Wednesday, March 31, 2021

E2TG 3/31/2021 - March Goes Out Like a... - Hey Captain! Mix (Bad Remix)

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And just like that we are already a quarter of a way through 2021.  A hundred or so thoughts just went through my head when I thought about where we are at  this juncture.  So, I guess I will ask my reader - how and where are you in  the context of hope vs. anxiety? (hope that things are improving and the light may be visible vs. anxiety that some are moving too fast toward a return to some sort of normalcy). 

I guess there seems to be a great divide even among those who formerly were on the same page in terms of the pandemic.   I think I am stuck somewhere in the middle of hope and anxiety.  I do see that light (which might be an on-coming train) but I also see the stark reality that a significant percentage of people are refusing to be vaccinated - and I am not just talking about some anti-vax fringe... And I fear that will slow recovery. I am also concerned that some are rushing to reopen - but that anxiety also fuels my anxiety about what reopening will look like for me personally.  What I mean: going out to see live music was always a social event and a reprieve from the normal anxieties of life. So, seeing live music -  with less social engagement and with more anxiety of how to behave and how to be safe - isn't so appealing to me. 

I just want to fast-forward to some future state when a new normal has been established and I know exactly how to behave and what to expect. 

We move along in our Featured Friday Recap. Today: Songs 24-29

24. "The Knockout Artist" by Cathal Coughlan
First up, we have a recent single and track from the new album by Irish indie legend Cathal Coughlan (Microdisney, The Fatima Mansions).  A stirring track and a great way to start out this Wednesday. 
25. "Voyeurs Who Offer Nothing" by Nick Hudson
  Next up, we have the lovely lead track from the new 3-song single from Nick Hudson (The Academy of Sun). The principal song is called "Come Back When There's Nothing Left". The third track on the single is a cover of Oingo Boingo's "Not My Slave". 
26. "No Miento" by Coque Tornado
Next up, we have the brief and atypical lead track from El Toledano by this hard rock band from Madrid. The band has a really interesting sound that combines a variety of influences into something unique. As I said, there are probably more typical examples of the band's sound - although they are very diverse - but this lovely piece caught my ear late on the Thursday night I was putting the Playlist together. 
27. "Guilty Pleasure" by What If Elephants; Flara K
Next up, some delicious indie pop confection from Montreal based band - the latest single from their forthcoming Relationship Status EP. Great stuff. 
28. "Talk With You" by Remington Super 60
Next up, Norwegian band Remington Super 60 return to E2TG with the lead track from their recent album Nouvelle Nouveau. A great opportunity to reconnect with this band - we first featured last year. 
29. "Angel Follows Me Out" by Gallery 47
And finally, we close out this segment of music with a lovely new single from this UK folk-pop band.  A wonderful way to prepare out way to finish off our recap tomorrow. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

E2TG 3/30/2021 - Inward Gaze - Cinnamon Mix (Behave Remix)

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One thing occurred me - thinking back on yesterday's post. Thinking about the immensity of the issues faces the world and the country and the state and the city... is that the best place to start making changes is with ourselves.  One thing I learned in a previous part of my life is that if something is bothering your about someone else's behavior is to look at where you may have a similar behavior in your own life. It isn't always easy - because your own behavior may be quiet different but often if you take the time and make the effort to look - you will something somehow related to that bothersome behavior that you can work on in yourself. And that is often more productive since it is next to impossible to change other people's behavior. 

Today - we move on in our Featured Friday recap - with songs 18-23:

18. "Looking Through the Glass" by Kieran Mercer
First up, we have the new single single from Canadian singer-songwriter Kieran Mercer - who released his debut EP in 2016.  This is his first independent release.
19. "Noyalain (Burn)" by Lisa Gerard; Jules Maxwell
Next up, we have the first single from the forthcoming (May 7) album Burn. Lisa Gerrard  is a founding member of the band Dead Can Dance.
20. "I Wanna Be a Teenage Boy" by Zoe FitzGerald Carter
Next up, we have a new track from this Bay area songwriter and memorist. This song (from the forthcoming album Waterlines) manages to be fun and intriguing, and it is worth a close listen.  
21. "The City's Coming Down" by The New Ravis
Next up, we have a song born out of the mental health strain of the last year - from this indie duo from Galway. Really strong addition to the playlist. 
22. "Collide (Bury My Heart)" by Golden Streets of Paradise
Next up, we have the lead track from the new 3 song mini-EP from this Cleveland, Ohio duo.  Really digging this. 
23. "Taming Monsters" by Stefan Prigmore
And, we close with a powerful track from the full length debut album by this Texas singer-songwriter. An excellent album - check it out. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, March 29, 2021

E2TG 3/29/2021 - Music City Monday - Walking Wounded Mix (Better Now Remix)

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We are back after a much needed week off... 

A lot going on in the world, in our nation, and locally.  I think there are issues that are way too big for any person or administration or party to solve. I think there is a lot of evil in the world - evil in this case being defined as greed, selfishness, a lack of compassion, a lack of empathy.  I see it infecting and infesting many elements in our society and I think we can all fall victim to it from time to time, but I think it is especially insidious in certain situations. 

I also know that there are many kind, generous, compassionate and empathetic people in the world. I think ultimately, the solution has to come from those people coming together, putting aside petty differences and standing up for goodness.  

