has the potential to cause long-term negative health effects and even to cause death. 

I'm going to try to recap the rest of this week's Featured Friday Playlist in three days so I can take Thanksgiving off... so today, we will feature songs 9-16:

9. "This Disease" by Wilder Embry
We start off with a track from a fairly recent EP called Great Tornado by this Nashville based singer-songwriter and Georgia native. A friend of mine mentioned his music, and I checked it out, and I really liked it. 
10. "In the City" by Tower Defense
Next up, we have the title track from the brand new album by this long-running Nashville punk band. My DJ partner Sue met these some of these guys at Dee's and played one of their older songs on our old radio show. 
11. "The Edge" by Adam Wright
Next up, another recent single from a Nashville based songwriter that I was clued into by a friend. Again, I gave a listen - as I do, and I loved what I heard. 
12. "Man on TV" by Josh King
Next up, we have a track from the new album by North Carolina based folk/rock singer-songwriter Josh King. The album was recorded under quarantine with assistance from two of his former band mates from the band House of Fools.  
13. "My First Friend" by Grant Hill & M.O.S.
Next, we have the first single from the forthcoming new album by California singer-songwriter Grant Hill and his band M.O.S.  This one resonated with me very strongly. 
14. "Over You" by Burris
Next, we have the title track from the new album by this New Orleans based folk band. The band's sophomore album is a two-parter. Over You Part 1 is out now. An melodic, emotion-packed song.
15. "Harlem River Blues" by Steve Earle
The first taste of Steve Earle's heart-wrenching tribute album to his late son Justin Townes is out. Harlem River Blues is one of the younger Earle's most popular songs, and the lyrics hit hard in the tragic new context of his life.
16. "Too High to Cross the Street (Too Drunk to Care)" by Uncle Sexy and the Nephews
And, we close out this long segment of music with one that actually came to me via my Spotify Release Radar - which is only did because the song is a collaboration between Dee Oh Gee (formerly Blackfoot Gypsies) and Uncle Sexy and the Nephews - a really fascinating band from Chicago that I am just now getting to know.  A great song. 
Tomorrow - we will pick up with song 17 and get as far as we can...
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Friday, November 20, 2020

E2TG 11/20/2020 - Featured Friday -

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Whew! It is Friday!  We have a brand new Featured Friday Playlist  - which you can check out below. 

Our weekly recap kicks off today after the jump with the first 8 songs....  We will recap the rest of the playlist in this space beginning on Monday. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, November 19, 2020

E2TG 11/19/2020 - Crossing Lines - Club Hoppin' Mix (Fall With Me Remix)

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I think the thing about lines - thinking about lines in the sand or lines we say we will never cross or whatever is that once you cross that line - there are more lines and soon that original line is barely even discernable behind you and the importance of that line becomes lost.  

I have been thinking about this on several different levels, and there is something important I have to say about it.. but I think I will leave it at that for now.

Time to wrap up this week's Featured Friday Playlist recap and get ready for a new playlist hitting around midnight (or tomorrow morning if I fall asleep).  As always, I save some of the most interesting music of the week for this last segment (it's a trick to keep you all listening) Songs 26-29:

26. "Lord Won't Come" by Nero Kane 
We open up with segment with the lead single from the new album, Tales of Faith and Lunacy, by Italian dark psyche folk artist Nero Kane.  Cool stuff. 
27. "Brave the Storm" by Last Year's Man (feat. Anna Tivel)
Next up, we celebrate the release of the new album by Eugene, Oregon based singer-songwriter Last Year's Man (aka Tyler Fortier) by adding the title track to this week's Playlist. This track features the fabulous Ana Tivel. 
28. "Great Big White World" by Dead Girls Corp.
How about a Marilyn Manson cover? How about it?  Up next, we have the new single from L.A. based industrial band Dead Girls Corp - with their cover of this 1998 Manson song. A cool addition to this week's playlist. 
29. "Oxygen" by Pat Murry
We close out this week's playlist with the title track from the third album by Wisconsin-based hip-hop artist Pat Murry. This confessional track really resonated with me for reasons I can't fully explain. In event, I am glad to have this track round out this week's playlist. 