It will come when we embrace the things that unite us and try not to focus on the things that divide us. I have no idea how or if this is going to happen but I know that unless it does - the evil will continue to win. 

Please note, I use evil not in a religious or even supernatural sense - but rather as I defined it above. I also don't think anyone is all good or all evil - but I think the insidious nature of evil can be hard to resist. 

And, it cannot always been one side compromising and there will be points over which we cannot compromise - but if that is the case - let's move on to another point - while tabling the point where no agreement can be reached. I believe that while revolutionary change may be the most preferred and worth fighting for in some instances - incremental change is better than no change at all. 

Anyway, let's get on to the music for today... 
We pick up where we left off - a week ago Friday - a continue our recap of the Featured Friday Playlist with songs 12-17:

12. "El Camino" by Stephen Flatt
The album Cumberland Bones is due out April 16.  Today, we have the second single we have featured from Nashville singer-songwriter (and great nephew of Lester Flatt).  Really great tune. 
13. "Tumbling" by DL Rossi
Also due April 16 is Lonesome Kind by singer-songwriter DL Rossi. The album was recorded in Nashville where Rossi lived before returning to his native Michigan to help with an ailing family member.  
14. "Black Rose" by Shannon McNally; Buddy Miller
Next up, we have Shannon McNally and Buddy Miller doing a Waylon Jennings classic from McNally's forthcoming (May 28) album The Waylon Sessions. I feel like that last sentence says enough to highly recommend this listen. 
15. "America" by Sylvan Paul
Next up, we have the title track from the debut EP from NYC artist Sylvan Paul.  The song is unfortunately as timely as it was when it was written in 2018 - especially in the week of recent gun violence. 
16. "Crocodile" by Arrows to Fire
Next up, our second track to feature from this US/French collaboration (co-produced by Tim Palmer) and this is straight up one of the funnest songs we have featured in a while. 
17. "It's Ok Not to Be Ok" by The Rude Awakening
And we close with a timely message for these times from this UK synthpop act. Some cool music and good words to take us out of this segment of music.
    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, March 19, 2021

E2TG 3/19/2021 - Featured Friday - Can't Dance Mix (Undead Remix)

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So, here is the brand new Featured Friday Playlist - jam packed with returning E2TG favorites, long-anticipated album releases and as usual lots of new (to us) artists. 

Reminder, I am taking next week off - so E2TG will return on March 29 when we will pick up the recap at song #12 (but I'm getting ahead of myself - songs 1-11 are below... 

As usual, you can check out the whole playlist on Spotify and if you dig the Playlist give us a follow.  If you dig any of the music, find a way to support the artists: by music and merch, follow and share them on social media, when it is safe, go to shows... 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, March 18, 2021

E2TG 3/18/2021 - The Middle Part of the Title - Offended Mix (Caravans Remix)

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Just an update:  E2TG will be taking a break next week.  I will be posting a new Featured Friday Playlist at midnight and featuring the first section of songs tomorrow, but I won't feature the rest until a week from Monday.  So, no new Featured Friday Playlist next week, but I will compiling songs for the next playlist - which will come April 2.

Anyway  - here we go with today's post!

Today, we wrap up our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist with songs #31-36:

31. "Tears" by Leahy
We start off this segment of music with the latest from this Canadian family band - consisting of the five Leahy sisters (Julie, Erin, Maria, Siobheann, and Denise), their brother Frank, and Frank's son Xavier. A lovely song to start us off.
32. "Parabellum" by Wolfe Hybrid
Next up, we have the latest single from this duo from L.A. made up of two veterans of the film/TV business who came together in 2019. Really great track. 
33. "Alone" by VaughnBornFamous
Next, we have some alt-rock from this New Jersey native now based in L.A. Great track. 
34. "Heart Alive" by The Anahit
This new track from this band based in Budapest was released on International Women's Day and deals with the subject of domestic abuse and violence. I look forward to hearing more from this band. 
35. "War" by The Band Repent
We shift gears to bring you the most recent track from this thrash metal band from Casper, Wyoming. The band formed in August 2019 - playing their first show a couple of months later. They have an EP coming soon. I dig this. 
36. "Out With the Old" by MONOWHALES
We close things out for today and for this week's playlist with the latest single from this Toronto based band who scored a number 2 hit on the Canadian Alternative Rock chart with a previous release.  A great track to take us out. As we set the stage for a new Playlist at midnight (or so).
    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

E2TG 3/17/2021 - St. Middle Name Day - Coyote Mix (Delta Woman Remix)

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We move on into the home stretch of our Featured Friday Recap... songs number 25-30:

25. "La tête pleine" by Kaky 
French rapper Kaky just released the Room 404 EP.  This is the lead track.  We previously featured a single released ahead of the EP.  I really love the sound of this music. Great stuff. 
26. "Falling" by Jordy Benattar; Tyler Simmons
Next up, we have the breezy new single from Canadian actress and musician Jordy Benattar. Really nice. 
27. "Stay (It Will Get Better)" by Bonsche
Next up, we have a single from German EDM musician, producer, and audio engineer. The song is dedicated to the LGBQIA+ community.  
28. "Weather the Storm" by Kaleigh
Los Angeles based actress, model, and musician Kaleigh just released her debut full-length.  The theme here is coming of age. Cool tune. 
29. "Salami" by Pretty Happy
Next up, we have a recent single from this post-punk band based in Cork. I dig this a lot. 
30. "Talledega" by Ventruss
We close this segment with a recent single from this metalcore band based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can almost smell the engines and burning tires. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

E2TG 3/16/2021 - Lessons in Lack of Understanding - Live Forever Mix (Cold Hearted Remix)

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A recurring theme in my thoughts of late has been my lack of understanding about why some people do the things they do or act the way they do. It can be innocuous things or serious things... 

I think of my self as a pretty open minded person. I am not one who thinks everyone needs to believe, think, or act like I do... but there are some things that I just don't understand. 

For example - when a lane in ending and clearing marked that it is ending and people ride that lane until the last minute... and I mean when there is no traffic and no apparent reason not to just get over. 

Or the opposite - like happened today - multiple lanes and someone forces there way into your lane (not an aggressive driver trying to weave in and out of lanes to speed (that is another matter) but someone who is trying to get into a lane they will eventually need to be in for a split (which I get) but who is miles away from the split and who insists on getting over right at that moment. 

Another thing I don't understand: people who seem to devote a significant amount of time and energy to actively hating a band or a style of music or whatever. Or even worse, devotes that time and energy to hating on people who like something they don't like. 

There are plenty more examples - I guess what it comes down to is that I don't understand the benefit these actions offer.  There are definitely actions I don't like or that I would never do - but which I do understand why people do them.  But what I am talking about are thinks that make no sense to me... 

But - here is the rub. If I try, I can turn my confusion into a lesson in tolerance and acceptance. What I mean is - it is easy to practice tolerance and acceptance if something really doesn't bother me. The trick is to practice that same level of tolerance and acceptance of something that does cause be discomfort.  So, the next time someone rides the lane that is ending for no apparent reason - after I get annoyed - I will try to accept  that their action provided some benefit (real or perceived) to them. 

Finally, I feel the need to make the point that there are some behaviors that go beyond acceptance and tolerance. And in those cases, the trick is to recognize those things and to know those lines. That is what muddies the waters and makes it a constant practice and a contact conflict. 

The Featured Friday Playlist recap rolls on with songs 19-24:

19. "Culture Shock Treatment" by Round Eye
First up today, we have the title track from the new album by this Shanghai freak punk band. The album was produced by Mike Watt and mixed by Bill Stevenson.  It is out now digitally and out on vinyl in May. This is wonderful music. 
20. "Give Me a Reason" by Michael Ross
Next up, we have the new single from this Las Vegas musician and artist who has been performing as part of residency in Vegas for the last four years.  
21. "Vivant Tenebrae" by Drown in Sulphur
Well, this segment of music is nothing if not diverse.  We abruptly transition into the latest single from this Italian death metal band. Great stuff. 
22. "Murakami's Ghost" by Josh Machiz
Next up, we have first solo single from veteran Philadelphia musician Josh Machiz. The nearly nine minute track is based upon the Murakami short story, The Mirror. It is the first taste of his solo album due later this year.
23. "Monday Morning Drive" by Nature's Neighbor
Next up, we have a lovely song. This is the first single from the new album by this indie band that formed in Chicago in 2010. Really beautiful music. 
24. "Don't Trip" by Kairo Beats (feat. Sam Swancott)
We close out this segment of music with a new collaboration between a singer-songwriter from Swindon and an EDM songwriting duo made up of producer Jordan Hendon and songwriter/vocal engineer Chiarna Deller.  A cool way to wrap up this incredibly diverse segment of music. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, March 15, 2021

E2TG 3/15/2021 - Music City Monday - Southern Strain Mix (Devils Mouth Remix)

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We move steadily into a new week full of promise and doubt.  And here in Nashville... rain... something something rainy days and Mondays...

But Monday here at E2TG means Music City Monday... but first...

We continue our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist with songs 13-18:

13. "I am DRAGON!" by Feralman
From the recently release Chapters 35-43 - this is our second track to feature from Australian  singer-songwriter Feralman.
14. "Country Queen" by Toler Gibson
The first taste of The Days Before - the debut album by the California band featuring Kenneth Gibson and Gavin Toler. The album is due out in May. 
15. "A Hit of Love" by Larry Folk
Next up, we have a COVID response single from the forthcoming Embracing Folk EP.  Larry Folk is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose career dates back to the mid 1970s. His most recent album In the Moonlight was released back in September. 
16. "For Love" by My Name is Ian
Next up, we have the lead single from Fantastic Company which is due out in June. My Name is Ian is a Alt-Electronic band from Cardiff Wales. 

17. "Let Me Be Your Moonlight - Radio Edit" by Round Roomers

Next up, we have a release from Round Room Music who solicited poems from around the world to be transformed into music by Nashville musicians.  The poem that produced this song was written by a Baker from Belgium Jimmy Coenen and performed by Alabama native and Nashville musician Chad Wilson. The music was written Andy Dixon. 