I hope I have fulfilled my mission to bring together as diverse and wonderful a playlist as I can - and to introduce you to some new music you might not otherwise hear.  As I mention, tomorrow, we will be back with a whole new list. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

E2TG 11/18/2020 - The End of the End of the Beginning of... - Crossfading Mix (The Great Swim Remix)

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Time marches on and we remain mired in uncertainty, chaos, and in the midst of a pandemic that has entered a deadly new wave with almost zero response to curb it. The vaccine news is encouraging but we need to take action now.  IF new shutdowns are off the table - then it will take a concerted effort to follow guidelines for mask wearing, social distancing, etc. This is not oppression it is a reasonable reaction to the situation....

Oh yeah, and Trump needs to concede. 

We are up to the penultimate recap post for this week's Featured Friday Playlist... songs 21-25:

21. "Free Advice" by Cindy
We featured San Francisco band Cindy earlier this year when their Free Advice album was released. The LP quickly went out of print, but now Mt. St. Mtn. and Tough Love Records from the UK have teamed up to reissue the album. So, we celebrate by revisiting the album via the title track.
22. "Betoni kukkii" by Gim Kordon
Next up, we have the new single from the Finnish band whose name was inspired by the bassist for Sonic Youth.  Like that band, Gim Kordon's music is noisy and wonderful.  Check it out. 
23. "Wide Eyed Lady" by Lou McMahon
Next up, we have a lovely, dark folk song from Irish singer and songwriter Lou McMahon. What a great addition to our Playlist. 
24. "I Want You Around" by Sour Ops
Coming closer to home, we have a new single from Nashville's Sour Ops - the band is led by Price Harrison - who was in the early 80s band 69 Tribe and more recently is a part of the band Snakehips -which is led by his brother Mark who is also part of Sour Ops. Pedal steel master Paul Neihaus plays on this track. This is so amazing.
25. "Going to the City" by Antonio Lopez
We close things out today, with a delightful new single from Colorado folk artist Antonio Lopez. I am digging this one quite a bit.
Tomorrow - we wrap up this week's Playlist recap with songs 26-29...
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

E2TG 11/17/2020 - Winding Down... - Losing Sleep Mix (Bird Free Remix)

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Wow - 2020 is really speeding toward it's end. I think there is a growing realization that things are not going to return to "normal" on January 1, 2021.  I think, psychologically, many of have been thinking in terms of 2020 being a really messed up year... but we are in messed up times and they year changing will not mark the end.  But, maybe, we are seeing the light at the end... maybe... 

This year has been one of change for E2TG and it has been weird in general.  At this point, I am not sure what I am going to do in terms of Artist(s) and/or Band(s) of the Year. I guess I am still considering it all.  And, at the same time, I am constantly reevaluating how I do things.  While I can change any time I want, a new year always seems like a good time to make changes... but we shall see... 

On we go!

Our recap of this week's Playlist continues with songs 16-20:

16. "Showing Up Late" by John Calvin Abney
Tulsa based singer-songwriter John Calvin Abney's new album is due out this Friday. It is called Familiar Ground, and this is the last pre-release single. Tulsa is a great city for songwriters and there is a pretty direct pipeline between there and Nashville - which means back in the before time, I used to see great Tulsa songwriters like John Calvin Abney on a semi-regular basis. 
17. "If Love Should Call" by The Plastic Pals
Our old friends from Sweden are back with more new music. This is a track from their new EP  - It Could Be So Easy, Free and Fine. This band has such a great sound. 
18. "Crazy Train" by The Barefoot Movement
In the fun covers department, Nashville-based band The Barefoot Movement take on the Ozzy Osbourne classic in a rousing rootsy cover.  
19. "I Love the Way You See the World" by Petter Carlsen
From the far north of Norway - above the Arctic Circle - we have a track from the new album by singer-songwriter Petter Carlsen. This is either the second or third time, we have featured his music. He writes wonderful songs and has a great voice.
20. "Cool, Like David Suzuki" by The Silverbeets
We have previously featured the two pre-release singles from Halcyon Days - the new album by Australian band The Silverbeets. The album is out now, and this week, we are featuring this song about the Canadian academic, science broadcaster, and environmental activist. A really fun song from this band who are becoming favorites of mine. 
The recaps rolls on tomorrow when we pick back up at song #21.
    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, November 16, 2020

E2TG 11/16/2020 - Music City Monday and More - Homecoming Show Mix ( Remix)

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It feels silly to say it... not because it isn't true, but because it is so obvious... we are still in a pandemic. Here in Nashville and elsewhere cases are on the rise, but from the government down to many citizens there seems to be a nonchalance about it all, and an unwillingness to make any modifications. As we head into winter and the holidays, it looks like dark days ahead. With so many, ignoring the guidance from health officials and determined to act as if the pandemic is either over or not real, it makes it more difficult to do the right thing. 

The progress on the vaccine front is encouraging, but for now, we have to deal with where we are. 

And, we have an administration more interested in fighting the results of a fair and valid election than fighting COVID. 

We pick back up with our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist with songs 10-15:

10. "Without Us" by Black Paisley
Up first today, we have a track from the forthcoming album Rambler by the Swedish band that we featured before. This one is a catchy rocker that caught me a little of guard in a good way. 
11. "Some Lucky Stardust" by Brent Moyer
12. "If We're Gonna Kill Each Other" by Dallas Moore, Billy Don Burns
In what is, I believe, a first for our Playlist, we have two tracks from the same album.  The album is A Tribute to Joe Sun.  First up, we have Nashville songwriter and musician Brent Moyer covering a Joe Sun song originally on Sun's 1998 album Heartbreak Saloon.   The second is by outlaw country notables Dallas Moore and Billy Don Burns and it is one of the last songs written by Sun and released here for the first time.  Joe Sun passed away last October.
13. "Look at the Birdy" by The Flat Five
Next up, we have a track from the newly released 2nd album by Chicago area supergroup The Flat Five. So good!
14. "Second Fiddle to a Steel Guitar" by The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!
Next up, we have a track from Jersey City native Gary Van Miert with his first album of original material. Recorded remotely with some Nashville musicians.  This is fantastic stuff. 
15. "Immoral Guidance" by Danny Black; Keith Goodwin
We close out this segment of music with a Good Ole War reunion of sorts from Philadelphia based Danny Black's third album Black Ryno.  A great way to close out this segment of music. 
Tomorrow - the recap continues with songs 16-20 or so
    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, November 13, 2020

E2TG 11/13/2020 - Featured Friday - Good God Mix (Fighting Remix)

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We made it through another week... crazy times for sure... music - as it always does sustains me...


A brand new Featured Friday Playlist with some awesome new and recent music from Nashville and beyond...

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, November 12, 2020

E2TG 11/12/2020 - Words That Go In This Part of the Title - Flash Flood Mix (Canada Remix)

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In all the commotion this week, I forgot to say, congratulations to President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris. 

Today - we wrap up our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist with songs 27-31:

27. "Hard to Get" by Kafeeno
Up first, we have a really cool track from Gregory "Kafeeno" Whealton Jr. Who draws upon his experience as a young person travelling the world with his family to bring multiple influences. This track features steel drums and flutes to great a fun sound. 
28. "Hell Yeah" by Paul Alexander Low
Next up, we have the title track off of the new EP by this UK based singer-songwriter. I dig it.
29. "Usaxpsa" by I Could Live in Hope
Up next, we have some Nashville music via fellow WXNA DJ Travis Trevisan. Really good indie rock with a shoegaze sound and a political message. 
30. "Sweet Talk" by Madisyn Whajne
Next up, we have a new single from this Ontario-based First Nations artist. I immediately thought of the Go-Gos when I heard this - it is really good. Check it out. 
31. "Going Home" by Deleo
And we close out this week's Playlist with the third single from the forthcoming album by this French band. We have featured this band before, and I dig what they are doing.  It is always great to end a playlist on such a high note. 
Be on the lookout for an all-new Featured Friday Playlist - hitting around Midnight. And, again, thanks to everyone who is following the Playlist. 