18. "Sucker Punch" by The L.A. Maybe 
And we close with second single by this heavy rock band based in The Carolinas. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, March 12, 2021

E2TG 3/12/2021 - Featured Friday - Worldly Stuff Mix (Censorshit Remix)

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 Guess what?  It is Friday, and time for a brand new Featured Friday Playlist.  We've had our ear to the ground and our nose to the grindstone sifting through our inbox, and we've come up with another diverse Playlist that features some old favorites and some new favorites. The Playlist spans the globe and crosses several genre lines. I hope you enjoy.  If you like the playlist, be sure to give us a follow. More importantly, if you hear music you like - support the artist - buy music and merch, follow and share on social media, and when the time comes that it is safe - go see music live. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Thursday, March 11, 2021

E2TG 3/11/2021 - The Pain of Dates - Bored and Lonely Mix (Sweet Sugar Remix)

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I am running short on time and I had some technical difficulties - but here goes nothing... 

Well, I had written the final recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist, but then then it disappeared, and I am short on time.. so here are the songs and what I can remember: Songs 28-32

"Divisions" by Charlie Nieland
Well-known NYC producer and artist with his latest.
"New Wave" by Aurang
New single - I don't know much about the artist, but I dig the music. 
"Duality" by RUMBLE (feat. Rhyme Time)
Recent release from the folks at Chinese Man Records - the members of RUMBLE are all veterans of the label. 
"Lust" by All Hallowed (feat. Vinnie Caruana)
The second single we have featured from this dance/punk band from Ohio. 
"Silent Trees" by Pentral 
And we close with a 7+ minute debut from this prog rock band from Brazil. Their album was mixed by the legendary producer Tim Palmer (Tin Machine, U2, The Mission, Tears for Fears and more).

    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

E2TG 3/10/2021 - The Trouble with Normal - Fools Mix (Sky Tourism Remix)

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I don't know why the Bruce Cockburn song title popped into my head when I was starting this post. And, what I am thinking now doesn't really have anything to do with the song - which I love by the way. 

To me, the trouble with normal is that it is never precisely clear who gets to define the term and what exactly it means, and if being "normal" is even desirable. For some reason, I think normal gets conflated with average - like the average person does this or that - so that is normal behavior.  The problem is that there is not really an average person - it is a construct. Like - when it is said that the average family has 2.5 kids... no family has 2.5 kids, therefore, there is no average family. 

Then you have people like me who have constantly fought an internal battle of trying to fit in and trying to stand out.  Are those mutually exclusive concepts? Maybe or maybe not - depending on where you are trying to fit in and what fitting in actually means to you. 

Certainly, there is a danger - in trying to stand out - to be "weird" for the sake of being weird - which I don't think is a good thing - although admittedly, I have done precisely that in my life. 

Also, can "normal" be a code word for excluding or discriminating against people who are different? Sure it can. White is "normal", straight is "normal", cis-gender is "normal"... Can "normal" also be a way for those in power to control the masses? Sure it can.  Normal behavior is to work 40 hours a week, normal behavior is to buy a new car every 3-5 years (if not more often). 

And the thing about that kind of control is that it can - at its worst - be self-regulating.  Peer pressure (which while strong in school age kind - exists across all age classifications) seeks to force everyone to conform to some "normal" behavior. 

So -  to paraphrase Aaron Lee Tasjan... the trouble with normal is that it ain't no trouble at all. I don't have a problem when it comes to blindly trying to fit in... at least I don't anymore- most of the time...

We move along in our Featured Friday Playlist recap - today, songs 23-27:

23. "Bug Hunter" by Dude Safari
We begin this segment of music with the debut single from a new grunge pop band from Surrey. A really fun track, that I am happy to have in the playlist. Hope to hear more from this band. 
24. "Salvation" by Megan Lacy
Next up, we have the title track from the debut EP by this Austin based singer-songwriter. A stunningly beautiful song. 
25. "birds and the bees" by Elizabeth & the Catapult
Next up, we have an incredible track from the new album by Brooklyn's Elizabeth & The Catapult. Really great song. 
26. "They'll Remember My Name" by Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band
Next up, we have a track from Prince of Poverty. Kristian Montgomery was born in Florida and raised in New England. He has one of the more colorful stories I've come across, and I have come across some colorful stories. The music is powerful and speaks from the pain of experience. 
27. "Alone" by Matthew Avery
And we close this part of the Playlist with a contemporary classical solo piano composition from this San Diego based composer. A perfect way to take us out of the recap and get us ready for today's shuffle.  

    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

E2TG 3/09/2021 - Finding Out - He Never Returned Mix (Abyss of Opinion Remix)

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To me, we are in potentially hopeful and potentially perilous days. And, I feel I must offer the disclaimer that I don't always know where the line is between being careless and overly cautious. Although, there are many cases of carelessness that are blatantly obvious... 

With COVID, person responsibility takes on a greater and more complex meaning. I strongly believe we could have been in much better shape, much earlier  - and that although leadership or lack thereof played a big part - the largest part was in the actions of us as individuals making decisions. 

Regardless of what your political beliefs - things like masks should never have become a political issue. Once the airborne nature of the virus was better understood - a strong, consistent message should have been enough.  Mandates should not have even been needed - I don't think - but they became needed when people refused to follow recommendations. And where personal responsibility comes in... IF masks were meant to protect the wearer then it would have been fine (stupid but fine) for someone to make a personal decision to not wear a mask. But, since masks are meant to protect others - then it becomes part of the social contract. Unfortunately, one just need drive for a few miles down the highway to see how many people have no respect for the social contract... 