Final note: Please remember that while Spotify is a great way to share and discover music - they do not treat artists fairly in terms of compensation for the art they create.  Buy music, buy merch, watch livestreams and tip, and when it is safe go see your favorite independent artists live.  
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

E2TG 11/11/2020 - Mid-Week Holiday - Drug Store Wine Mix (Everything Remix)

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Today is Veteran's Day - a time to pause and remember those who served our nation in the military. 

I have the day off work. In the past, I have taken a day off from blogging when I am off work, but I am choosing today to press on. 

Our Featured Friday Playlist recap rolls on with songs 22-26:

22. "Medicine" by The Sea at Midnight
Starting things off we have LA based postpunk band The Sea at Midnight with a track from the  debut self-titled album. Really great stuff that reminds of a lot of great bands I love. 
23. "Dosed" by Arran Sym
Coincidentally, we follow up a song called "Medicine" with a song called "Dosed".  This is a track from the another debut - this time the EP 1000 Micrograms of Love via Scottish producer and artist Arran Sym.  Really digging this. 
24. "Illinois by Numbers" by Moral Mazes
Next up, we have a great new track from Moral Mazes - which features members of Jawbox, The Bomb, Airstream Futures,  and more.  This is from a recently released 7".
25. "White and Black Angels" by Monsieur Minimal
This is our third time (unless I lost count) featuring Greek artist Monsieur Minimal - we had previously featured the track Easteria - which is the title track from his new album.  
26. "The Distances" by Cosmopolis
There has definitely been a mood and feel to this segment of music, and this new single from global band Cosmopolis is a great way to close it out. The band's members are from UK, Belgium, and Australia.  
Tomorrow - we wrap up this week's playlist - with songs 27-31...
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

E2TG 11/10/2020 - The Art of the Loss - Peace Love and Understanding Mix (Enough is Enough Remix)

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A bit short on time today - so we will jump right in...

Today, our recap of this week's Playlist continues with songs 17-21:

17. "Let Me Tell You What I Think" by Ordinary Elephant
Starting off today, we have a brand new single from Houston, Texas based, husband and wife folk duo Ordinary Elephant. This is a thoughtful and nuanced song of our times. Really fantastic. 
18. "Culture War" by Paul Maged
More timely music - albeit of a different variety - via New York Alt-Rock singer-songwriter Paul Maged.  We have featured his music before, and we probably will again. This is the title track from his new album. 
19. "Love in Quarantine" by New Way Vendetta
Next up, we have yet another timely track - this of the goth/dance variety via the long-running New Way Vendetta.  Stellar stuff. 
20. "Partypooper" by HMS Morris
I believe this is our second time featuring Welsh band HMS Morris in a Playlist. It is really catchy pop music of the best variety.  
21. "You've Got Another Thing Coming" by Beyond the Grey
And, we close out this segment of music with a really tasty Judas Priest cover from this band who are based in Kansas City.  A nice addition to the Playlist. 
Tomorrow - the recap continues with songs 22-26
    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, November 9, 2020

E2TG 11/9/2020 - Music City Monday - Keeping Time Mix (Mark My Word Remix)

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"Our long national nightmare is over..."  There is a huge sense of relief - with an acknowledgement that there is still much work to be done. President-Elect Biden's words of unity are welcome and necessary to begin the healing work ahead. However, with the current president's refusal to concede and the continued destructive rhetoric from his followers and enablers - I am reminded of the song by The Chicks...

That being said, I am most excited about the possibility of politics being something I "keep up with" but not obsess over. And, on that note, let's get to today's music... 

But, first - we have some sad news to report- Bones Hillman - best known nationally as the bassist for Midnight Oil for many years - but known here in Nashville for his work with Tim Carroll, Anne McCue,  and Julie Christensen's Stone Cupid - passed away over the weekend after a battle with cancer. Sending love to all who knew him and mostly to his family. 

Today, we pick back up with our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist with songs 11-16:

11. "Until There's Nothing But Air" by Andrew Leahey & the Homestead
First up today, we have the new single from some E2TG and East Nashville favorites. Another great song from Andrew and the band. 
12. "2020" by Son of Bazerk (ft. Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton)
From our old friends at True Groove record... a new single featuring the hip hop legends Son of Bazerk (Tony Allen aka Son of Bazerk) introduced Chuck D and Flava Flav to each other in the early 80s.  For this timely new single, they are joined by Funkadelic guitarist Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton.  A hard hitting song for hard hitting times. 
13. "Tear It Down" by Amy Ray
Next, we have the brand new single from Amy Ray (1/2 of Indigo Girls). Ray has written a powerful, a soul-searching examination of the racism that reminds deeply rooted in our nation and in our society. It is the same kind of soul searching need by the nation and by many of us who grew up in the South (in particular).
14. "Late Bloom" by Graber Gryass
We have been talking about and featuring Memphis band bluegrass band Graber Gryass for some time - well, their album slipped by me last week - so this week we have the title track. Great stuff. 
15. "Straight to Heaven" by F. Scott and the Nighthawks
Next up, we have a fantastic song - the title track from the new EP by Toronto based outlaw band - F. Scott and the Nighthawks. This was my introduction to the band, and I am already hooked.  They have a second EP set for release in 2021 (date TBD).
16. "No Justification" by Loud Apartment
And we close out this segment of music with a track from the second album by this funk fusion band from NYC. The album was produced by the legendary Bill Laswell - who also plays on the album. This is an amazing album - definitely check it out. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, November 6, 2020

E2TG 11/6/2020 - Featured Friday Playlist - A Pleasant Surprise Mix (Stop It Remix)

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As a person born in the South, I am encouraged by the vote (so far) in Georgia. My home state has a long way to go, but if the party leadership can step up, and if the young voters and soon-to-be voters can be engaged and energized - I see change ahead - maybe not the next election or even  the one after that, but eventually. For my progressive friends in Tennessee who are contemplating moves because of the lackluster performance in this election, I selfishly (as someone with deep roots) ask you to stick around. We need you.  In any case, I am glad to be living in a tiny blue bubble in a sea of red. To the progressives outside of this bubble - I see you and I admire your courage. Stay strong!

Cover art for Carrus & Kurtz - A Pleasant Surprise (by Adam Kurtz and Ashley Richardson)

Once again, we have reached the end of the week - and what a week? Am I right?  

It was originally looking like this was going to be a light playlist, but it turns out to be 31 songs and almost 2 hours long. New and recent music from all over the world - as usual starting in my own backyard - Nashville. If you aren't already, please follow the playlist on Spotify and give it a listen. I'm sure you will find music you like by artists you may not know. 

Also, keep up as we spend the next week recapping the songs that make up this playlist - beginning with the first ten songs - which you can read about below the jump. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, November 5, 2020

E2TG 11/5/2020 - So...anyway... - The Snake Eye Mix (Lilies and Roses Remix)

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Well, I am officially off-kilter from all of the madness. I feel good that it took me this long... that's a joke... I've been off-kilter for a long, long time- but this morning, I forget to reset my weekly alarm for my radio show and thus missed the show - that is the first time that had happened. I am usually almost obsessive about checking and rechecking my alarm - but I am physically and emotionally exhausted this week. I am going to just accept that I needed the sleep and forgive myself for messing that up. 

In any event, it is Thursday and we still don't have an official winner in the Presidential election. As I said yesterday, regardless, we have work to do as a nation, but I am not at all certain we are eager or even willing to do that work.  It seems much easier to point fingers and place blame. 

I do have to also acknowledge something I read - it is unfair and unkind to call for unity without also acknowledging the on-going inequality. I think - all of us need to take  deep look inside.  On a brighter note, it was good to see the gains at the state and local level for people of color, women, and the LGBTQ+ community. Change has to start in our local communities and neighborhoods - and I mean real change - where we listen to our neighbors and respond with kindness - even if it is a tough love version of kindness. 