So, here we are at a turning point -  We have people being extremely cautious and basically still on lock-down, people who are moving back out into the world but trying to do so responsibly and safely, and we have people who are doing whatever they want - as if there was no virus. I find myself caught between the first two groups. And I know, those in the second group will likely make mistakes and unfortunately, with COVID - one mistake can be fatal for someone.  But, I still struggle with where the line between group one and two should be for me.  And, overall, I think we are doing fine... and then you have those in group 3....  And so, while I have feelings about some of the decisions being made by people in the 2nd group, I am withholding most of my anger toward those in the third group. Those who - despite everything - either believe the virus is a hoax or don't care about their fellow man.  

We continue our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist with songs 17-22:

17. "Can't Stop Singing the Blues" by Soo Line Loons
First up, we have the first single from the forthcoming eponymous third album from Minneapolis based Soo Line Loons. Guests on the album include Charlie Parr. I really dig this song. 
18. "Things That You Do" by Working Class Hussys
Next up, we have the new single from this New Jersey band led by Ian Patrick Gentles. 
19. "Kiss Me Like You Mean It" by Bikini Test Failure
Next up, we have a January single from UK band Bikini Test Failure. I have been talking to James Hill who leads Bikini Test Failure.  We faced similar challenges and losses early this year, and in all our conversation, I realized I hadn't actually listened to the band's new single. So, I did, and I was very impressed. So, here it is a bit late, but right on time. 
20. "Early Morning" by Rude Audio; Dan Wainwright
We first connected with London based collective Rude Audio back in 2018. This is one of two new dubs by Rude Audio and Dan Wainwright. Cool stuff. 
21. "Too Far" by Brian Damage
Next up, we have the lead track from Yesterday's Slime - the debut album by this Columbus, Ohio based band led by Brian Baker (Brat Curse, DANA etc.). Great track. 
22. "Raised on Rock And Roll" by Cricketbows
And from Columbus to Dayton, Ohio - we close out this segment of music with a recent single and title track from the forthcoming album by this band - who channel straight ahead rock and roll through a decidedly 21st Century filter. A great tune to take us into today's shuffle. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Monday, March 8, 2021

E2TG 3/08/2021 - Music City Monday - Salvation Mix (Even the Radio Remix)

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 Rushing headlong into another week of music. The third episode of the new Ear to the Ground radio show will be on the air tomorrow morning at 6am and the the 44th show of my other radio show - Greetings from Nashville will be up Thursday at the same time. The latter show will be a special for Women's History Month and International Women's Day which is today. 

Meanwhile, below - we have our weekly Music City Monday Shuffle and we continue our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist - which you can stream below. (If you are on Spotify and so inclined - give us a "Follow"). 

We resume our recap of this week's Featured Friday Playlist with songs numbered 11-16:

11. "Mixed Signals" by Jack Silverman
Starting things off today is the first single from the forthcoming new album by East Nashville guitar guru Jack Silverman. I have been fortunate enough to see Silverman live a few times, and I can tell you even for a non-guitarist - he is impressive. I always love great instrumental music. 
12. "NO NAME" by Young Robot
I came across this Nashville band on Instagram, and I was curious. This is their latest single, and I was suitably impressed. Cool stuff. 
13. "Every Night I Burn Another Honky Tonk Down" by Dallas Moore
Next up, we have the lead single from The Rain - which is due out in April from this Outlaw singer-songwriter. It follows his 2019 release and was recorded during a time when he hoped to be playing over 300 shows for the tenth year in a row. This song is a celebration of live music which hits at a good time. 
14. "Pay Grade" by Carl Anderson
The last couple of songs we have featured from Charlottesville, VA native and East Nashville favorite Carl Anderson  have been covers. This is a track from"Taking Off & Landing - his new EP of original material. Great stuff. 
15. "Sail on, My Friend" by Todd Snider
We could not let new Todd Snider music pass without mention. This first taste from his new album is a tribute to those he (and we) have lost. It is lovely and touching in a way that only Todd Snider can do. The first time, I met Todd Snider - he insisted that we had met before - and I didn't argue. Sue and I used his cover of "Enjoy Yourself" as our Outro song for four years on Double Shot. Honestly, without him (and folks like Mac Hill, Mike Grimes, and other pioneers) the East Nashville community that took me in during my darkest days would likely not have existed. 

16. "Melt Lock- Count- down" by Kettleflower

And we close  with the lead single from the new EP from Kettleflower - which a project that features long time E2TG favorite Patrick Rickelton (aka Prattle, On Rick). 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Friday, March 5, 2021

E2TG 3/05/2021 - Featured Friday - For My Health Mix (Better Way Remix)

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ICYMI - Earlier today, we premiered and featured the new video and single from Dolour.  You can chek it out, HERE

It is time for a new Featured Friday Playlist (which you can stream and "Follow" below and we begin our week-long recap with the first ten songs down below the jump. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

E2TG - Video Feature - "The Day Tom Petty Died" by Dolour/Shane Tutmarc

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Over the past couple of year, Shane Tutmarc has released some older previous unfinished songs under the name of  his Seattle band Dolour (The Royal We) and an incredible career retrospective that covered several different phases of his career (Written & Produced by Shane Tutmarc). Now, we are finally set to get an album of all-new songs - the first since Solar Twin's Pink Noise album in 2017.