Social media can be a tool for organizing for that change, but I do not think it can be the forum. I believe this for several reason - the presence of agitators (or trolls if you will) who sow the seeds of acrimony and sabotage efforts at civil discourse, the ease in which hastily written words can by misconstrued - I have seen people who are on the same side of an issue argue in comments section because one misconstrued a comment by another or missed sarcasm or irony. And listen, I am a big fan of sarcasm, but I think one should be cautious using it in a public setting. We live in a strange time - where what is to me an absurd notion - is to someone else a viable theory. 

Enough - we have music!

Today - we wrap up our recap of this week's Playlist and can I point out again how good this week's list turned out - just take a look at the amazing songs that show up today to close out the list... Songs 25-29

25. "Dark Room" by Evan Isaac
We start things off with a new single from Pittsburgh based singer-songwriter Evan Isaac - from his forthcoming album Dogwood Dignitaries Listen to the Baby. Really cool sound. I look forward to hearing more.
26. "Choices We Make" by Richard X. Heyman
Next up, we have the brand new single from power pop icon Richard X. Heyman - of The Doughboys. Heyman's solo career began in the late 80s. This is a fantastic song.  
27. "Quite Alright" by Wheeler Del Torro (feat. Sidney Washington)
Next up, a powerful song featuring producer, musician, and DJ Wheeler Del Torro and singer Sidney Washington. This is the original track from a collection of remixes by Doug Gomez and Paul Adams.  A wonderful addition to the Playlist. 
28. "I Walked Away" by Strays Don't Sleep
Strays Don't Sleep are up next with their second release the EP A Short Film for a Long Story. The EP comes 15 years after the first album by the ambient folk band based in Nashville and featuring Matthew Ryan and Neilson Hubbard. Damn this is a great song.
29. "Hammer Hall" by The Wake
Columbus, Ohio based The Wake are back with their first album in 25 years -Perfumes and Fripperies. If I had heard this prior to reading the press release, I might have been convinced I was hearing a great lost bit of 80s goth awesomeness. It is vintage sounding in all the right ways. And a great way to close out another fantastic Featured Friday Playlist.  
Tomorrow - we are back with another brand new Featured Friday Playlist.  By the way, thanks to everyone who is Following the playlist on Spotify.  If you aren't, please consider it, thanks. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

E2TG 11/4/2020 - ???????? - Dilettante Mix (Freedom Remix)

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First of all, yes, it is okay to be impressed that I am continuing on today with all of the uncertainty in our country.  Just kidding - E2TG helps keep me sane. 

The only thing I know for sure is that no matter the outcome of this or any other election, we have a very difficult path ahead. There are divisions that must be healed or at least begin to be healed if this nation is going to stand. 

I have read several comments from my left-leaning friends who - like me - are horrified that so many people support such an (to us) obviously incompetent, racist, xenophobic, homophobic president. While I 100% acknowledge that we as a nation have deep and engrained issues with racism and other forms of bigotry - I do also need to acknowledge that many people who are supporting the current President are doing to out of fear - real and intense fear - and I do not see a path ahead for this nation unless all of those fears are at least acknowledge and unless work is done around those fears. 

I don't know how that happens.  When facts and science and logic are ignored and met with disdain - I am not sure how to reach those people. I think those fears have been long-held and the Republicans have long used those fears to lure vulnerable voters. These people fear that their way of life is threatened.  They have had these fears stoked by right wing media outlets for years. 

So, while there are many racists and bigots who support the current administration - there are also many people who have let their fear blind them to the fascist and racist tendencies of their chose leader. This is not meant as a defense of these people and people of color, LGBTQ+ people, women who want to control their own health and bodies, the disabled etc., all have every right to be disgusted by these people. I do think understanding is a start. And, I do know people whose thinking has evolved. 

As with any election (and more so with this one perhaps), there are opportunities for learning and growth and change. There are deep divisions not just between left and right but between many who are on the left. Between hardline progressives and moderate/centrist liberals. I do hope we can find a way to make the necessary changes in a respectful manner and in a way that listens to all sides and all voices and debates the needed changes without name-calling and bitterness. 