The new Dolour album Televangelist is due out April 2.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

E2TG 03/04/2021 - Walking on a Thin Line - Sweet Talk Mix (Beatbox Remix)

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Once again, I just wanted to put something in that middle part of the blog post title... it doesn't really mean anything. Kind of a frustrating week really - much time spent on things that didn't pan out... and I am really tired today, but both radio shows went well and I am falling into a good rhythm with the two shows. 

On we go... 

And, we've reached the end of this week's Playlist recap. As always, I saved some cool music for last...
(songs 29-34):

29. "Here Comes Our Family" by Scott Robert Allen
First up today, we have the new solo album from Michigan based songwriter/singer Scott Robert Allen (Thunderbirds Are Now!, Red Shirt Brigade). It is his first new music following a decade long hiatus. 
30. "Goodbye Seems to Only Start Again" by Brian Bringelson
Next up, we have the new solo album from this California singer/songwriter (Anchor & Bear) who previously released solo music under the name Paul Starling. 
31. "For the Dead" by The Red Step
Next up, we have a track from the self-titled debut album by The Red Step - which features Tobias Nathaniel of The Black Heart Procession who is backed by some of Belgrade's best musicians. 
32. "Roll the Dice" by Feral Ghost
Last week, we had the new single from Feralman - now, we have a track from the British rock band Feral Ghost. Great stuff. 
33. "In Secure City" by Julez and the Rollerz
Next up, we have some new music from L.A. 21st Century garage band formerly known as Julez. 
And we close out this week's Playlist with the debut single from an artist from Santa Ana who combines surf rock, indie pop, and reggae. A great debut and a wonderful way to take us out of this week's playlist and to prepare for a new playlist hitting around midnight. 

    Featured Friday Playlist

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

E2TG 3/03/2021 - One Year Later - Let You In Mix (It's Too Easy Remix)

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One year ago, a major tornado ripped through Middle Tennessee - across the state, the storms caused loss of life and property damage.  The center of my music life, East Nashville, was hit hard - The Basement East was demolished (happily they have rebuilt and are having some celebrations this week) and friends suffered property damage.  My favorite hang, The 5 Spot, was not damaged but lost power for about a week.  They reopened one night and then closed again due to the pandemic - which shut down everything.   

For a certain group of musicians and music lovers in Nashville - the bad year (plus) started with the sudden passing of David Olney in January. His public memorial service was held just days before such an event would not have been possible - the service was also just a week after the tornado. 

It is strange to think how this anniversary might be different under different circumstances. The celebration at The Beast would be more massive for one things. But for those, like me, who were not directly impacted by the tornado... I don't know... I guess it feels like the tornado and the pandemic all got lumped together into this horrible thing that shut down the things we love and kept us apart from the people we love.  

I know, too, that people are still feeling the effects of the tornado a year later - compounded by the effects of the pandemic. 

I also know - those who lived through the storm have flashbacks every time a watch or warning is issued. I send love to all affected - physically and mentally. 

Featured Friday Playlist Recap continues (songs 23-28):

23. "I'm Supersonic" by Arrows to Fire
Up first in today's Featured Friday segment - we have the latest single from this indie rock band from Austin. The song was written from the P.O.V. of a Harley Davidson. 
24. "2023" by Jamecellow
Next up, we have the newest single from this singer-songwriter from Italy.  Really cool sounds, and the cyberpunk video for the song is awesome. 
25. "9:30 Girl" by The Tummies
Next up, we have the title track from the new album by this Nashville based band with an affinity for Brit-pop and early rock and roll.  A great song. 
26. "Hero" by Chicken Rich
Next, we have the lead single from the forthcoming fourth album by this rock band from Brisbane, Australia. 
27. "Post Blue Collar Blues" by Nineteen Thirteen
Next up, we have a track from MCMXIII - the debut album by this band from Dayton, Ohio.  The band, album, and song are inspired in part by the changes of their hometown from 1913-1918. This song examines the lives of the children of the working class in that post-industrial era. 
28. "It's Not Goodbye (To Those We Left Behind" by Campfire Social
 And we close with some UK indie-pop via this collective from North Wales/Chester UK. A great track to take us into tomorrow's final recap of the week. 


    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

E2TG 3/02/2021 - Not Sure Anymore - Slap It On Mix (Glaring Screens Remix)

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Okay - so the blog post - subtitle "Not Sure Anymore" isn't really some great existential cry for help or anything. I was just thinking about how there are certain "truths" from the pre-COVID times that I am now questioning. Again, not necessarily big "T" truths - but maybe those also. 

There was a way of life that existed for me (and I know others) before last year that is gone.  It is, I think, important to recognize that as the vaccine rollout (albeit disjointedly) ramps up and as COVID numbers come down (at least here and for now), and we begin to think about the new normal. I am very much looking forward to that time, but for me, I have to frame it as something new - not as a return to something that used to exist.  As for what that new normal will be or how it will differ from what came before... well, I'm not sure anymore... 

Featured Friday Recap (Songs 17-22)

17. "Can't Hide" by Jack Delamater
First up today, we have a track from the recent  EP by this singer-songwriter from Northhampton, Massachusetts. Delamater also leads and writes songs for the band Delawater.
18. "Backwards" by Kid Hastings
Next up, we have a single from the forthcoming EP by this singer-songwriter from LA.
19. "Barfight" by Afronaut
Next up, we have an exciting track from the debut EP by this band from Soweto, South Africa.  The band brings a diverse group of influences into this unique blend of music.
20. "Surkov's Dream" by Nick Hudson
We last caught up with Nick Hudson as part of the UK band The Academy of Sun.  This is the first single from his forthcoming solo album.  
21. "Sugar Rush" by Harri Larkin
Next up, a fun track from this alt pop funk trio of Sheffield UK. It is the first single from the forthcoming EP (the first of 2 planned EPs in the works.). A great sound. 
22. "Ain't It Hard To Be" by AndromedanMan
And we close this segment of music with an artist who comes to us from 2.5 million light years away.  The bio on this submission made me listen. The music kept my attention.  A great way to close out this segment of music. 
    Featured Friday Playlist

Tuesday Morning Shuffle

"The Grand Charade" by si, irene (from BEES - 2017)

First up today, we revisit this 2017 release from this most interesting Japanese band.  I could not find a video for this track so I picked one for their single "Awful Pop Song".

"Slap It On" by Jefferson Ross (from Live at Hillbilly Haiku - 2017)

Also from 2017, this live album introduced me to Georgia (and former Nashville) songwriter and singer Jefferson Ross.  A wonderful song about painting and great painters from history to you and I. 

"The Weeping Souls (Alain Johannes remix)" by Jonny Polonsky (single - 2020)

We got to know L.A. based singer-songwriter Jonny Polonsky over the last year, and this August release featured a remix by Alain Johannes (Chris Cornell, Arctic Monkeys, PJ Harvey, and more). 

"Glaring Screens" by Plastic Barricades (from Self-Theories - 2020)

Next, we have a track from a November release by this duo based between London and Paris. 

"We Went to the Zoo" by Jovi Skyler (from Jovi Skyler EP - 2020)

And, we close this shuffle with a track from this spring 2020 release by this singer-songwriter who is based in Sydney. A wonderful track and one that slipped past me last year. 



3/05 - Steve Almaas - Everywhere You've Been (LP)
3/05 - Brian Damage - Yesterday's Slime (LP)
3/05 - Jason Ringenberg - Rhinestoned (LP)
3/05 - Susan Anders - 13 Women (LP)
3/05 - Elizabeth and the Catapult - sincerely, e (LP)
3/05 - Nature's Neighbor - "Monday Morning Drive" (single)
3/05 - Megan Lacy - Salvation (EP)
3/05 - The Sails - Bang!: The Best of The Sails 2006-2020 (LP)
3/05 - Jacob the Horse - College Party Mixtape, Vol. 1 (LP)

3/12 - Rylan Brooks - If Wishes Were Horses (LP)
3/12 - Peter Case - The Midnight Broadcast (LP)
3/12 - Lee Taylor - Wild Woman (LP)
3/12 - KAKY - Room 404 (EP)

3/17 - John McDonough - Second Chances (LP)3/19 - American Culture - For My Animals (LP)
3/26 - Departure Lounge - Transmeridian (LP)
3/26 - Gracious Losers - Six Road Ends (LP)3/26 - Oliver Beardmore - "Fiesta" (single)
3/26 - Swansea Sound - "Indies of the World" (single)
3/26 - Jack Silverman - Now What (EP)
3/26 - Oliver Beardmore - "Fiesta" (single)
3/26 - Cathal Coughlan - Owl in the Parlor (LP)
3/26 - Sunstroke Rain - "To Greta" (single)
3/26 - Modesty Blaise - The Modesty Blaise (LP)
4/02 - indifferentMonKeY - "God or Machine?" (single)
4/02 - Julez & The Rollerz - "Knocks Me On The Floor" (single)
4/02 - Elizabeth King - Living in the Last Days (LP)
4/09 - Dallas Moore - The Rain (LP)4/16 - The Brother Brothers - Calla Lily (LP)
4/16 - Stephen Flatt - Cumberland Bones (LP)
4/23 - DL Rossi - Lonesome Kind (LP)
4/23 - The Catenary Wires - "Mirrorball (single)
4/30 - Hadda Be - Another Life (LP)
4/30 - Nick Hudson - Font of Human Fractures (LP)
4/?? - El No - Nothing is Possible (LP)
5/07 - Manolo Redondo - The Lost and Found (EP)
5/07 - Benjamin Jayne - Theater (LP)
5/07 - The Purrs - We Thought There'd Be More People Here (LP)
5/07 - Ted Russell Kamp - Solitaire (LP)
5/14 - Soo Line Loons - Soo Line Loons (LP)
5/14 - Nature's Neighbor - Otherside (LP)
5/21 - Moon - Shine (EP)
5/21 - Desert Hollow - Thirsty (LP)
5/28 - Sharone - Morbid Illusion (LP)