I don't know if any of that needed healing and polite discourse is even possible, but I do know if it is possible it probably won't come from comment sections on social media posts or news articles. It will come with many, many open one-on-one discussions. Talkin' about a revolution sounds like a whisper.

Find peace today - however you can!

Feature Friday Playlist Recap - continues with Songs 20-24 - the depth of this week's Playlist shines through here - it bears repeating that I have a loose design when it comes to my Featured Friday Playlists mixed with a little classic E2TG randomness, but one thing is certain - the list should never be considered a ranking of any kind. I could give you the formula I used to order the songs, but then I would have to kill you. (Plus, it probably doesn't make sense except to me). Suffice it to say this segment of the list proves that quality music can be found throughout my weekly Playlists. 

20. "The Fall" by Pozzi
L.A. based alt-folk artist Pozzi is becoming a semi-regular here at E2TG.  We have featured a few of his earlier singles.  His debut album, Tyrant, has been out for a couple of months, and I continue to be impressed by his songs and his voice. 
21. "In My Head" by The Amboys
The Amboys were a Band of the Week at E2TG way back in 2012, and I even got to see them live at The Basement in March of that year. I had kind of lost touch with this New Jersey band that combined traditional folk instrumentation with a punk rock approach and sense of humor, but thanks to the little birds of Bandcamp, I was alerted to the fact that they had just released a new single and here it is. Always great to hear from old favorites, and The Amboys do not disappoint. 
22. "A Little Heat" by Andrew Grimm
Next up, we have the title track from the world-wide solo debut from Maryland based singer-songwriter Andrew Grimm.  The album was produced by Eric "Roscoe" Amble. Grimm is behind the long-running Baltimore band June Star.  This is a flat out great song, and Grimm's voice really got to me. 
23. "Parfum De Nuit" by Marten Larka
Next up, we have a new single from Swedish alt-pop singer-songwriter Marten Larka - who is described as Wilco under the influence of Gainsbourg. And, although I know the music of both the named artists - I don't feel qualified to access the veracity of that claim, but what I can tell you is that this is a fantastic song. Alt-pop is a pretty widely encompassing descriptor, but in this case, I think it fits, and I love the sound. 
24. "Good Man Down" by The Mojo Slide 
We close out this segment with a new single from UK blues rock band The Mojo Slide. Blues rock is another descriptor that can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. What I hear is a definite influence of the blues with a refreshingly original sound. A great way to close out this segment of music. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

E2TG 11/3/2020 - E-Day - Turning Wheel Mix (Goodnight Remix)

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Well... here we are... on the precipice... of what, I don't know... this does feel like a tipping point.  The only thing I have left to say is if you are reading this and you are registered and eligible to vote and the polls are still open in your area and if you haven't vote - do so.  A lot of "Ifs" and an awkward sentence but you get my point. 

I think I always have some anxiety on election day, but I have never felt like this in my life. The stakes are high. I have voted. I don't plan on watching continuing coverage. I will likely check in, and otherwise keep myself busy or distracted. 

The thing is - I don't know what the path forward looks like - regardless of the outcome. I do think one path is much more hopeful than the other - but no matter what - we have a long, difficult journey ahead. 

One last thing I have to say... in the past, I have understood the perspective of people who say - both sides are the same. I may not agree, but I do understand.  Over, at least, the last nearly 30 years, the vote for President has been a vote for Center Right vs. Center Left. All that being said, I do not understand those who are saying that today. I think the choice today is as stark and definite as it can be - and not because Joe Biden is a far left candidate but because the other choice is fascism and dictatorship. 

So, vote if you haven't.  If you have, well then I wish you peace and serenity to the extent possible, and if you have any tips for coping with the stress of it all - please let me know. 

Meanwhile, the best thing I can do is to do what I do everyday and that is talk about the music that I am listening to today. 

Let's get back to our recap of this week's Playlist... Songs 15-19...