2/02 - Chris Donley - Please Agree (LP)
2/04 - Common Sage - Might As Well Eat The Chicken, We Won't Be Here In The Morning (EP)
2/05 - A.J. Croce - By Request (LP)
2/05 - Zadar - The Upstairs Room (LP)
2/05 - Vlaicu Golcea - HIKIKOMORI OST (LP)
2/05 - The Orchestra of Cardboard - The Antidote (LP)
2/05 - Peter Stampfel - 20th Century (Box Set)
2/05 - Ryan Allen - What a Rip (LP)
2/05 - Melting Mallows - Something Sweet (LP)
2/05 - Oh Ok - The Complete Reissue (LP)
2/05 - Emperor Penguin - Corporation Pop! (LP)
2/05 - Modesty Blaise - "Girls Just Wanna Dance" (single)
2/05 - Miguel Rios - Slaughterhouse Road (LP)
2/10 - Arrlo - "WFTWTE"/"LSD" (single)
2/12 - Beth Lee - Waiting on You Tonight (LP)
2/12 - Para Lia - Gone With the Flow (LP)
2/12 - The John Michie Collective - High Vibrations (LP)
2/12 - Joyann Parker - Out of the Dark (LP)
2/12 - Post Profit - "When You Think It's Right"(single)
2/12 - John Dunbar - Oh Wellness (LP)
2/14 - Arsenic Tea Party - The Really Not Good Times (EP)
2/14 - Danielle de Picciotto - The Element of Love (LP)
2/14 - Madeleine Mayi - 2/14 (LP)
2/17 - Alpha Cat - Pearl Harbor 2021 (LP)
2/17 - Distant Voices - Lights of the City (single)
2/18 - Gracious Losers - "Loath to Leave" (single)
2/19 - Grant Hill & M.O.S. - fly (LP)
2/19 - Keith Mosfet - "Now Your Life's Gone" (single)
2/19 - The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness - Songs From Another Life (LP)
2/19 - Boxteles - "You Can’t Fall in Love for the Sake of it" (single)
2/19 - Witch - Introduction (LP - Reissue)
2/19 - Jon Randall - "Keep On Moving" (single)
2/19 - Miliano - "Runaway" (single)
2/20 - Léanie Kaleido - "All The Things I'm Made Of" (single)
2/22 - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult -Sleazy Action (LP)
2/24 - Kid Hastings - "Backwards" (single)
2/26 - Lou McMahon - Pockets of Change (LP)
2/26 - The Red Step - The Red Step (LP)
2/26 - The Blue Herons - "Endless Rain" (single) 
2/26 - Scott Robert Allen - Scott Robert Allen (LP)
2/26 - The Tummies - 9:30 Girl (LP)
2/26 - Nineteen Thirteen - MCMXIII (LP)
2/26 - Brian Bringelson - Burning Backwards (LP)
2/26 - Chicken Rich - "Hero" (single)
2/26 - Feral Ghost - "Roll the Dice" (single)
2/26 - Guspy - "STEEZ LUÍZ" (single)
2/26 - Julez & The Rollerz - "In Secure City" (Single)

Monday, March 1, 2021

E2TG 3/01/2021 - Music City Monday and More - Signals Mix (Big Sleep Remix)

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Time marches on (pun intended and sorry about that).  It is March which means we are rapidly approaching the one year anniversary of the Nashville tornado and the lockdowns. All of that seems so long ago now - like a lifetime ago. I am happy to see Nashville's COVID statistics improving and the vaccine rollout starting to pick-up steam. There still seems to be a lot of confusion, inequities, and inconsistencies.. but at least progress is being made. I worry about subsequent spikes as precautions are laxed, but I hope that concern ends up being unfounded. 

There is still much division and uncertainty and strife in the world, but I feel more hopeful now. I also have to acknowledge that I am exhausted. But, I know the need to remain active and diligent continues. I also know that the fact that it is a choice for me is a function of privilege. 

All that is on my mind on a kind of dreary first day of March. 

Our Featured Friday Playlist Recap continues on with songs 11-16:

11. "Annie" by Becca Mancari
The first single from the forthcoming EP (Juniata - March 19) by this Nashville based singer-songwriter. 
12. "Sin City" by The Barefoot Movement
A nifty cover of the Gram Parsons/Chris Hillman song by the Nashville band that is quickly becoming an E2TG favorite.
13. "Anchor" by John Keathley
Next up, we have the fantastic new single from this Nashville based singer-songwriter. The track was produced by our old friend Josh Waters of the Rock and Roll Basement.  
14. "Witchpunkrockstar - Heavy Mental Mix" by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Abruptly, up next we have a track from the newly released compilation of previously unreleased remixes from the gothic rock legends. The Chicago band began in 1987. These remixes are by band member Buzz McCoy. 
15. "Hold You Tonight" by Stephen Flatt
Next up, we have the lead single from the forthcoming (April 16) debut album (Cumberland Bones) from Nashville based singer-songwriter and great-nephew of Lester Flatt. A really wonderful song. 
16. "Numb" by NT 
And we close with the debut single from this Bay area artist with diverse influences and fresh vision of quality modern pop music.  A great way to close out this segment of music. 

    Featured Friday Playlist