15.  "Am I Dreaming" by EG Vines
This is the second song by Nashville singer-songwriter EG Vines that we have featured, and I can honestly say that I am a big fan of his music now. The only reason I wasn't before is that I hadn't heard it. There is appropriately enough a dream-like quality to this song - which is nonetheless firmly rooted in everyday life. It is a remarkable song with a verse perfect for today. 
16. "Nothing's Sweeter Than Loving You" by Andy Kahrs
Next up, we have another Nashville singer-songwriter. This is our first listen to Andy Kahrs. This song has a sweet southern soul vibe to it - and Kahrs vocals fit like a glove. I like this song a lot, and I look forward to hearing more. 
17. "Alabama Gone" by Jackson Capps
Our third Nashville singer-songwriter in a row. This is the second single we have covered by Jackson Capps. This one has a bluegrass feel to it. Just a flat out good modern country song. A great addition to my playlist. 
18. "Close Enough for Government Work" by Mike Stinson (feat. Johnny Irion)
This is a perfect song to show up on the blog on Election Day. Singer-songwriter Mike Stinson has ties to Houston and Los Angeles.  He wrote the song "The Late Great Golden State" which Dwight Yoakam covered on his 2003 album Population Me. Stinson wrote this song while in quarantine in Massachusetts. It is a direct response to the President's handling of the pandemic and uses Trump's own words. Stinson worked with Johnny Irion who we have mostly recently heard about for his work with This Frontier Needs Heroes. We also Featured Irion's own music earlier - his tribute to Ravi Shankar - that featured Jeff Bridges. 
19. "When the Devil Knows Your Name" by Ben Arthur
And we close out this segment of music with another track from Ben Arthur's new Collision album. Over the years that we have been covering Ben Arthur's music, one thing that has been crystal clear is his dedication to the craft of songwriting - most obvious in his Songcraft Presents program.  What I am seeing with this release is more evidence that his study and practice at his craft has paid off. The songs here are top-notched. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, November 2, 2020

E2TG 11/2/2020 - Music City Monday and More - Normal Mix (Tasty Remix)

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Well, it is November. Tomorrow is election day 2020.  If you didn't early vote, please be sure to vote tomorrow. Here in Nashville some important points - unlike early voting - on Election Day you have to vote at your assigned polling place. Contact the Davidson County election commission or check their website to confirm that location. Make a plan. If possible ask a friend to go with you - better yet go as a group. Bring and wear you mask and bring a valid photo ID. You do not need the card issued by the election commission. If you happen to be in line when the polls close - stay in line. 

I know I am not alone in feeling especially anxious about this election. I am still mapping out my plan for election night and what may be a long several days. Take care of yourself. Pace yourself. Don't feel guilty about checking out for a while to listen to music or watch movies etc. as a distraction. No matter the outcome of the elections, it is important for people who care about other people to stick together. There is a long road ahead and it is dark, uncertain, and likely treacherous. But, it is passable and we will get through somehow. 

In meantime, I offer up some mostly Music City music for your Election Eve enjoyment. 

We pick up where we left off on Friday, with songs 10-14:

10. "The Mystery Of" by mssv
We start off this segment of music with the lead track from the album Main Steam Stop Valve with this band featuring Mike Baggetta, Stephen Hodges, and Mike Watt. This relatively new band formed in 2019 and were supposed to play Big Ears this Spring.  Great stuff. 
11. "Closer Now" by Carl Anderson
Next up, a new single from our old friend Carl Anderson.  Always great to hear new music from Carl, and this is a wonderful song. 
12. "John Carpenter" by Palm Ghosts
Nashville's Palm Ghosts are back with a new single - this one pays tribute to a film director who was a major part of my youth and young adult years. 
13. "Til It's Over" by Morgan Bosman
Next, the latest from Nashville's Morgan Bosman - another collaboration with our old friend Hayden Coleman. 
14. "Ashes" by Will Payne Harrison
And this segment closes out with another track from Will Payne Harrison off of his The Stratford Sessions EP. 
Tomorrow - we pick up with song #15 - the depth of this playlist is amazing. 

    Featured Friday Playlist